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Weld is a Case 53 and member of the Boston Wards. He was brought in to lead the Brockton Bay Wards after Leviathan's attack and later moved on to lead the Irregulars after the Battle against Echidna.


Possibly influenced by his own experiences Weld is an accepting and trusting individual, [1] generally being respectful, honest, and kind to just about everyone barring Cauldron, the Slaughterhouse Nine, and the rest on the far end of villainous spectrum. Weld speaks with a noticeable Boston accent.[2][3]

While his size and strength lend many to view him as a simple front-line combatant. Weld has a keen intelligence with analytical and tactical insight.[3][4] Socially he has been known to misstep,[5] sometimes greatly but always memorably.[4]

He struggles with the changes his body has gone through having lost much of his ability to taste, feel pressure, and smell. It is unknown to the full extent that his sensorium has been affected.[6] He is highly reliant on music as a coping mechanism as a result[7], with his quarters among the Wards having wall to wall stacks of CDs.

He does not strictly need to eat and functions on less sleep than normal for humans. In fact he used some of his Wards food stipend to buy music.[8] His emotional range is also affected. He states that he does not have adrenaline or really feel fear because his body does not produce the chemicals for it.[9]


Sveta Karelia[]

Originally Sveta idolized Weld. then she became his teammate and a fervent supporter. They eventually started a relationship together, moving into the same apartment and sleeping in the same bed together. He talks about everything with Sveta including things she is not supposed to know.[10]

Director Armstrong[]

The two are never seen interacting together in story. However, Weld explicitly references Armstrong as a father figure when defending him to Director Piggot, who was saying that Armstrong prioritized research over trying to integrate capes and deviants into society. Weld elaborates he will be visiting Armstrong over the summer.[7] Armstrong is also one of the only PRT Directors who was not hostile to Weaver after the Battle of New Delhi.[11]

He survived Gold Morning and now works as in The City under the new title of "Chief".

Taylor Hebert[]

Weld was genial to Skitter at their first meeting though neither of them had been introduced at the time and were about to face an Endbringer under the Truce.[12] While professional in his obligation to place her in custody as a PRT sponsored hero, Weld was willing to listen to Taylor when the situation called for it.

Weld is described by Taylor as being "one of the only decent ones out there..."[13] Weld admitted to her that he did not see himself as a hero and was worried about being isolated without any music. She did save him when he came closest to death.[14]


Weld was promoted to leader of the Brockton Bay Wards to be the ‘face’ for the more "deviant" members of the Protectorate. Hopefully with his success leading the Brockton Bay Wards team he will eventually go on to lead a city’s Protectorate team.[7]

He was able to secure funding from the PRT when he started his own team of 'ethical mercenaries'.[15]

The Wards[]

Despite initial difficulties, Weld was able to become a competent leader of the wards and successfully lead them in many perilous confrontations.


Weld's body is "from skin to hair to bone, was all metal and alloys of varying types".[7] He is described as being mostly a textured dusky dark grey though whether this is his natural or "default" coloring or because he absorbed a large amount of such metal is unknown.[12] Of note is the silver tracery, this defines his very prominent musculature. His eyes are also silver, two lines come from the outer corners of his eyes down his cheekbones and to the sides of his jaw.[12] He is still recognizably a teenager.[16]

Excerpt from Extermination 8.1: "...a shirtless, muscled boy with metal skin, eyes and hair and a strange texture to his shoulders and spine.  Among other things, I noticed ... his metal body was exceedingly detailed and refined.  His ‘skin’ was a dusky dark gray metal with the slightest of swirls of lighter metals in it, and his ‘adonis’ musculature was perfectly etched out in the metal, with silver lines tracing his muscle definition like veins of metal in raw ore.  His eyes, too, were silver, and two lines ran from the corners of them down his cheekbones and to the sides of his jaw."

It is not unknown for him to have a random collection of metal objects fused to his skin, at various stages of absorption.[7]

After creating the Irregulars he is described as having reformatted his overall appearance, forming scales and small horns throughout his body.[17][18] He also took to wearing a compatriot. His style years after this was a mid point between his appearance in the wards and the irregulars.[19] After the powers shifted Weld's apprence underwent a change, gaining a strange vermiculation.[20]

Unlike other Case 53s Weld's mark is branded into his heel rather than tattooed,[21] it manifests even if Weld were to reform the foot.[22]

Abilities and Powers[]

Weld, as a Case 53, possesses a completely metallic physiology, and can willfully alter his shape and composition. His entire body is composed of various metals, down to his inner organs. This includes having silver bones as well as copper and gold internal organs.[23] Due to his unique physiology, he is stronger and more durable than most - in his own words, 'practically untouchable in a fight'. His malleable physiology allows him to survive what would fatal injuries to a baseline human. He states he does not really have a heart.[9][24]

