Trump is one of the twelve power classifications created by the PRT still in modern day use.[1] Trumps have powers that can manipulate powers in some capacity; altering, granting, strengthening, weakening or removing them entirely.[2] It also includes parahumans that can adapt new powers.[3] Some Trumps have powers that solely interact with the powers of others.[2] Trump powers are very rare: only about three to five percent of parahumans have a Trump rating.[4]


A notable characteristic of Trump ratings is that they will always be connected to one of the other eleven classifications, albeit the exact relation can vary.[5] Some powers can have a small Trump note, while others have the Trump aspect as the most noticeable, where the other rating is only a method of expression or even just a complimentary factor.[6]


That said, the Trump rating covers an incredibly wide range of abilities, but can be roughly categorized in eleven[7] or twelve[8] different groups, where individual powers can fall in multiple groups:
Name Focus Trigger event
Null Reducing the effectiveness of other powers, sometimes outright nullifying or erasing them.[9] Involves an adverse, direct, and ongoing relationship with power in question.[9]
One Powers with variable aspects, where one part of the power is fixed while other is flexible.[10] Concrete, immediate effect at work, prompting trigger.[10]
Two Powers involved with partnering, bonding and gifting.[11] Involves a positive relationship with the powers involved.[11]
Three Allows the parahuman to steal, borrow, or copy other powers.[12] Involves a mental or emotional relationship to the powers.[12]
Four Abilities where one can pick between different options, but the powers are often slower, weaker or clunkier.[13] Powers were a factor or reality over a longer period of time. (This is not necessarily a long-term trigger).[13]
Five Scrambling, disrupting, or altering powers in some manner.[14] Involves an indirect relationship to powers, but the environment or situation is threatening, with a single source.[14]
Six Powers that can effect large groups of people.[15] The power affecting the individual covers a wide area, environmental or detached enough to be close to such.[15]
Seven Powers that cycle between different variants, where unpredictability is rewarded with more raw power.[16] Involves a crazy, chaotic situation, with many powers actively in use.[16]
Eight Abilities that can toggle between different modes, often expressed as different Breaker states.[17]
Nine Abilities that create minions or other vehicles with Trump effects.[18] Powers impinged, altered or distorted interpersonal relationships.[18]
Ten Enhancing, granting, or boosting powers, often with a secondary effect.[19]
Infinity (Ten) Power sets nearly limitless in both option and choice, but where other large drawbacks often apply.[20] Involves a power breaking reality in the vicinity.[20]

Trigger eventsEdit

Trigger events that lead to Trump powers are similar to other trigger events, with the key difference being that they involve powers.[21] As such, Trump trigger events always match one of the other eleven classifications in terms of what kind of powers it might give.[5] How the Trump aspect expresses itself depends on two factors.

First of all, the degree powers are involved and the proximity of the parahuman using these powers.[22] As powers become more involved and the parahuman gets closer, the Trump aspect gets stronger, relatively to other classifications.[22]

Secondly, the type of Trump power to manifest depends heavily on the relationship (level of focus, level of abstraction, and feelings) to the powers:[23] For example, if the relationship is a positive one, the ability to gift powers becomes more likely,[11] while the ability to steal them is indicative of a negative relationship.[12]

The person triggering does not need to know that powers are involved in his trigger event.[21]

Common combinations with other ratingsEdit

The Breaker classification, particularly through edge cases, is also frequently combined with Trump.[24]

Crosses with the Master classification can take several forms, including a the creation of parasitic minions that can temporarily drain parahumans of their powers.[25]

PRT countermeasuresEdit

When dealing with Trumps, the PRT encourages the use of PRT-squads, with capes sidelined, barring all but the most threatening situations. Ranged fire and distance is encouraged, with minimal contact and involvement to preserve the safety of involved capes. Other countermeasures depend on the nature of the target's power.[2]

Known TrumpsEdit

Note: This list describes the Trump classifications and Trump aspects of different parahumans. For a full overview of their abilities, please check their individual pages.

