Venarum is a rookie hero, sponsored by the Mortari corporation.


Being a newer cape, Venarum is not used to large scale warfare and inter-cape relations. He did the 'thinker thing' where he over-explained what his power was telling him, without taking into consideration how people would feel hearing it.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Venarum has a Thinker ability that can evaluate the medical condition of a person. It is invasive.

He apparently has at least some first aid training.



At some point he was recruited to imbue the Cauldron Vial and trained for hero work.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

He was sent to assist Breakthrough-led group in the second raid on Teacher's base.

He confirmed that survivors of The Leper and his murdermate were not contaminated.

Venarum treated Swansong's wounds after the first battle with Saint's angels, as well as some people from Balk's group.[2]


  • His cape name roughly translates as "of veins", e.g. Sinus venarum is a piece of heart's right atrium that receives blood from veins.


  1. “He used it on them too,” he said, pointing at the three dead. “It triggers every latent disease in your system for a few seconds of effect. They got pricked, scraped, or injected by needles before he used his power.”

    “Hey, kid,” Tristan said. The cape he was talking to wasn’t a kid any more than Tristan was, but he was a rookie. “Don’t talk about the dead like that. Like it was their failure.”

    “There’s no need to be defensive, I’m explaining for those who don’t know.”

    “You’re doing the thinker thing,” Tristan said. “Where you get too stuck in what your power is telling you and trying to tell everyone else, and you stop being a decent human.” - Excerpt from Dying 15.4
  2. Dying 15.6

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