Weld can rearrange the metals that form his body, separate them into their composite elements, and push the impurities to the surface of his skin. This allows him to handle metallic objects with his hands and teeth, as normally he bonds to metals he touches on contact.[25] This assimilation effect is largely how he repairs damage to his body. He can also force parts of himself to melt and drop off, leaving a part of himself behind. This makes him distinctly uncomfortable until he replaces the tissue he's lost. A further ability of his is to shift parts of his anatomy. He has been known to turn his arms into spears and hooks for combat. He is also able to shape his body to repair any damage he suffers.[23][26] This shifting extends to his entire body, allowing him to tweak his appearance if he wants to look more imposing or wear a compatriot,[17] at one point even changing his apparent gender.[14]

Lastly, his powers are subject to a highly-favorable Manton Effect; powers that only affected organic beings tend to not affect him,[27] and powers that only affect inorganic material also tend to not affect him.[24]



Weld was what Cauldron called a deviation scenario.[28] After he was ejected from their custody he woke up amnesic in a scrapyard,[29] his body a fragment consisting of his head and a fragment of his chest.[22] There he spent an inordinate amount of time consolidating and separating himself from the metal that had been fused to his body[25] It is unknown if this was in Boston, but he would eventually be recruited to the Boston Wards team by Director Armstrong, who became something of a father figure to Weld.[7]

Weld was a Boston Ward for two years.[30] At some point, Weld was the subject of an internet meme featuring an image of him with various captions.[30] He also had something of an acting career during this period.[30]

Because of his work he was on track to be part of the PRT's push to incorporate more Case 53's into the Protectorate.[31][32] He was the third monstrous cape to feature as an actor on a television show, the first to make a second appearance on TV, and the first with an onscreen kiss.[30]

Coming to Brockton Bay[]

Weld was deployed to Brockton Bay as part of the response to the Endbringer incursion.[12] Here he met Skitter in passing and their lives would continue to intersect well into the future. He teamed up with Browbeat as part of the plan B response to stall Leviathan.

The aftermath of the attack on Brockton Bay he would see him transferred to the city as the new leader of the local Wards. He would arrive three weeks after the attack having to wrap up personal affairs in Boston.[33] Though he did not make the best first impression on his new team,[7] Weld rapidly proved to be a capable leader,[34] even pushing for therapy for his teammates given what they had gone through.[35]

Was instrumental in the Protectorates strategy against the Slaughterhouse Nine, defending his fellow heroes against Crawler and Mannequin after a bombing run ordered by Director Piggot.

Image by Pabel and Nine

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Weld did not intervene when dragon suits were deployed against the Undersiders.

He was instrumental in repeatedly recovering captured capes out of the new S-Class threat that was released into Brockton Bay. When the extent of Skitter's activities were revealed by Chitter Weld did not let this dissuade him from his mission. He reported it to his boss however.

When Ignis Fatuus revealed dread secrets at the heart of the Protectorate Weld still kept fighting the aberrations created by the S-Class threat.


Weld would form The Irregulars following the revelations of Ignis Fatuus. Further he would enter into an alliance with Faultline's crew.

After hearing that an occupant of the Parahuman Asylum had heard and reacted badly to those same revelations Weld visited and recruited her to his fledgling team.[9]


His team was invited to Cauldron meetings where he castigated his former captors .

Gold Morning[]

Orchestrated one of the only successful invasions of Cauldron's Base, with the aid of some new recruits. Unlike many of his compatriots he had not fallen to despair enough to think all that he had time to do was take revenge on his tormentors before everyone died at the hands of Zion. With a handful of others Weld fought against former friends in defense of both his principles and the time for needed answers to come to light.[36]

Weld was torn apart more fiercely then ever before yet still survived, unable to stand or move due to the horrific damage inflicted on him.[26]

He helped in the final push, showcasing the extent of his shifting abilities while under the influence of Khepri.[14]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Joined the Wardens and was given his own squad. Took a vacation with Garotte. They started a relationship together.[37]

Post-Fallen fall[]

Following the damage that The Wardens suffered, Weld is being quite overworked.

Brokered monetary assistance from The Wardens to the Breakthrough.[38]

He was mobilized during the African crisis.[39]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Returned from the battlefield

Confided in Victoria that he was having problems with his relationship with Sveta.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

He broke up with Sveta in part due to the manipulations of teacher's group.

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Weld accompanied Sveta during The Second Shin Crisis.[40]

The Ice Breaks[]

As the rest of Wardens he was mobilized against the Titans.

