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Titans are parahumans who have undergone a metamorphosis due to a broken second trigger.[1] This results in their shard taking over the agency of the body.

Known Titans[]


Titans all differ greatly in appearance, with the capes individuals shards deeply affecting their appearance in titan form. One thing that is consistent is that all titans are several stories in height at the minimum. Fume Hood is noted as a smaller Titan than several others, and she is around six or seven stories.[3] The largest titan, Kronos, reaches low-flying clouds, making him well above thousand feet tall. The majority of other titans are under 15 stories (~160 feet).

Their common features include power-exaggerated hair, the lack of facial features, and often legs merged into a single column that 'flows' for movement.

When damaged they bleed, but not in a ways that suggest conventional circulatory systems and the bleeding quickly ceases.[4]

All Titans are commonly invoked with addition of the word 'Titan' to their name, either in the form of 'The [Name] Titan' or 'Titan [Name]'. Titans are usually referred by the gender of the original host.


Titans are the result of the host's Shard taking over full control, and as a result are exponentially more powerful than the original host was.[5] Titans are not limited to the original abilities of the host: they appear to have full access to all the powers of the Shard that worked with the host, including those it could have handed out.[6][7] All Titans have increased durability, not unlike that of Endbringers, and typically have increased reach.[8] Although some Titans such as Arachne could ignore the Manton limit,[9] other Titans such as the Ashen Titan could not;[10] this implies some Shards have powers that are naturally Manton-limited.

According to Tattletale, Titans are going to continue to emerge for at least the next 300 years, potentially the point at which the Shards will run out of energy, in turn causing more damage to reality, either incidentally or due to intentional action by the Titans as they attempt to form a new network among themselves.[11]

Titan Fortuna implied that she, and by extension every Titan, are more powerful than the Endbringers.[12]

Psychologically, Titans are primarily under the agency of the Shard, and act according to the Shards alien goals. In general, this is to attempt to perpetuate their cycle by forming a new dominant network amongst themselves, shedding their hosts and consuming till enough energy is gathered to shatter reality and attempt to spread themselves. The original human host is preserved, in the case of some Titans; While Oberon fully assimilated its hosts minds and discarded all personality except that which had tactical utility, Fume Hood still existed within the mind of Titan Eve, who much like Khepri before her was reduced to an instinctual nagging at the consciousness of the Shards mind. Even in those Titans willing, communication is nearly impossible. Titan Eve attempting to warn off the capes combating her only by holding back the attacks thrown towards them.


Assault on the Time Bubbles[]

The first Titan was created when March popped a time bubble that held Dauntless, Alabaster, and Jotun within. Dauntless and Alabaster immediately began to have a broken trigger, with Dauntless ultimately subsuming Alabaster and becoming the Kronos Titan.

Jotun was incapacitated by March before his Second Trigger took effect, sparing him from becoming a Titan or being subsumed.

The Second Shin Crisis[]

The Kronos Titan intercepted the Gibborim Knight as it moved to attack the Machine Army, driving it off.

The Ice Breaks[]

When Fume Hood broken triggered into a Titan near a portal the cracks that formed into Shardspace intersected with the Shin portal, causing them to propagate wildly as the pressure on reality finally found an outlet. This is further exacerbated by a crack intersecting with Contessa, whose power's sheer reach and global connectiveness allowed cracks into The Shardspace to spread even wider. Cracks spread and formed around regions where powers had caused significant damage, and other spacetime faults such as the portals, while stimulating the conversion of many parahumans into Titans as well, many of which immediately began to attempt to formulate a network between themselves. Fortuna became a hub for the Ophion, Ashen, Stranger and Nemean Titans. Eve joined to Kronos, and Auger to Oberon.[13][14]

Eve began approaching Oberon with the goal of subsuming him. The two fought. Breakthrough, The Undersiders, The Major Malfunctions, Deathchester, and Rooftop Champs attempted to stop them, with a mixed success.[15]

Ophion was initially forced into retreat by the Dragonflight's artillery,[16] but shortly resumed his attacks.[17]

Auger started processing Machine Army into tinker-tech, and submitted Skadi, who helped Oberon to fight off Wardens and Eve.[16]

Kronos took a guard near Fortuna, preventing other titans from reaching her. He was being reinforced by Wardens.[18]

Arachne continued being tied with Shin Defense Initiative. She stayed the last un-networked titan.[19]

On Antares' advice the Wardens sent unpowered saboteurs into The Shardspace, in an attempt to communicate to the Shards that humanity had the capacity to critically damage them. This immediately attracted the attention of Oberon's and Fortuna networks, as well as Ziz.[20][21][22] Two titan faction attacked each other.[23]

Valkyrie's Flock involvement with Auger had unintended consequences, as Auger decided to let the Machine Army past the portal to tie them in.[22]

The Shardspace was successfully bombed, temporarily shutting down powers and weakening Titans. Skadi was cut off from Oberon's network by Rain's efforts.[23]

Fortuna moved towards Earth Shin portal together with Ophion and Nemean, and started propagating dimensional tears with the help of defending heroes.[24] It led to creation of five new titans: The Impaler Titan, The Flowing Titan, as well as Drillbit, Custodian, and Pouffe Titans. All of them immediately joined Fortuna network and started attacking heroes, with The Ashen Titan on her way to join.[25][26]

The Fortuna network went into passive defense following Rain's message to Contessa through The Firmament. However, one of the homing cracks still reached Valkyrie, turning her into a Titan.[27]

The Nemean Titan was shoved down into the reality cracks by The Shepherds[28]

The Fortuna's Titans regained activity. Heroes shifted to defense, attempting to protect other titans from Fortuna's network.[29]

Oberon shifted to Dauntless' network, while Auger joined Fortuna's. Two networks resumed fighting, with Dauntless slowly losing.[30]

Pouffe and Cinereal were badly maimed by Dragon and Defiant.[26]

Four new titans arrived and joined Fortuna: Morgana, Yakshini, Ghast, and Ashoka. The last one was relatively quickly disabled.[30][31][31]

Titan Fortuna prepared defenses against the final attack of The Simurgh, with four drill-titans running interference by destroying the segments of the The Shardspace.[32] Dauntless focused his attacks on the Endbringer.

Antares contacted Contessa and traded complete Dauntless' assistance against The Simurgh for the transport for Riley Davis. Titan Valkyrie delivered Riley, the parahuman plague, and the remainder of remote cape-volunteers to The Wardens' HQ. Dauntless joined Fortuna's network and with some assistance from Defiant throws the Simurgh into Sleeper's power-storm, defeating it.[31]

At the moment of The Simurgh's defeat there was 35 titans in total, with 14 unnamed ones, and more steadily being created.[31]

The deployment of the parahuman plague placed Fortuna into a stalemate; humanity now had the means of corrupting any information from the cycle through the plague.[33] Fortunas network finally seems to carve into shardspace, in what Tattletale interprets as a message Fortuna believes to be significant to the entire purpose of the Cycle. After this, Fortuna "crumbles", possibly with all other Titans.

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