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This is a list of policies enforced on the Worm Wiki. There are some policies that apply across all Wikia; these can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.

Image Attribution[]

Although most images used on this site are fanart and thus occupy an unclear legal position, there is no excuse not to credit artists.

Artists should ideally be named on both the page where their artwork is used and on the image's page with a clear link to the original post and where their other work can be found. Images without at least one of these will be removed. Images that contain watermarks with this information are also acceptable, although discouraged.

If you are an artist and wish to have your image removed from the site, please contact MugaSofer or FossilLord and it will be deleted. If you have access to credible information stating that an artist isn't comfortable with their work being used, either contact us or remove the image from its associated pages with a link to your source in the edit reason.

Image Quality[]

Please try to use images that are as story-accurate as possible, to prevent confusion. That being said, images that are of extremely low quality, or are primarily intended as jokes, should never be used if an equally-accurate alternative is available.


All information on this wiki should ideally be cited clearly using reference tags:

<ref name="NAME">CITATION</ref>

Information included in Worm itself should be cited with the chapter name, a link to the chapter itself or its page on the Wiki, and optionally a direct quote. Like so:

<ref name="1.1">Since the start of the semester, I had been looking forward to the part of Mr. Gladly’s World Issues class where we’d start discussing capes. - [https://parahumans.wordpress.com/2011/06/11/1-1/ Excerpt] from [[Gestation 1.1]]</ref>

Information from Ward uses the same guidelines, except that the chapter name should be appended with a "II" to distinguish it from Worm. Like so:

<ref name="II1.1">It was a second chance for humanity as a whole, and they’d gone and screwed it up from the start by coloring the city gold, of all colors. - [https://www.parahumans.net/2017/09/11/daybreak-1-1/ Excerpt] from [[Daybreak 1.1]]</ref>

Information provided by Wildbow elsewhere similarly requires a link. Information stored offline, for whatever reason, should be clearly specified and ideally have a link to information about it. Information for which a source cannot be found should be removed, following a discussion on the page's Talk Page in which other users can put forth their sources.


Information that is purely speculative, from a fan-fiction story or otherwise sourced from someone other than Wildbow, should be removed immediately. Likewise, information that seems to contradict canon should be evaluated carefully.

All Worm-related material by Wildbow should be considered canon unless indicated otherwise, including comments indicating that other people's work is canon (for whatever reason). However, material relating to stories set in other universes should not be considered canon (although it may be treated as trivia).

Page Names[]

Page names should be as recognizable as possible, with all likely alternatives made into redirect pages using the following code:

#REDIRECT [[main page name]]

If two pages share possible names, a note should be included on both pages.

Character Page Names[]

The titles of character pages follow specific rules.

1: The title of an article about a cape should be the first cape-name used after their appearance:
2: If a name features the word 'The' it should be included in the article title:
3: The title of an article about a non-cape, or a cape without a cape-name should be the combination of their first and last name (if known):
4. The title of an article about a character not named in the story should be their name according to some other canonical source, if any. If there is no canon name available, a speculative name may be used, ideally based on references to them in the text.
5. Characters part of series should have their number in the series added to the title in roman numerals:
6. Characters with identical names should have a marker within parentheses to distinguish them. Please use the first difference available: [civilian name; organization; general location].
7. Characters who are arguably the same person, such as The Siberian and her creator or the different Butchers should only be given a separate page if there is sufficient material for it. Characters who are inarguably the same person, such as Flechette and Foil or Armsmaster and Defiant, should never be given separate pages.
8. If a character changes their civilian name, the civilian name they use first after their first in-story appearance should be used.
9. The pages of protagonists and their primary teams - Taylor Hebert, Victoria Dallon, and all the core members of the Undersiders and Breakthrough - use civilian names whenever possible, not cape names. This is an exception to rule 1. (This exception does not apply to members who were only members before or after the protagonist was on the team.)


The front page warns that this wiki is full of spoilers, and it is impossible to create a wiki for any work of fiction that does not discuss the content of the story. However, some people do nevertheless use this wiki without having finished Worm, and thus it is only fair to give them consideration.

If there are two ways to phrase something, the way that does not reveal plot twists should ideally be used. However, information should never be outright omitted in order to preserve a surprise or twist. Being informative is more important than avoiding spoilers.

Pages about characters whose true identity is revealed late in the story, or about concepts that are revealed late in the story, should be marked with Template:Spoilers at the top of the page. Sections in other pages devoted to details that are both surprising and important to the plot should also be marked with this template, as should pages and sections about Shards or Entities.

These rules do not apply to the History section of pages, which are devoted entirely to spoilers by their very nature.

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