Winslow High was a high school located in Brockton Bay, USA.





Taylor Hebert attended Winslow for years, and was bullied extensively by The Trio. They intimidated the other students into avoiding helping her.

Shadow Stalker attended the school as part of the requirements for the Wards, and was on the track team. The PRT sent a representative when she was called in for a disciplinary meeting. Skitter speculated that she may have been given special treatment because she was a hero.


Many students evacuated. Regent sent texts from Shadow Stalker's phone, revealing her bullying and causing her to be expelled.


Winslow was eventually closed, with the remaining students who were attending folded into Arcadia High.[2] The combined school was re-opened under the vice-principal. She punished Emma Barnes for her role in the bullying.[3] She was in contact with Tattletale, and deliberately gave Taylor special treatment; when the heroes arrived, she warned her.


  • Winslow High's lockers had separate padlocks, not integral. They resembled the page image[4].
  • The Girl's Bathroom on the third floor have stalls that open outwards instead of inwards.
  • Lunches at Winslow lasted an hour.[1]


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