Tohu is one of the Twins, an Endbringer.


Tohu takes the appearance of a three-faced young woman. She has two torsos and four arms (ending in long, clawed hands) but only one pair of legs. Her whole body except for the faces is made out of what appears to be coloured hair, growing from her three heads and woven into ribbons and cords.[1]

Her faces and hands adopt the costume of the three capes she copies, twisted to fit her appearance. Her "hair" also changes to match the colour scheme of the head it grows from, resulting in flesh streaked and intermingled with the colours of the costumes.[1]

She is the smallest Endbringer by height and size,[2] with the possible exception of Bohu when not engorged.[3]

Abilities and PowersEdit

In addition to the standard Endbringer durability, Tohu takes the powers and visages of up to three capes.[4]

Tohu can mimic up to three capes at a time and then have access to all of their abilities. She can even adopt the powers of dead parahumans and parahumans who are half-way around the world.[5] It's possible that she could even copy the powers of non-parahuman "capes".[4] She seems to manifest her copied powers using the body parts that are copied from the original (e.g. shooting lasers using the hand mimicking Legend.)[1]

It takes time for her to choose her "masks"; once she has chosen all three, the battle is essentially over. Weaver speculated that this time limit served as a counter to Scion, who often arrived too late.[6][7]

Presumably, Tohu is not using the full extent of the powers under her possession, similarly to the other Endbringers.

Known PowersetsEdit


The TimeskipEdit

Tohu first attacked alongside Bohu on October 10th, 2012. The attack was on the city of Bucharest, and Tohu selected parahumans that granted her massive air superiority, including powerful local aerokinetic Kazikli Bey. The defending forces didn't know how to combat the Twins, and the battle was considered a loss for humanity.[1] [7][5]

The Twins' second attack was on the Santa Fe Springs region of Los Angeles. The defending forces grasped that the key was to defeat them quickly before they ramped up; Tohu did in fact attain all three masks, but only part of the city was rendered uninhabitable by Bohu, and casualties were much lower than the previous attack. This was considered a victory attributed to Eidolon and the Guild.[7][5]

Gold MorningEdit

Like the other Endbringers, Tohu fought alongside humanity on Gold Morning. She helped to defend Earth Dalet from Scion alongside her sister and the defending forces.[8]

At a key moment during the battle between Khepri and Scion, Tohu attacked Scion alongside the other Endbringers, wielding Glaistig Uaine, Eidolon and Myrddin's powers. The Endbringers continued to fight Scion as he was confronted with a false image of Eden[3] and as Doormaker's power went dry.[9] Despite Tohu's attempts to aid him, Leviathan was killed.[2] After some more fighting, Tohu and the other Endbringers retreated, too injured to fight (with the partial exception of the Simurgh.)[10][11]

Following Scion's defeat, the Endbringers went dormant.[12][13][14]

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