Tori Heflin is a member of Goddess' Cluster.




Has a romantic relationship with March.


Had some form of friendship with her.[1]


Tori is aboriginal, with a round face, thick black hair, and glasses. She has tattoos of dotwork triangles on her neck.[1]

In costume, she wears blue contact lenses that encompass her whole eye and a silver mask with blue highlights. She also wore a long coat with cobalt blue chains around the collar.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

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As part of a cluster, Tori has multiple abilities. Her cluster works on a 'carousel', where one member of the group gains all the power one day, while the rest are weakened.

Tori's primary ability is a telekinetic reel, that can push in or out in straight lines only, and has a max weight of 20 pounds. It is unknown how powerful this would be on a day where her abilities are heightened.



An Earth Shin expat she triggered around 2008-2011 near White Rock portal, being stuck on Earth Bet when authorities closed it.[3]

Gold MorningEdit

She was brought back to Bet by Khepri.


Tori simultaneously sought help from The Wardens and the Order of Four[1].

Post-Goddess' TakeoverEdit

She rejoined March, and assisted her in the attack on Brockton Bay

Tori was killed at the dawn of the next day by Imp, while she watched as Imp and Foil took down her lover, with the assistance of Vista.[4]


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