Name Known ratings Power description
Bonesaw Tinker,[26] Trump[27] Can create hybrid capes.[26]
Cask Tinker 5 (Blaster 1, Brute 2*, Master 1, Trump 2)[28] Produces and consumes chemical batches that enhance the drinker for a short while.[29]
Citrine Trump[30] Can attune areas to particular functions and can use this to cut off powers.[31]
Dauntless Striker/Trump[32] Can slowly ‘charge’ objects with different powers. Powers included an electric spear, a forcefield shield, and boots that enabled flight.[33]
Dragon Thinker, Tinker[34] Trump[35] Co-opts and draws inspiration from the work of other Tinkers.[35]
Echidna Master/Striker 10, Brute 8, Changer 2,[36] Thinker,[37] Trump/Master[38] Produces copies of people she touches, including parahumans.[39]
Eidolon Trump[40]
Trump type: Seven x Infinity[40]
Has the ability to adopt any power he needs at a given point in time, maintaining a set of two to four powers at a time.[41]
Galvanate Trump[42] Grants invincibility and an electric touch.[43]
Glaistig Uaine Master,[44] Trump[45] (>=12)[46]
Trump type: Nine x Infinity[45]
Can draw in the essence of recently dead parahumans and store it within herself. Can have three of them active as spectres.[47]
Goddess Trump[48] Master[48][49] Able to tune abilities and defenses.[48]
Grue Shaker,[50] Trump <=7[51][42] Generates darkness that blinds and nearly deafens those within, confuses the sense of touch, and weakens and later copies the powers of those within.[52]
Hatchet Face Trump, Brute[53] Aura that nullfied powers of nearby capes.[53]
Israfel See: The Simurgh.[54]
Jouster Blaster/Striker,[55] Trump[56]
Trump type: One x Four[56]
Can conduct a variety of effects through his lance, choosing which one.[55]
Monokeros Master/Trump[57] Can attack an person with a wave of emotion, while also becoming immune to anything that person does, can see through their eyes and observe memories.[58]
Othala Trump,[42] Striker[59]
Trump type: Two x Seven[60]
Can grant powers with a touch, drawing them from a limited set.[61]
Scion Breaker,[62] Trump[48] Has an adaptive, nullifying defense, auto-tuning against any attack.[63]
Scrub Blaster 8 to 10[64]/Shaker,[65] Trump[66] Can ignore or negate most Brute defenses.[66]
The Simurgh Thinker >10,[67] Tinker, Trump[68] Can borrow and copy techniques and mental powers from others - including the power of Tinkers.[69]
Spright Trump[70] Can emulate powers of other parahumans. He gets the most out of Mover powers given his intuitive sense of such powers.[71]
Ulama See: The Simurgh.[54]
Unicorn IV See: Monokeros.[57]
Upperhand Trump[72] Can copy the general nature of powers with an output, and produces his own output in form of powerful hyper-gravity, pulverizing targets.[72]
Usher Trump[42] Can grant protection against powers to one individual.[73]
Valkyrie See: Glaistig Uaine.[74]
Zion See: Scion.[75]
Ziz See: The Simurgh.[54]


  • Trump powers are often the ones closest to the Entities’ means of operation and to the cycle, and are often assigned to more important, carefully selected individuals.[76]


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    “To what ends?” Grue asked.

