Tyrant was one of five special hybrid clones created by Bonesaw for the Slaughterhouse 9000. He is a combination of King and Hatchet Face.


Manufactured personality loyal to Jack with the appropriate sadism needed to be a member of The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand. The rest of his personality is unclear.


Loyal to Jack Slash in ways neither of his component parts were.


Tyrant is an exaggeratedly tall and muscular man with a wild mop of dark hair. He has an overly square jaw, massive hands and an almost Neanderthal jaw with nearly any chin. His most defining feature is his own name tattooed across his massive chest.[1]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Tyrant appeared to have both the powers of his originators, if diluted partially. The ability to transfer physical harm done to himself to anyone he had touched within a certain time period, though it is unknown exactly how long it was for this clone, a power disrupting aura, and added strength and durability from both capes.[1]

Unlike the original Hatchet Face, his power took time to snuff out the abilities of those inside his range.[2][1]


The Slaughterhouse Nine-ThousandEdit

Created from a combination of some of the most terrifying members of the nine, Tyrant was used in the hostage situation that was engineered to test the heroes.

Though able to nullify the powers of most of the inside attack team, Tyrant was quickly taken out by several shots from Flechette, after Kid Win opened a hole in the building for her and Weaver guided her aim.[1]


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