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Capricorn, PHO username Cap, real name Tristan Vera[1] is a member of Breakthrough, and a Case 70 with his brother Byron, a power expression phenomenon where two people share a body after the trigger.

Together, they were members of Team Reach pre-Gold Morning.


Tristan is a twin of Hispanic origin.[2] His family is Christian and he continues to attend Church with them.[3]

Tristan and Byron take two-hour shifts in controlling the body, while the other twin is conscious within.[4] Tristan has a proclaimed interest in becoming a super-hero again for the money..

The twins have contrasting personalities. Tristan is more positive overall and more of a go-getter. Byron is more passive and is known for complaining about things without offering concrete solutions.[5] Tristan is buoyed by conflict while Byron is drained by it.[6] They even have different ways of speaking.[7]

Tristan is gay.[8][9]


The twins live with family in The City.

Byron Vera[]

The twins relationship with each other is highly fractious though they do still love each other. Prior to their trigger event, Byron felt that Tristan's competitive nature was squandering his own relationships, while Tristan felt that Byron was too passive.[10] This unhealthy dynamic was exacerbated by their situation as a Case 70 throughout their time on Team Reach.

Following Gold Morning, their relationship had improved significantly. Byron had forgiven Tristan for what he had done, although Tristan continued to be confused by Byron's attitude towards him.[11]

Team Reach[]

Tristan was close with Furcate before leaving.


Tristan and Brianna have an antagonistic relationship with one another.


Tristan's crush.


Tristan has strained relationships with his parents, due to his previous run-in with the law.[12]


Out of the Breakthrough Rain is the closest to them. Rain goes out of his way to hang out with both of brothers.


Tristan knows Weld well enough to defend him on PHO.[13] He is a long term fan of his.

Appearance and Equipment[]


Tristan has brown skin and curly black hair.[14]

Tristan tended to dress well with some changes to distinguish himself from Byron, such as painting his rolling hair (cut short at the back and sides) magenta.[14] Tristan took to wearing goat themed jewelry to work with his theme.[15]


Tristan wears an armored metal costume that is a little heavier then normal thanks to his increased strength. Tristan has an orange goat theme with multiple spiraling horns.[16]

Abilities and Powers[]

Capricorn is a matter creator; both Tristan and Byron generate and shape glowing energy that they then transform into their respective element. These start out as motes that then have lines link up between them which then become their respective element. Tristan makes rock, Byron makes water.[17] The rock can be used to create tools or something as big as a wall. These are never wholly what they want to be however. They can swap identities rapid fire if they have to.[18] The swapping had mixed results as anti-master measure.[19][20] But it has been known to affect physical forces, granting some maneuverability.[21]

They are able to create enough material for things like a fort.[22] And can shape the material around single objects and people. It is unknown if it can be safely carried out on living objects. What they can do is for Byron to spray people with water and then switch to Tristan to turn the water into rock and encase the subject.[23] This switch can only happen if the shapes are "alive" with more energy to back it up. If they let it die a switch can not happen. Water evaporates and the stone easily crumbles.[24]

Tristan and Byron possess different moderately enhanced physical abilities. Tristan has a 1.3 to 1.6 multiplier on the average strength of a human man his size.[16]

Interestingly, their powers took on its present form after they had fully assumed their cape identity from the previous holder.[23] Previously, Byron could create ice[25] or suffocating gas rather than water, and Tristan initially formed metal. During Byron's imprisonment, Tristan created chains of spikes which moved of their own accord, lashing out at their surroundings.[26] The properties of the matter they create seemed to be related to the brothers' relationship with each other.[27]

After things were damaged in the Firmament during the battle against the Titans, Tristans power changed. Now instead of using orange motes to form stone constructions, Tristan uses red motes that result in ruined buildings being born. His constructions now come in surges, with a second and third surge pushing out from the first, in a destructive manner. However, his constructions are now significantly more flimsy than before, crumbling under their own weight.[28]



Had an extremely rare trigger event, based on their sibling rivalry coming to a dangerous head. Byron was catatonic for several weeks following the event but Tristan was able to be functional and keep them going.[29]

Roughly a month later they were recruited into Team Reach.[30] The team set them up with the Capricorn identity after they came on board. Brothers were able to achieve some degree of interpersonal balance and shared goals while being on the team, with Tristan quickly assuming leadership position[31] and Byron discovering his competitive side and enjoying hero teamwork. However, it did not last for long.[32]

