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Toybox is a black market organization composed of Tinkers, acting as an enclave for them to build a reputation and acquire necessary tools.[1]

Modus operandi[]

Toybox is an organization available for Tinkers that wish to avoid forced recruitment or a life on the run, but also refuse to join the Wards or Protectorate. Members share technology and thirty-three percent of any proceeds while working on their reputation and tools. Toybox sustains itself with barter, selling illegal goods and one-off-constructions to criminal groups and similar,[2] largely operating between the scope of heroes and villains, and by moving frequently.[1]


Their members vary over time, from as low as four to as high as fifteen.[3] They were attacked and killed by the Slaughterhouse Nine in the late June of 2011, with their projects and technology stolen by Bonesaw.[4]


Name Description
Pyrotechnical A Tinker focusing on flame manipulation, special effects, and guns.[4]
Cranial A Tinker specializing in neurology.[4] Sold memories and skills on the black market, including bad memories: taking them from people wishing to be rid of them while giving them to people desiring to experience a trigger event.[5] Bonesaw used her technology to implant her clones with memories.[6]
Big Rig A Tinker who built drones that built things in turn, particularly buildings.[4]
Bauble A girl who specialized in glassworking and glassworking tools, including tools that could turn inorganic matter into glass.[4]
Dodge A boy of twelve,[4] who made devices allowing travel between pocket dimensions created by him and Earth Bet. The dimensions are almost impossible to find without knowing the entry point.[7]
Toy Soldier A powersuit user with a suit the size of a small building.[4]
Glace A Tinker specializing in cryogenics and stasis.[4] Their technology was used by the Slaughterhouse Nine to put their members in stasis,[8] and later by Snowmann.[9]



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  2. If you look at what toybox sells, you get into stuff like memory alteration, cryostasis, giant robots that make buildings, and hideaway portals. Beyond that, you have Pyrotechnical who can be excused away as just selling tinker stuff to other tinkers, and Big Rig, who couldn't practically sell anything to a non-tinker since he just has the one giant robot. - Wildbow on reddit
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    Mr. Calle paged forward until the images showed up.

    Pyrotechnical. A tinker focusing on flame manipulation, special effects, guns.

    Cranial. A tinker specializing in neurology. Brain scans, draining thoughts, recording thoughts.

    Big Rig. A tinker who built drones that built things in turn, particularly buildings.

    Bauble. A girl who specialized in glassworking and glassworking tools, including tools that could turn inorganic matter into glass.

    Dodge. A boy, twelve, who made access devices for pocket dimensions.

    Toy Soldier. A powersuit user with a suit the size of a small building.

    Glace. A tinker specializing in cryogenics and stasis. - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
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  6. Bonesaw had found herself busy enough that the girl could be left here, an IV in her neck, catheter and poop tube inserted. Now that she had free time, she could handle the Winter issue.

    She needed a child soldier. This was a way to make one. To insert the wartime memories from Cranial’s database into the girl, let it steep, then harvest the results. The rest could be tweaked, rebalanced, fixed. - Excerpt from Interlude 25
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  8. I stared at the laptop. It was still on the last page. Glace.

    “Cryogenics,” I said.

    “Stasis,” Miss Militia agreed. “The pressure grew too intense, with Defiant and Dragon’s pursuit, they weren’t recovering from losses fast enough. They’ve gone into hiding, and we think they plan to wait.”

    Wait, I thought.

    “How long?” Clockblocker asked.

    “We can’t know for sure,” Miss Militia replied. “But if they’ve put themselves in a cryogenic sleep, they could wake and resume their normal activities days, weeks, months or years from now. Depending on the resources they have available, they might well emerge with clones of their current members at their side.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  9. “Has to be Mannequin,” I said. “Or Sphere. Used to specialize in closed systems. It makes sense, on a level, but this isn’t in Mannequin’s usual repertoire. Maybe they stole it from… what was the name? Toybox tinker, Gelid? Glace, that’s it.” - Excerpt from Sting 26.3
  10. His brusque answer only stalled the conversation for a moment before Newter got it going again, “Okay, bro, tell these girls who we went up against last month.”

    “The toybox job?” Gregor asked, “With the Tinker black market? There was nobody-”

    “The other one. The job in Philadelphia.” - Excerpt from Interlude 5