Madeline,[1] known publicly as Winter, is a supervillian and a member of the Slaughterhouse Nine.


Bonesaw described her as "sadistic, ruthless, cold." She was driven, rising above her roots, but "stagnated" once she reached the top.[2] She would torture people she caught in her power,[3] which reccomended her to the Nine.[4]

Winter was heedless of the Unwritten Rules concerning guns, likely due to her background.



Her equally murderous lover before his timely death.[1] The two usually operated as a team. They had synergy, with him operating as a front-line fighter so she could attack at range, while her power slowed people down so he could feed on them.[5]


Winter is described as a white-haired woman with white irises edged in black.[1] Presumably she was fit as befit her military background.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Winter's power did not involve cold generation as her name implied rather it was a dampening effect that caused bullets to lose their inertia, heat to seep out of areas, energy attacks to lose their fizzle, and humans to lose their will.[2] She could likely concentrate her power in a smaller area, halting all motion, based on what was seen with a hybrid clone.[6] Even at it's widest and least intense, it reduced ambient temperatures to the point that moisture froze in the air creating a telltale mist.[3] When it was somewhat concentrated, the effect was strong enough to kill Weaver's bugs in seconds.[4]

People under its effect experienced a mental torpor, feeling their thoughts slow to a crawl. They would stand still as they died from cold.[3] This made her a highly effective hostage taker, and a good teammate to Crimson when he needed victims.[5]

The original Winter may have had even greater facility with her power then what was displayed by her clones in the The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand.[3][7][8] She has been able contain a precienct repleate with Heroes in her original incarnation.[9]


Winter was known for carrying firearms,[1] including grenade launchers.[4]



Madeline was conscripted as a child soldier, gaining basic gun proficiency before basic literacy.[2]

She became an arms dealer; Winter taught herself financial literacy, gained money and influence, then stagnated in her success. She found she liked tormenting people and turned to the slave trade, eventually crossing paths with the Slaughterhouse Nine.[2] She survived the tests and joined.

She was one of the more recent members of the Nine to die, having long outlasted her lover Crimson on the team.[1] Killed by one of her teammates.[9] She was replaced by Hatchet Face.[1]


Bonesaw cloned her as part of The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand, Winter proved to be one of the more intensive cloning jobs necessitating the kidnapping and mutilation of a girl to create the necessary child soldier mentality.[2] Winter was also used as material for Snowmann.[6]

An instance of Winter participated in the Battle at Schenectady along with clones of Cherish, Screamer, and Crimson.[4]

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