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  32. Dauntless is a striker/trump. The two aspects are irrevocably linked, thus the slash. In briefer terms, he'd simply be a trump - he gives himself powers, in an indirect fashion. If his shard had manifested differently, he wouldn't have the need for 'totems' - objects linked to the manifestation of his power. He'd simply grant himself the power. - Private message by Wildbow, posted on Spacebattles.
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  34. Thinker in basis, tinker in execution. Execution is technically what matters but is misleading for the purposes of the conversation at hand. When in doubt, best to call her a thinker. If you're a PRT trooper or cape on the ground and you're up against Dragon, you can call her a tinker. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
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  53. 53.0 53.1 Hatchet Face was a brute. His claim to fame was attacking a news station where a superhero was being interviewed and brutally cutting the hero down, stripping them of powers and then butchering them with swings of his namesake axe. The segment never made it onto the airwaves, but the audacity of the deed sparked attention. By lowering his enemies to a baseline level and then going after them with his still-enhanced strength and toughness, he gave every cape cause for worry. Triggering when he was injured by capes in a careless attack, he started out as a brutal vigilante, but quickly left that mission behind in favor of a simpler, brutal agenda of taking what he wanted and cutting down the biggest boys and girls around. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
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    He could choose the effect, making it fairly versatile. Concussive blasts, fire, ice, lightning, suction and disintegration, among other things. Trick was that he had to hit to deliver the effect. - Excerpt from Drone 23.1
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    <Wildbow> In Jouster's case, he's a one-four.
    <Bruticus> Ah
    <Wildbow> The fact that it's an 'augment weapon' striker power is set in stone, and the elemental variable is chosen by him. - IRC chat archived Spacebattles
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  65. Consistency - Is the power accurate? Does it always do what you want it to when it's used? Scrub was a powerful shaker/blaster but couldn't really control where the blasts hit with any degree of accuracy. At most he spammed a general area. We nerf consistency here and Mr. Snatch moves objects 5 feet, but in random directions. Or he reaches out blind, seizes objects in the general direction he's pointing, but might grab the gun instead of the screw, or the target's watch. - reddit comment, by Wildbow.
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    But it's only a dip. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
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  68. Trainwreck is a case 53 tinker. No proper limbs/body, had to build it.

    The Simurgh is another case of a tinker as a secondary power. Picked up details from tinkers and executed it via. a thinker/trump sort of approach. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  69. The Simurgh is the third. She's only 15 feet tall but has a massive wingspan. The key to understanding her is her psychic 'scream' - this is basically a kind of psychic echolocation allowing her to scan her surroundings while exerting a psychic pressure to alter behavior, implant messages or create compulsions. She has precognition, perfect awareness of the immediate future, and the more she sings/scans the further it reaches. The byline for dealing with the Simurgh is that you'll probably win the fight but you'll lose the war. She uses these scans to make long-term predictions of behavior and activity (in the order of months and years) to turn human beings into rube-goldberg devices, with whole streams or strings of horrific events occuring in areas she's been active. This includes laying the groundwork for major heroes to be attacked at the opening of a future crisis, or the creation of supervillains of international notoriety. She's a telekinetic capable of tossing buildings, she flies, and her scanning ability lets her borrow and copy techniques and mental powers from others - including the power of tinkers (essentially scanning Iron Man and gaining the ability to make what he can make, then telekinetically pulling together a macro-scale version of his devices from surrounding materials). - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  70. Shadow 5.3
  71. Shadow 5.4
  72. 72.0 72.1 Upperhand Trump. Could copy the general nature of powers with an output, and produced his own output in form of powerful hypergravity, pulverizing targets. - parahumanList, bolded edit by Wildbow.
  73. Usher - Consistent trump effect (one parahuman?), focused to the point of applying to one person, (threat to one individual), ranged application (blaster-esque situation?), protective (harm involved?). The trump effect blocks powers, implying that the relationship to the power at the time of the trigger is direct and negative. I'm picturing Usher being lifted by TK and dragged toward some threat (building's edge? churning machinery?) with the telekinetic further back, advancing. It fulfills the trend for gaining powers to have ironic consequences if he inadvertently cancels the other parahuman's powers while being threatened and held over a large drop, and that the resulting power reshapes his life to fling him again and again into confrontations vs. parahumans like the one that nearly killed him. - reddit comment by Wildbow.
  74. She liked the wings, though. The wings were good. The rest would take getting used to, after thirty years as the childlike Faerie Queen, but the wings were a natural fit from the start.

    “You’ve formed a new Triumvirate,” a cape in the crowd said.

    It might have sounded accusatory.

    “Valkyrie will be starting on the bottom,” Legend said. “She’ll earn her way to whatever rank is most fitting.” - Excerpt from Teneral e.1
  75. The blaring noise stopped as a voice emanated from the speakers.

    “Scion. Zion. Golden Man. It’s Lisette. Kevin Norton introduced us. What the man down there is saying… whatever he’s saying, don’t listen. Turn away. Please.“

    Turn away. - Excerpt from Interlude 26
  76. Trump powers are often the ones closest to the Entities’ means of operation and to the cycle, and are often assigned to more important, carefully selected individuals. - TRUMP, document by Wildbow.

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