Glory Girl

Victoria Dallon is a student at Arcadia High and a second generation member of New Wave. The daughter of Brandish and Flashbang, she is a frontline combatant with the ability to fly, a personal forcefield, super strength and an emotion affecting aura.

Glory Girl's costume includes a white dress with a spiked tiara, high boots, a belt and a cape flung over one shoulder. As is the norm for New Wave's members, her costume features a white color scheme with another color -gold- for the accents, her tiara, belt and the clasps holding her cape in place.

Glory Girl has demonstrated some anger management problems starting from Interlude 2. She is highly protective of her family. Her inability to be hurt coupled with her aura, which makes people inclined to like her respect her and look up to her has apparently made her somewhat arrogant or proud. Her sister (not related by blood), Panacea seems to have taken on the duties of keeping Victoria's ego in check.

She was heavily affected by the Endbringer attack, losing her boyfriend, Gallant, her uncle Manpower and her cousin Shielder. Her father, Flashbang suffered a traumatic head injury and has yet to recover. She confesses to Clockblocker in Sentinel 9.3 that New Wave may be disbanding, and that she's considering joining The Wards to continue her costumed career.


Glory Girl has several powers, including a set known generally as the 'Alexandria package' - invincibility, flight and super strength. She also generates an aura that affects the emotions of nearby people.

In truth, her 'package' of powers are not so cut and dry. Though her flight is fairly normal, her invincibility and super strength shut down temporarily after being used. After a sufficiently hard hit, Glory Girl loses the benefit of the invisible, skintight forcefield that surrounds her for several seconds. The same is true after delivering a hit with her strength.

Her aura is her specialty as a 'flying brick' in much the same way that tinkers have their own specialties. Those who are inclined to like her will be influenced to look up to her and respect her more, or even experience awe. Those who dislike her or who have reason to fear her have these feelings exaggerated, creating a sense of intimidation or even fear. She can shut this off, but the effect is described as being fairly subtle, and it is implied she usually has it on to at least some small degree. Panacea notes in Interlude 2 that she is immune to the ability after long term exposure.


  • Author's note: Amy and Victoria were considered early on as protagonists for a story set in this universe, called 'Guts and Glory'. The story would have alternated between each perspective on a chapter by chapter basis and covered many of the same events that have already occurred.


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