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John C. McCrae, known online as Wildbow, is the creator of the Parahumans series as well as the Pact universe (a modern supernatural setting) and Twig. He maintains a blog where he discusses his writing, as well as regularly interacting with fans online. He's occasionally active on Wikia as Wildbowpig. You can support his work through his Patreon.


Wildbow has been writing since the seventh grade. He studied English and Applied Linguistics in university.[1] He's been outspoken about his experiences growing up deaf, requiring the use of a cochlear implant.[2]

Web Serials[]

McCrae has written five online serials, each comparable to a series of books:[3]

He began writing web serials as a way to encourage himself to follow a schedule and stick with a project long-term.[1] Wildbow has followed much the same update schedule since the beginning of Worm, with essentially no breaks - a chapter posted every Tuesday and Saturday, with regular bonus chapters.[3][4]

Several of his stories reference each other. On Earth Bet, Pact character Maggie Holt exists as the protagonist of a popular book and film series. Meanwhile, Weaver Dice exists in the world of Pact as a popular RPG, and several characters from Worm cameo as the protagonists of paperback novels in the world of Twig.

Other Projects[]

Wildbow has written a number of short "teasers" or "warmups" for potential web serials, some of which are viewable on his blog.[5][4]

Wildbow interacts regularly with his own fandom, and this has extended to helping with or running interactive role-playing games, writing considerable amounts of original content for his settings in the process. These include Weaverdice, PRT: Department Sixty-Four, PHO Sunday, and (for Pact) Pact Dice.

Wildbow has been involved in several projects to adapt his works into other media, but thus far they have all fallen through. He's stated that he's reluctant to make early announcements about such projects as a result.[4]