Toggle is a member of the post-timeskip Brockton Bay Wards.


Possibly due to her youth and status as the "baby" of her team, Toggle is somewhat naive, wondering if there is porn of Case 53s, and likes to make jokes.[1]


Toggle wears layered body armor featuring circles of light shining in changing colors.[1]

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about Toggle's powers. When Weaver first meets her, Toggle is described as having "five shadowy silhouettes of herself" that sat around her.[1] Lights flare when she strikes one of Breed's parasites with her baton, and Crucible remarks that although she isn't very useful against the likes of Breed, Murder Rat, Mannequin, or Tyrant, she would be better against different threats.[1]


Toggle carries something that looks like a mace or baton that glows with the same pattern as her armor.[1]



Toggle worked alongside Weaver and members of the Undersiders and Brockton Bay Wards and Protectorate against the Slaughterhouse 9000, fighting a group that included clones of Breed, Murder Rat, Mannequin, and Tyrant. During this battle, Toggle's shoulder was wounded.[1]

Toggle also worked alongside the Undersiders and her team against three clones each of Skinslip, Hatchet Face, Miasma, and Murder Rat at Redfield.[2]

Gold Morning

Toggle watched the destruction of Great Britain, which heralded the start of Gold Morning, on screens of the Dragonfly, along with the Undersiders and her teammates.[3]


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