Francis Krouse, known publicly as Trickster, is the leader of the Travelers.


Francis is disliked even by his own teammates due to his annoying behavior; he allegedly does this intentionally to unite his team. [1] He was a smoker.[2][3]

Appearance & EquipmentEdit

Francis has light brown skin, long dark hair, and a hooked nose. He has an intense, piercing gaze.[4][5]

As Trickster, he wears a black costume with a red mask and a top hat. His mask had a mouth-hole that he would sometimes use to smoke.[6] His jacket had a pocket he kept cigarettes in[7] and a cellphone capable of recording video.[8]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Francis' power enables him to swap the locations of two objects with similar mass, including himself. [9]

Trickster’s powers only work on targets that are both within his field of view.[2] His speed/ease of being able to swap is dependent on distance (although not as much as one might suspect) and difference in mass – too much of one or the other and it’s not doable in any reasonable amount of time.[10][9] He needs to even out any differences in mass by sucking in surrounding air, which takes time.[11] He has a sense of how easy it would be to swap two targets at a time.[12] [13]



Krouse was a competitive gamer from Earth Aleph from Madison, Wisconsin. After being transferred to Earth Bet by The Simurgh, he, like the rest of the Travelers, gained his power from a Cauldron vial.[11] He was able to convince Noelle to consume half a vial of a Cauldron concoction to save her life during the Simurgh attack. (Oliver eventually took the other half.)

Story StartEdit

Two years later Kourse was in Boston trying to deal with Accord. Things went badly however when Sundancer informed him that there was a situation with Noelle. After both these situations were dealt with he was contacted by Coil, who had just acquired the means to allegedly help him.[3]

Concluding their business in Boston the group agreed to work for Coil in exchange for his promise to help Noelle.

Trickster attended a meeting of the super villains in Brockton Bay to discuss how to deal with the ABB.[14]

When Leviathan came to Brockton Bay Trickster played a critical in rescuing many capes.


He would begin gaining territory under Coil's direction.

Accompanied Skitter when she went to negotiate with the PRT.

His plan to take on the Slaughterhouse Nine wound up getting Grue captured.

Post-Slaughterhouse NineEdit

Was part of the plan to kidnap Piggot when the Dragonflight came to town.

Sided with Coil when he turned on the Undersiders. When the tables were turned against his benefactor and only hope, Trickster tried to save Coil but failed. He awoke only to see evidence that the man he had put all his hope in had been murdered.[3]

When Coil died, he joined Echidna and faced off against the most powerful parahuman in the world.[15]

The Protectorate were eventually able to apprehend him.


Krouse wound up in the Birdcage, where he was seen as one of Teacher's students.[16]

There he told the residents of the impending End of the World.[17]

Gold MorningEdit

Given that Teacher was able to access a large variety of assets and manpower after his release, it is unknown if Trickster was released from the birdcage when his new master was.

Regardless, Trickster was appropriated by Khepri along with many other capes in an effort to end the Gold Morning. He was killed by Zion while controlled and erased alongside a number of capes including Othala and Ash Beast.[18]

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    Swap the lamp for the gun? No, the lamp was too lightweight.

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