Weld helped to arrange emergency testing of Case 53s.[41]

He appeared in the support role during the defense of the Shardspace entry-point, helping other people move around and recover wounded.[42]

Weld attempted to control the Neo-Irregulars group of Case 53s on the benefit of The Wardens.[43] He deployed together with them, Faultline’s Crew, and Breakthrough against Titan Fortuna.

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    “It’s fine. I don’t have to sleep much, anyways, so it’s good to keep busy.”


    “Yes,” he answered her, bending the truth. While he did eat, it was a negligible amount. As he saw it, there was no real harm done if he pocketed some of that extra money and said he spent it on food. Given that his tongue was made of an alloy and the pleasures of food were a shadow of what they should be, it was only fair that he enjoy himself in some other way. He knew that some staff back in Boston had caught on, but they hadn’t said anything. Director Piggot here gave him the vibe that maybe she wouldn’t be so cool with it. He’d be more careful until he knew for sure.


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    Echidna deliberately dropped, belly-flopping onto Weld, Grace and the dismembered foot that had stepped on the sixth dog.

    Miss Militia was already drawing together a rocket launcher. She fired a shot at the general location where Weld was. He forced his way free of the resulting wound a moment later, the dog tucked under one arm, Grace under the other.

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  29. He states in one paragraph, as he contemplates his power, that he was found in dumped in a junkyard, presumably with metal bits stuck to him.

    Miss Militia notes in her interlude that he’s a ‘Case 53’, or one of the ones with the tattoos. - Comment by Wildbow on Sentinel 9.1
  30. 30.0 30.1 30.2 30.3 A two year tenure as a member of the Boston Wards with no offenses or misconduct reported to the media. He was the third monstrous cape to feature as an actor on a television show, the first to make a second appearance on TV, and the first mutant with an onscreen kiss. He was the subject of a viral online image, released with various humorous captions, and it was a combination of this and arguably his small-network television appearances that gave him his popularity. He rode this success to a position as the first monstrous cape to be the team leader of the Wards. - Glow-worm P.8
  31. Weld – Once the forerunner of a new phase in the Protectorate’s plan to acclimatize the public to capes, Weld was to be the ‘face’ of the more monstrous or unusual capes, taking over the Wards, with plans to eventually have him lead a city’s Protectorate team. Left the Wards following the revelations about Eidolon and Alexandria’s involvement with Cauldron. Now leads the Irregulars. Weld has metal flesh, a consequence of his ability to absorb metal and incorporate it into his biology. This renders him nigh-indestructible and gives him basic shapeshifting ability. - Cast (in depth)
  32. Weld was, in his introductory chapter and interlude, mentioned as being the forerunner and point man for the next phase of the PRT’s overarching plan to blend parahumans into society. The test case, if you will. - Comment by Wildbow on Scourge 19.4
  33. greatwyrmgold:
    Why did Weld not stay in Brockton Bay after the Leviathan attack? Was there some ceremonial thing in Boston that needed to be done, or was there a larger skip between arcs than I realized, or what?

    ~Three weeks, IIRC.

    He needed to wrap things up back home, and he had people (like teammates, Director Armstrong) that he wanted to say goodbye to. - Comment by Wildbow on Sentinel 9.1
  34. Sentinel 9.3
  35. Sentinel 9.5
  36. Cockroaches 28.x (Interlude)
  37. “…And she says she’s his girlfriend,” Kenzie said.

    Tristan sighed. “Yep.”

    “She’s living with him, and they sleep in the same bed, and they make each other breakfast,” Kenzie said.

    I liked the mental image. I liked that Sveta was smiling as much as she was. - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
  38. We were talking about money, Sveta talked to Weld and Weld talked to his bosses. They’re going to see what they can funnel our way. It won’t be a ton, but it’s going to cover rent.” - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
  39. Polarize 10.10
  40. Sundown 17.7
  41. Infrared 19.a
  42. Weld was too small to play the brute, and Titan Skadi hit hard enough that a man made of solid metal wouldn’t necessarily survive what she did, so he’d ‘welded’ limb extensions on, metal arms and legs that he could use to move faster and scoop up anyone in danger. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.1
  43. “On the down-low,” Sveta said, leaning in closer, until our heads were almost touching. “Weld is pretending to be mad at me.”

    “Pretending why?” I asked. Tristan looked equally curious.

    “Heavy stuff that happened once. Information I didn’t pass him, before the Irregulars went bad. It came up in the moment, he acted like it was a surprise. To open a way to communicate with the case fifty-threes. Get them on board, when they might have run for it otherwise.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.3

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