Wanton is a member of the Chicago Wards.


Always thought a situation could be improved by levity.


While he is human he wears a costume with flowing clothing possible mimicking leader of his home Protectorate team Myrddin. He lost an arm due to falling debris.[1][2]

While within his Breaker State Wanton is essentially an invisible telekinetic storm only visible from the distortions he causes in the air.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Like some breakers Wanton had an upper limit for the amount of time he spent in his Breaker state. His record was 12 minutes before being forced back, he would exceed this.[3]

Breaker StateEdit

Wanton is a Breaker/Changer/Stranger with the ability to turn into a localized telekinetic whirlwind. A ghost for all intents and purposes.[4] His form picks up debris and other untethered objects and orbit a central point within the storm.[5]

He has enough control of this to transport multiple wounded without actually hurting them. He did this by moving this to the furthest part of his range where affected objects rotated the slowest.[2]



Started his career in the Wards in San Diego, where he was looked after by the inimitable Gully.[6]

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Responding to an Class-A threat reported in Brockton Bay the Chicago Wards team was set up with The Undersiders. To monitor and guard them.

During the Echidna fight, helps stop Vista clones. But is temporarily kept out of the fight by contamination by radioactive material.[3]

But was unable to stop a mad clone from killing his mentor Myrddin, he did make the aberration pay for it.[4]

Assisted Weld in tearing capes free of Echidna.[4]


Part of the new Chicago squad that deployed to New Delhi.

He is engaged in Search and rescue operations in the later stages of the siege. Able to enter dangerous environments with his Breaker state and assisting in his human form.[7]

He would later use his Breaker State to help transport the wounded.[2]

A short time afterwards Wanton participated in the Chicago wards impromptu welcoming ceremony of their newest member; Weaver.


Assisted Golem in a personal matter of his,[8] and when the matter did not become so personal.[9]


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