The situation was detrimental to both brothers' mental health, with Tristan losing weight and not sleeping well, and Byron resorting to self-harm.[33] Team Reach began to confront the supervillain Paris, who had a habit to target queer heroes.[32] In one altercation, Tristan framed Paris for Byron's death, while imprisoning Byron; he later explained it as result of his natural desire to perform his best at all his roles while having only half of the time. Tristan's guilt weighed heavily on him, but fearful of the consequences of telling the truth, maintained the ruse for 72 days, only freeing Byron when his team interfered.[34] This incident alienated Tristan from his family, leaving him without a team and pretty much anything else.[12] He, likely, would have been charged with attempted murder if the trial was not interrupted.[35]

Gold Morning[]

The proceedings for Tristan's murder charge were interrupted by Gold Morning, and Byron did not press for more punishment.[36] Capricorn was "dragged into" the event.[37]


Talked to Team Reach on the newly-revived Parahumans Online. Tristan hired some shady enforcers online for purposes of maintaining fair time-sharing.[38]  Participated in a group chat on PHO with several groups including his therapy group and members of his old team.[39]


Tristan wants to become a hero again while Byron does not agree with this. Byron was worried that Tristan would fall into the same patterns he had before.

Tristan hit it off while Byron was not as happy with things. The mistakes of their past continue to dog them.

Was part of the initial forays into Cedar Point

Were major factors in their teams actions against the Fallen. Byron was able to handle Valefor's taunts better then Tristan.

Post-Fallen fall[]

Were part of the action against Trial and Error where their powers proved ineffective.

Tristan took point in the interview to deal with the allegations leveled by Kenzies parents.

They were put into a dangerous position by the realignment caused by Goddess. Byron was the only member not to be mastered, and as a result, he was forced to shut Tristan in. Eventually Byron was mastered, and Tristan was let back out. He participated in the takeover of the prison.

After Goddess was killed, Tristan and Byron met up with Barcode and started a new deal.

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Tristan went on the shopping trip with the team.

Capricorn assisted in surveilling Love Lost and her group in the Lyme Center.

While investigating the attack on the Navigators, the group of heroes was attacked and Tristan was shot. Byron had to stay out until he could get treatment.

Capricorn and Tress joined Tattletale and some of the Heartbroken in attempting to track down Cradle. The group was ambushed. After a long fight, Tristan was bisected by Cradle, forcing Byron to take over until they could get him fixed.

The Ice Breaks[]

Tristan was alongside The Undersiders and Breakthrough during the oversight duty of Titan Oberon and Eve. During the battle he was counteracting the flow of the gas from Eve.[40] Later in the fight he was making safe pathways through torn-up terrain.[41]

At the night he was assisting other capes during the defense of the Shardspace entry-point, and the battle against the Fortuna's Titans in similar ways.[42] He was visibly frustrated by his power change, and eventually insisted on staying in the battle to protect Furcate and Moonsong. Sveta Karelia stayed with him.[43]

Getting involved in a fight with the Nemean Titan, Tristan joins the Shepherds in fighting it off, and they successfully manage to force it into one of the cracks in reality.[44] From there, they ventured into the Firmament and got into a fight with Skadi. A miscalculation on Tristan's part sees Tribute killed with Byron's power, and the guilt is enough that the cracks in reality begin to make their way towards him. Noticing this, Tristan decided to kill himself instead of becoming a Titan and putting the rest of heroes, and his brother at risk.[45]

Tristan's shard-ghost was immediately contacted by Kenzie Martin, who used the same tech to communicate with Contessa. Tristan confessed that he retained some power-connection to his brother, but was unwilling to risk Byron's wellbeing in an attempt to recover him from the Shardspace.[46] It played a part in Kenzie's breakdown.

Tristan remained disconnected during the plague dream and had not visited anyone from Breakthrough, intentionally or not.[47]

Ward Epilogues[]

Kenzie managed to establish a connection to Tristan in the Firmament, and found that he has still retained a connection to Byron even in death.[48]

Tristan returned to the real world in the form of a hologram.[49] He appeared to hit it off with Withdrawal.


  • Capricorn, literally "goat-horned", is the tenth sign in the Western Zodiac. It is known as the sea-goat which the Twins divide up between them with their Fish and Goat costume motifs.
  • Tristan and Byron are at least the second Hero named Capricorn, the one before them was a women who gave up the identity after a career ending injury.[23]
  • Used the disposable alias Enki,[2] which seems to be a reference to the horned Sumerian god of water and mischief.
  • Byron is the older twin, by minutes.[50]
  • An early version of Capricorn was briefly considered to be the protagonist of Ward. Originally, Tristan was a female and had a personality reminiscent of March.[51]

Fanart Gallery[]


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