Usher (civilian name: Ray C. Rudolph[3]) is a member of the Los Angeles Protectorate.[4]


Is notably reticent to involve himself in powers where things are not known.[5]


His cape costume, ethnicity and other distinguishing features have not been elaborated on.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Usher has the ability to grant "unreliable" defenses, capable of countering Behemoths 'death aura',[6] as well as many other powers. Usher's power was ranged, and only required him to concentrate on the person he was protecting, he could not protect more than one individual.[2][7][1] The targets of his power glowed[8] and felt an "energy"[9] or "ripple"[10] coursing through them.

His defenses didn't protect against being pushed or thrown around allowing those with enhanced physical abilities to still effective fight against 'protected' opponents.[11][6] Essentially while he was able to grant 'single-target power immunity' to others he could not 'protect' against the laws of physics.[7][12]

Target Effectiveness
August Prince No effect.[10]
Bambina Protected from her explosions,[11] but seemingly not her kicks.
Behemoth Negated his kill aura, although he was able to melt armor.

Protected Chevalier from the damaging effects of shockwaves, but not from being pushed backward by them.

Didn't protect against Behemoth's blows.[6]

Didn't make it easier to breathe.

May or may not have protected against radiation.

Starlet Totally negated her attacks.[10]
Swansong Totally negated her power.[13]



Likely triggered while under the power of a cape, joined the Protectorate afterward and routinely found himself in the same type of situations.[2] He was eventually stationed in Los Angeles with Alexandria as his superior.[1]


Rime brought him along as part of team to collect Pretender for prosecution.[1] Participated in the battle against the underage mercenaries and, as always, was inconsistently effective against them.


Usher was a member of the team sent to arrest Pretender.[1] His power was somewhat effective against the villains involved.

He deployed to New Delhi with many of the other Protectorate. There Chevalier made use of his power to fight Behemoth in melee.[6]


At some point he was turned into Teacher's thrall and added to Ingenue's entourage.[13]

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

During the Wardens' assault on Teacher's base Usher guarded Ingenue against Valkyrie's Flock. He saved Ingenue from being obliterated by Swansong.[13]

Usher retreated to The City alongside Ingenue.[3]


  • Usher has numerous meanings but the most likely meaning here is 'Conduct' or 'Escort'. Fitting for a man who's power allows safe passage through danger for himself and others.


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