Venom 29.1
Date posted 19 September 2013
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Venom 29.1 is the first chapter of Venom. The group gathers, the Doors have stopped working. They travel to Brockton Bay. Scion arrives, causes havoc. The Simurgh comes too.


Tattletale and Weaver have a brief conversation about the intents and actions of the Simurgh, before realizing that Doormaker is apparently not responding to further requests and may be incapacitated. They prepare to return to Earth Bet before noticing that overnight the Simurgh has further improved her recently constructed guns.

Tattletale speculates that she merely streamlined them cosmetically, while Weaver believes that the Simurgh has been holding her mastery of Tinker technology in reserve. They quickly begin speculating as to why the Simurgh cares about aesthetics, and if her current form has any other purpose. Tattletale conjectures that she may simply be waiting to turn on them at an opportune time.

Tattletale, Weaver, and the Simurgh pass through the portal into a vast area influenced by Vista's power.

Boarding the Dragonfly, they return to Brockton Bay, where a portal to Earth Gimel is located. There, Tattletale helps Vista and others organize transport routes across Bet. Weaver banters with members of the Undersiders and the Chicago Wards.

Weaver is about to go comfort Golem when news breaks that Scion is hitting Earth Samech (A Cauldron controlled Earth). Ships start evacuating Gimel, but Scion appears and destroys several. Foil takes a shot at Scion, which he catches before responding in kind, but Parian throws Foil out of harm's way. The Simurgh enters the battle, further terrfiying and demoralizing the defending force.


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