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Whippersnap is a Case 53 cape and a mercenary working for Faultline's Crew.


Still a teenager he seems to be the typical teenage type.

Was willing to work against The Irregulars' revenge obsession.[2]

Willing to work with heroes and mercenaries and expressed a desire to be a professional.



Seems to have a relationship with her the extent of which is unknown.[3]


While their relationship before Gold Morning was cordial to nonexistent it has deteriorated since.[1]

He was one of several former irregulars who harrassed Sveta on PHO.[4] He has maintained a prejudiced attitude to her since.


His Case 53 mutation manifests as an unnatural thinness.

He is described as being literally broomstick thin with thin skin stretched tight across his face and eyes bulging out of his skull.

Abilities and Powers[]

Whippersnap is a bio-speedster. He is capable of moving superhumanly fast, due to his unique biology.  



Whippersnap's full background is unknown but at some point he was given a vial and mutated into a Case 53 by Cauldron.

Story Start[]

Among the capes released by Cauldron.

Gold Morning[]

Whippersnap stayed behind when the Irregulars invaded the Cauldron Compound.[5]


Was rude and short with Sveta when she logged onto the renewed PHO.[4]


Was one of a group that responded when Prancer was trying to get information about the unnamed group that attacked his town.[6]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Was confronted by Sveta again, now with her Team in tow.[7]

The Ice Breaks[]

Whippersnap was present during the battle against Titans during The Shardspace incursion.[8]

The Ice Breaks[]

Together with the Palanquin people he attended emergency power testing of Case 53s, arranged by The Wardens.[5] He later joined the direct fighting and went along with other C53s against Titan Fortuna.[9]


  • He is not listed as a changer given his Case 53 physiology.
  • Whippersnap's name is a pun on the word 'whippersnapper,' referring to his young age, and "whip or snap," referring to his thinness and speed.


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