Victor is a member of The Shepherds and a former member of Empire Eighty-Eight.


His power allows Victor to be self-assured if not outright arrogant. He is completely committed to the E88 cause as much of his self worth and resources are tied up in the organization and the ideology.[2] Thanks to his stolen training he has some modicum of self-awareness.[3]

When forced to address his actions in the E88 before Gold Morning he owned up to it but didn't fully apologize for it.[4]



He did love her.[2] But she was also his second love.


Victor wears a breastplate, painted black, coming down to a v-neck, over a blood red shirt with black pants. While he previously wore a mask while operating as "Victor", after the E88's identities became public knowledge he divested of it.[5]

He changed his color-scheme after joining The Shepherds, possibly more.[4]

Upon undergoing a Broken Trigger, Victor transformed into an enormous black figure, with golden hair running down the spine. His arms became overlong, reaching to the ground, and with the same golden hair from elbow to wrist. He wears a crown, with many prongs and only has a mouth on his face.[6]

Abilities and Powers

Victor is an skill thief, with the ability to absorb the practical expertize of anyone he spends time in the presence of. He has used his power to become a veteran martial artist, a computer hacker, board game player, an expert in various forms of gunplay, and many other things.[7] Similarly, he has gained resistance to many thinker abilities thanks to the absorption of standard PRT psychological counseling,[3] and similarly many master abilities have negligible effects on him.[8] These may be a function of his psychology and not solely due to his power.

This mechanism can act through several paths, such as eye contact or general proximity, with each connection made intensifying the breadth and depth of what he is able to steal, whether a specific skill or imparting a target's general skill set.[9][10] Barring a complete "robbery" of the skill in question, the victim will completely regain the skill given time.[11]

After becoming a Titan, his power increased dramatically in strength and potency. It affected everybody within a certain radius of himself, effectively giving them brain damage.[12]



Before his trigger, Victor may have attended a meeting of the extended Herren family when they were attacked. When the resident parahumans were incapacitated following Othala's trigger event, Victor disabled the person attacking the newly activated parahuman.[13]

Eventually triggering and working his way up through the ranks, he would marry Othala after her cousin - his original fiancee - died.[14]

Story Start

Engaged with New Wave alongside Krieg, Alabaster, and Othala during the Collapse of the Empire Eighty-Eight.[15]

He participated in the fight against Leviathan and was knocked out in the later stages of the fight. He survived where many others did not.[16]


With the death of Kaiser at the hands of Leviathan, Victor and Othala fell in with Fenrir's Chosen.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine

Had a disagreement with the Undersiders that led to his capture.[17][18] Coil persuaded Victor to use his hacking abilities in the service of his organization when Dragon began focusing her efforts to combat them.[19] His fate after the death of Coil and the escape of Echidna is unknown.

The Chosen that operated at Boston did not include Victor.[20]

Gold Morning

His wife was killed by Scion while controlled by Khepri, erased alongside a number of capes including Trickster and Ash Beast.[21]

It is unknown how he handled this.[22] 

Post-Gold Morning

Two years after Gold Morning he became a member of The Shepherds, a religious team. Still going by Victor he evidently "found God" and a new girlfriend, Gospel.[4]

Post-Time Bubble Pop

Victor was outed as former neo-nazi alongside Rune by Teacher's operation, and as damage control was moved into in Wardens Bunker.[4]

Post-Attack on Teacher

Victor was present for the Second Shin Crisis alongside the rest of the Shepherds.

When Fume Hood broke reality by becoming a Titan, Victor joined her due to the fact that he was in a bad place. Upon becoming a Titan, he attacked his teammates.


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