Titan Oberon is a Titan born of the consolidation of Prancer and Moose.


According to Lookout's scans neither Prancer or Moose are in control of the titan, leaving it as pure shard-construct informed by their memories.[1]


Titan Oberon is enormous in size and muscle, with long antlers arching behind its back, taking around the third of his size. Oberon is between 6 and 12 stories tall. It has blurry green-gold ripples in between its muscles[2] and hoofed feet.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Titan Oberon has the enhanced abilities of both Prancer and Moose.[3]

It is noted to have extreme speed and agility,[4] and capable of leaping a mile and a half in a single bound.[5]

It also is extremely durable, capable of tanking multiple attacks from both capes and other Titans, and slowly regenerate.[6] The accumulated damage, however, still has an impact on his mobility.[7]

Oberon can infuse inanimate objects caught in his shockwaves with breaker-effects. Doing so causes the debris to float, which Oberon can then use as cover or projectiles.[8]


The Ice BreaksEdit

Titan Oberon was born of the consolidation of the entities who were once Prancer and Moose.

During Legend's debriefing of the Titans to the Wardens and other assembled heroes and villains, he gave details on Titan Oberon and Prancer while unaware that Moose was also part of the same Titan.

Titan Oberon got into a fight with Titan Eve as the two attempted to subsume the other. Breakthrough, The Undersiders, The Major Malfunctions, Deathchester, and Rooftop Champs were tasked with intervening, and they succeeded in weakening Oberon.[9] Lookout also was able to access his shard data.[10]

Skadi intervened to help Oberon.[10] Together they delivered a heavy beating to Eve and Wardens, forcing them into retreat.[11]

Oberon arrived together with Auger to The Shardspace entry-point to help Skadi and fought Ophion there.[12] In the aftermath of the Shardspace bombing, Oberon attempted to join Skadi back to his network,[13] but evidently failed.

After the second breaking he joined Dauntless' network and fought Fortuna's titans.[14]

Oberon was eventually submitted by Fortuna's titans, after Defiant's slip-up.[15]


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