Tuurngait is an American supervillian team operating in Anchorage, Alaska.

Their canonicty is uncertain.[1][2][3]



When Anchorage was being rebuilt following the attacks of Khonsu the villain group swore that they would not be active for the three month time period it took to fix it. Even when the docks were fixed earlier then that they kept to the earlier agreement.[4]

Made a nuisance of themselves to PRT: Department Sixty-Four.


  • Tuurngait is an Inuit word for spirit that has never had a physical body, with Christianisation attempts on the Inuit cultures it as taken on a similar meaning to devil.


  1. PRT Quest [...] is not true canon. Some of the core cast of characters can be considered ‘true’ Wormverse characters, but it’s best not to consider it as Parahumans history.- FAQ
  2. Periastron & some of the other PRT Quest villains were player-generated via. the early Weaverdice system, and were consequently somewhat broken. I don't count PRT Quest in canon, really, or only ambiguously, for much this reason.Archived on Spacebattles
  3. PRT Quest is canon [but] the events of the PRT Quest never happened. It was all a vision that Roullette saw and [the vision] put her in a coma, though not before writing down as much as she could. - Archived on Spacebattles
  4. The third major group is Tuurngait. The spirits, your teams are calling them. The Americans, it seems. Locals, maybe hired guns who've stayed on board. These are the guys who are going to tear up your city. Who might rob banks, kill, hold people at gunpoint, destroy things, or disrupt the order of things. Some dangerous players in there. A cape of some sort that stands several stories tall. A hydrokinetic or whatever they're called, who may well be the most dangerous player here.

    And they're working together. Maybe one group won't mind if one of the two others is taken out of action, but they aren't working against each other, and might even have the ability to back each other up. Any group can loan members to another, and any group could theoretically have the funds to hire one of the three freelance mercenaries who are more or less settled in Anchorage. Or all three.​ - Department Sixty Four, PRT Quest thread i p14
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