Wayne Darnall is a therapist working out of the megalopolis of Earth Gimel.


Darnall is a professional, trying his best to help his patients.


Victoria DallonEdit

Victoria is a patient of Darnalls. At first she is reluctant to go to therapy with him, due to her close relationship with her previous therapist, Jessica Yamada, but eventually a bond starts to form.



Initially, Jessica offered his services to Amy Dallon, but she refused.[1]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

Darnall becomes Victoria's therapist after Yamada disappears during the portal attack.

Post-Attack on TeacherEdit

Darnall evaluates Victoria Dallon for master-influences and clears her for action at the start of the second Shin crisis.[2] He also provided some advice during the negotiations with The Red Queen.[3]

The Ice BreaksEdit

He was assigned as a therapist for surrendered Amy Dallon.[4]

His involvement led to Amy Dallon willingly accepting Victoria's plague from her adoptive parents, despite Marquis' disagreement.[5]


  1. If you need help finding your way there, I have a colleague who would be willing to talk to you. He opened up one patient slot, he specialized in working with traumatized emergency service workers. Cops, paramedics, doctors, firefighters.

    Amy felt stung. “I’m not nuts. I’m not crazy.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.y II
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