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The Parahumans Wiki is a wiki dedicated to everything about the Worm and Ward web serials that anyone can edit. Parahumans is one of the most popular web serials on the internet, with both novels having concluded.

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Worm is a web serial by John McCrae (Wildbow) that follows the story of a teenage girl, Taylor Hebert, who is bullied at her high school in the fictional East Coast city of Brockton Bay. However, Taylor is also secretly a parahuman (or 'cape'), an individual with superpowers - in her case, the ability to exert fine control over all bugs within a certain radius. Using her powers, she seeks to escape from her everyday life and become a superhero, but quickly gets swept up in the chaos and complexities of the cape community after being mistaken for a supervillain on her first night out.

As a member of an up-and-coming group of teenage villains known as the Undersiders, Taylor becomes entrapped in the dynamic of heroes and villains, where she quickly learns that the 'heroes' are not so heroic and that her only opportunity to do real good might be under the label of 'villain.' In the superpowered underworld of Brockton Bay, caught in the middle of gang wars and conspiracies that cut to the core of the very origins of superpowers, Taylor is left to face the reality of having to do the wrong things for the right reasons.

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20.end (Epilogue; Vista)
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20.e4 (Epilogue; Riley Davis)
20.e2 (Epilogue; Harbinger V)

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