Watch is a professional mercenary.


Knew his work and had a highly professional attitude.

Reputation Edit

Was also known to kill and maim his targets. Was called a monster.[1]

Abilities and Powers

A professional mercenary with a grab-bag of powers that include acute short-range clairvoyance, short-burst superspeed and 'phantom hands' that can reach into people's bodies to do horrible internal damage to organs and/or nerves.[1]



Was part of a group trigger that gave him a variety of powers.[2]


Was hired by The Folk leader Topsy as extra protection. He got on the bad side of Weaver, and his abilities proved not to be a match for her.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Watch was a package deal like Grace or Circus. A lot of powers, flexible. His specific powers weren’t on record, but it was fairly well known that he was capable of short bursts of intense, short-ranged clairvoyance. He could see people’s biology, ignore the issues of light, darkness or intervening objects, and he had a limited super speed coupled with what had been dubbed ‘phantom hands’. The ability to reach through people like Shadow Stalker might, targeting particular aspects of people’s body to shred arteries or tear through nerves with his fingers and fingernails.

    He was a monster who left his victims dead if they were lucky, quadriplegic if they weren’t. Maybe that was ableist, but I didn’t fancy being left to rely on the care of others for the rest of my natural life, suffering what was, by all accounts, an indescribably painful case of phantom limb. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3
  2. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.3

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