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Robin Swoyer,[2] known publicly as Velocity, is a member of the Brockton Bay Protectorate.

Appearance & Equipment[]

As Velocity, Robin wears a red costume with racing stripes down either side and two stripes meeting in a 'v' on his chest. His costume didn't include a "cup", allowing increased mobility.[3].


Robin likes being a cape and is happy to have an 'out' from military service, which could have well killed him due to the despair and frustration he felt if nothing else. However, he still feels quite frustrated. His ambition was to learn languages and travel.[1]

Abilities and Powers[]

Robin has the ability to change 'states' by seemingly altering the way time or physics work in relation to himself,[3] speeding up at the cost of reduced ability to effect the world.[4][5].[6]

This breaker state enables him to function without shattering his bones while hammering his feet against the ground ten times a second, from getting torn to shreds by friction, or running out of oxygen due to an inability to breathe. However, it also prevents him from so much as lifting even small objects like cups and pitchers, and it makes his punches almost as weak as an eight-year-old's at high speeds; more like a very strong, sentient wind than anything else when attacking. His power seemingly reduces the effect of melee attacks on him, even when he can't see them, although Skitter speculated that may have simply been his enhanced ability to roll with them. It doesn't make him immune to poison.[3]

His perceptions are accelerated as well as his body. At full speed, Velocity was effectively impossible to hit in melee, having several subjective seconds to see and react to attacks. He could also make use of his enhanced reactions to judge the optimal location to place his punches.[7]

Velocity was fast enough to run on water.[8] He was capable of outrunning vehicles.[6] He was the only Brockton Bay Protectorate member capable of keeping up with Purity along with Dauntless.[9]

Grue's darkness interfered with his power in some way. Skitter speculated that it was the same effect that caused it to interfere with Shadow Stalker's power, although it may simply have been that it put up more resistance than air; even the weight of Skitter's bugs seemed to slow him down a little. However, even blinded and with his speed reduced, Velocity was still able to feel his way to targets and strike at them with around half effectiveness.[10]

He was fast enough that insects had difficulty landing on him, and was fast enough to kill the ones that did. However, if he was distracted, he did become somewhat vulnerable. Similarly, he was unable to dodge attacks he couldn't see coming.[3]



Robin enlisted into the military due to the promise of a way to learn languages (Russian and Chinese) and hoped to travel during/after the fact. Instead, he got stuck in the rank and file with no follow-through and longer terms than he expected.

He eventually triggered after being "caught in a bad situation in a bad place and a bad mental state."

Robin joined the Protectorate. He also has started taking some classes in Chinese on the local Protectorate's team to give them an edge while dealing with the Azn Bad Boys.[1]

Story Start[]

Velocity was present alongside Armsmaster and Miss Militia at the Battle at the Gallery. He squared off against Bitch and her dogs, then engaged Skitter only to be taken down by pepper spray and a baton between the legs.[3]

Velocity worked with Trickster in order to rescue people who were floundering in the water during Leviathan's attack.[8] He died when the Crater Lake was created.[11]


As with other fallen defenders of Brockton Bay his name was placed on a memorial in his honor.[12]

Chapter Appearances[]

