Vulturehawk is a villainous Case 53.


Vulturehawk seemed more remorseful for his actions in the Navigators Incident than the other perpetrators, having tried to put one of them out of their misery. He later abandoned the group, upon being convinced that Cradle had manipulated him.[1]


Vulturehawk is described as looking half-mummy and half-bird. He is desiccated with feather-like straps. He has wings that drape out from his arms, as well as bladed feet. Specifically, his feet have a single blade in place of the middle toe, and another at the heel.[2]

He has a very distinct speech impediment.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Vulturehawk has an unusual kind of movement, that enables him to slide through the air.[3]

His movements also have an afterimage. This afterimage is capable of doing just as much damage as the attack that preceded it.



Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

Vulturehawk was heavily hinted to have been one of the perpetrators of the Navigators Incident.

Vulturehawk was hired by Cradle and was present during attack on Tattletale-led group of Breakthrough and The Undersiders.

Later in the night, he, as part of a forward group on Earth N, attempted to stop the retaliation team led by Antares. Vulturehawk left Cradle's mercenaries after Prancer's suggestion that Cradle used his master power to sway people to his side.[1]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Vulturehawk was seen at The Lodge.[4]


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    “No,” Vulturehawk said.

    Paris hesitated, staring at the aerial assassin.

    “Cray’ did nick-drip my hand meat,” Vulturehawk said. “No yah?”

    “Yeah,” Contender said, sounding resigned. “You realize that means we’re going our separate ways?”

    “Yah.” - Excerpt from Heavens 12.4
  2. Powers were coming back into play. I was still grounded, but I could use a bit of flight. The winged case fifty-three seemed to be in a similar boat. Half-mummy, dessicated with ‘feathers’ like straps, half-bird, with its body extending into wings that weren’t like a bat’s or a bird’s, draping down and out from the arms. They moved sideways more often than they moved forward, and a glimpse at their feet indicated why. Bladed feet, not talons, but a single blade in place of the middle toe, another at the heel. The hands were similar, it seemed, kept out of sight, hidden in the drapery of ‘wings’. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.3
  3. My attempt to close in on Paris was blocked by the case fifty-three. A flap of the draping ‘wing’ saw him… not fly, not bound, definitely not a teleport, but slide through the air, upward and at a diagonal. - Excerpt from Heavens 12.3
  4. Scattered villains were within. I saw Cleat and Crested. Vulturehawk was in the corner, alone, and focused in on Sveta the moment he saw her. - Excerpt from Black 13.8

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