Whirlygig is a member of the Merchants.


Skidmark trusts her enough to carry the box containing the Cauldron vials,[1] but she is quickly taken out by Newter.[2] \


She uses long hair to cover her face.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Whirlygig is capable of telekinesis, but only in a counter-clockwise rotation around herself. She uses it to create what is effectively a point-blank telekinetic cyclone around herself,[3] picking up dust, papers, cigarette butts and fragments of rock.[2]



Whirlygig is likely a natural trigger.[Note 1]

Story StartEdit

Whirlygig took part in the battle against Leviathan, she was taken out of the fight about half way through the fight.[4]


She is later seen with the other Merchants. Presumably she stayed and joined the merchants as she is not in PRT records.[5]


  • While she has not died on "screen" there is a strong possibility that she is dead.


  1. Seen with the Merchants but was active before they got a hold of several cauldron vials, having been mentioned fighting against leviathan.


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    Skidmark placed the case on the railing and popped it open. He placed what looked like a metal canister on the railing, then withdrew the next. By the time he was done, five metal cylinders were spaced out in front of him.

    He picked up the center canister and began unscrewing it. “Before, we gave our winners the pick of the pick, the best stuff our boys and girls have been able to grab from the rich assholes with their fancy-as-fuck houses and jobs!”

    Every eye in the place was on him.

    “But tonight is fucking special, because we won the lottery when we found this shit!”

    He withdrew a stoppered glass vial from the canister and gripped it in his right hand. With his other hand, he held the stainless steel canister. He thrust both hands over his head, each object clenched tight.

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