Worm Chapter Appearances
1. Agitation 3.1 Absent
2. Agitation 3.2 Absent
3. Agitation 3.3 Absent
4. Agitation 3.4 Absent
5. Agitation 3.5 Mentioned
6. Agitation 3.6 Absent
7. Agitation 3.7 Absent
8. Agitation 3.8 Absent
9. Agitation 3.9 Absent
10. Agitation 3.10 Absent
11. Agitation 3.11 Absent
12. Agitation 3.12 Absent
x. Interlude 3 Absent
1. Tangle 6.1 Absent
2. Tangle 6.2 Absent
3. Tangle 6.3 Absent
4. Tangle 6.4 Absent
5. Tangle 6.5 Debut
6. Tangle 6.6 Appears
7. Tangle 6.7 Absent
8. Tangle 6.8 Absent
9. Tangle 6.9 Absent
x. Interlude 6 Absent
1. Buzz 7.1 Absent
2. Buzz 7.2 Absent
3. Buzz 7.3 Absent
4. Buzz 7.4 Absent
5. Buzz 7.5 Absent
6. Buzz 7.6 Absent
7. Buzz 7.7 Mentioned
8. Buzz 7.8 Absent
9. Buzz 7.9 Absent
10. Buzz 7.10 Absent
11. Buzz 7.11 Absent
12. Buzz 7.12 Absent
x. Interlude 7 Absent
1. Extermination 8.1 Absent
2. Extermination 8.2 Absent
y. Interlude 8.y Absent
3. Extermination 8.3 Absent
4. Extermination 8.4 Absent
5. Extermination 8.5 Appears
6. Extermination 8.6 Absent
7. Extermination 8.7 Absent
8. Extermination 8.8 Absent
z. Interlude 8.z Absent
1. Sentinel 9.1 Mentioned
2. Sentinel 9.2 Absent
3. Sentinel 9.3 Absent
4. Sentinel 9.4 Absent
5. Sentinel 9.5 Absent
6. Sentinel 9.6 Absent
1. Parasite 10.1 Absent
2. Parasite 10.2 Absent
3. Parasite 10.3 Mentioned
4. Parasite 10.4 Absent
5. Parasite 10.5 Absent
6. Parasite 10.6 Absent
x. Interlude 10 Absent
x. Interlude 10.5 Absent
1. Snare 13.1 Absent
2. Snare 13.2 Absent
x. Interlude 13.5 (Donation Bonus) Absent
3. Snare 13.3 Absent
4. Snare 13.4 Absent
5. Snare 13.5 Absent
6. Snare 13.6 Absent
7. Snare 13.7 Absent
8. Snare 13.8 Absent
9. Snare 13.9 Absent
10. Snare 13.10 Absent
y. Interlude 13 Appears
1. Snare 13.1 Absent
2. Snare 13.2 Absent
x. Interlude 13.5 (Donation Bonus) Absent
3. Snare 13.3 Absent
4. Snare 13.4 Absent
5. Snare 13.5 Absent
6. Snare 13.6 Absent
7. Snare 13.7 Absent
8. Snare 13.8 Absent
9. Snare 13.9 Absent
10. Snare 13.10 Mentioned
y. Interlude 13 Appears
1. Prey 14.1 Absent
2. Prey 14.2 Mentioned
3. Prey 14.3 Absent
4. Prey 14.4 Absent
5. Prey 14.5 Absent
6. Prey 14.6 Absent
7. Prey 14.7 Mentioned
8. Prey 14.8 Absent
9. Prey 14.9 Absent
10. Prey 14.10 Absent
11. Prey 14.11 Absent
x. Interlude 14.x Absent
y. Interlude 14.y Absent
1. Colony 15.1 Absent
x. Interlude 15.x Absent
2. Colony 15.2 Absent
3. Colony 15.3 Absent
y. Interlude 15.y Absent
4. Colony 15.4 Absent
5. Colony 15.5 Absent
6. Colony 15.6 Absent
7. Colony 15.7 Absent
z. Interlude 15.z Absent
8. Colony 15.8 Absent
9. Colony 15.9 Absent
10. Colony 15.10 Absent
i. Interlude 15 Mentioned
1. Queen 18.1 Absent
2. Queen 18.2 Absent
x. Interlude 18.x Absent
3. Queen 18.3 Absent
4. Queen 18.4 Absent
y. Interlude 18.y Absent
5. Queen 18.5 Absent
6. Queen 18.6 Absent
z. Interlude 18.z Mentioned
7. Queen 18.7 Absent
8. Queen 18.8 Absent
f. Interlude 18.f Absent
i. Interlude 18 Absent
1. Scourge 19.1 Absent
2. Scourge 19.2 Absent
3. Scourge 19.3 Absent
x. Interlude 19.x Absent
4. Scourge 19.4 Absent
5. Scourge 19.5 Absent
6. Scourge 19.6 Absent
7. Scourge 19.7 Absent
y. Interlude 19.y Mentioned
z. Interlude 19.z Absent
1. Cell 22.1 Absent
2. Cell 22.2 Absent
3. Cell 22.3 Absent
4. Cell 22.4 Absent
5. Cell 22.5 Absent
6. Cell 22.6 Absent
x. Interlude 22.x Absent
y. Interlude 22.y Mentioned


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    Edit: As with many breakers, it was a confluence of factors that led to his trigger in the end - being caught in a bad situation in a bad place in a bad mental state.

    Likes being a cape, and is happy to have an 'out' from the service, which could well have killed him due to the despair/frustration if nothing else, but frustration sort of permeates his existence. Duties and hours keep him from taking classes (though he has recently started putting some classes in Chinese on the local Protectorate's tab to give an edge when dealing with the ABB). This is sort of echoed in the power he got; a promise of freedom, but all he ultimately gets is a kind of helplessness and a kick in the balls. - archived conversation on Spacebattles
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