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The Earth Bet timeline. Anyone born before 1982 will likely have a duplicate in Earth Aleph.[1]

Shared Timeline[]






  • May 25th
    • Star Wars first released in theaters
  • August 20th
    • Voyager 2 launched.[7]
  • September 5th
    • Voyager 1 launched.[8]
  • November 26th
    • In Chernobyl, Ukraine the V. I. Lenin Nuclear Power Station's first nuclear reactor is 'commissioned. Coming online for the first time.[9]

Earth Bet Exclusive[]














  • January 19th
  • June
  • July 6th
  • Carlos born.[40]
  • Dennis born.[40]
  • Dean Stansfield born.[41][42]
  • Lily born.[43]
  • Between October and December 31th
    Victoria, in 2011, is in her senior year of high school: she belongs to the age range of 17 to 18.[44] According to Victoria, she was seventeen when she arrived at the Asylum.[45] Victoria, in October 2015, notes the day after the Navigators Incident[46][47] that she is twenty-one.[48]

    According to Marquis, Amy was six before his incarceration in February 2000.[49][50] On June 4, 2011,[51] Marquis states that Amy is currently seventeen:[52] this is correct if she is six in February 2000 as Amy would be born before March 1994. Both Carol Dallon and Sarah Pelham believed Amy was Victoria's age (6) before Amy's adoption.[50][53] According to Amy, she was six when she was adopted and seventeen before she left Carol and Mark Dallon and went to the Birdcage.[54]

    In June 2011, Amy claims to Taylor that she is sixteen now; however, she presumably brings it up in the context of getting a non-government job and avoiding rules and regulations that apply to exploiting minors with powers.[55] Eric Pelham in 2011 is fifteen before his death:[35] Amy cannot have turned sixteen in 2011 as Eric is three years younger than Amy.[56]

    According to Amy, Victoria and herself are not in middle school after Fleur died.[57] Her death happened in the latter half of 2007.[*] Victoria, in 2007, is not in elementary school as she graduated from middle school in June 2007.[44] Thus, Amy must have graduated middle school on or before June 2007, as she would otherwise be drastically younger than Victoria to not be in middle school.[57][50]

    A short time after Crystal Pelham's trigger event, Victoria had to pick a class in the arts (i.e., art, music, or drama) for her next high school semester,[58] along with a specialized science class (i.e., chemistry, biology, or physics) for the first time.[59] Victoria is a freshman and not a sophomore because she would otherwise take a specialized science class in the fall.[60] As Amy also got these instructions and might be in the same art class as Victoria next semester, Amy must be in the same school and birth year as Victoria.[59][58] On the same day, Victoria also notes that Amy and herself are three years older than Eric Pelham.[56]

    Amy is presumably not much younger than Victoria:[61] when the Brockton Bay Brigade first met Amy, Lightstar guessed she was five, while Carol thought Amy looked younger than Victoria.[50]






  • Rain O'Fire Frazier born.[92]
  • Uppermost asked the PRT for assistance in managing the NEPEA-5 bill, which sought to curtail parahuman involvement in business and media, and was arguably targeted directly at Uppermost.[93]After a great deal of consideration, the PRT’s head office turned down the request for assistance. NEPEA-5 was passed, and Uppermost disbanded.[94] Many former members of Uppermost joined either the Protectorate or Wards to manage the fines and fees that followed the bill’s passage and avoid bankruptcy.[95]
  • January 18th
  • May 15th
  • July 3rd
  • Dinah Alcott born (Speculative, could be born in 1999).[100]
  • December 25th










  • Jamestowner attacked a convoy carrying nuclear supply to a Pennsylvania nuclear facility.[151]
  • Summer[152]
  • Between Summer and December
    Fleur's murder must be after the Boston Games.[154] However, she died before Crystal Pelham's trigger event,[155] which happened sometime in the fall semester of 2007.[59]
    • Fleur murdered in her civilian identity,[156] at the peak of New Wave's rising popularity,[157][158] by a kid looking to bolster his reputation and earn membership into Empire Eighty-Eight.[159][160] Unmasking movement ends and Lightstar leaves New Wave.[161][162]
  • September
    Doctor Mother asks Battery to graduate to the Protectorate at the earliest opportunity.[163] Battery, in 2011, is around twenty-two; Battery joins the team soon after Taylor starts junior high (i.e., seventh grade).[29] September is the start of the school year.[60]
    • Battery joins Protectorate.
  • Between September and December 31th
    Crystal Pelham triggers before Victoria Dallon[164] in the first semester of a high school year.[59] Note that Victoria is a freshman as she has to pick a specialized science class (i.e., chemistry, biology, or physics) for the first time next semester.[59] Victoria is not a sophomore because she would otherwise take a specialized science class in the fall.[60]





  • Dinah Alcott triggers.[214]
  • Kenzie Martin triggers.
  • January
    • Taylor Hebert triggers.[215]
    • Taylor spends a week in the hospital under psychiatric observation.[216] PRT pays a visit to Taylor, following crisis points procedure, but finds her near catatonic.[217]
    • At the very end of the month Taylor returns to school.[218]
  • February
    • Taylor starts running every morning after Sophia goaded some boys into trying to catch her.[219]
  • February 24th
  • March
  • March 23rd
  • April
  • April 8th
    • Taylor decides to accelerate her plans for becoming a superhero due to bullying.[227]
  • April 10th-11th
    • Taylor finishes her costume and heads out. She finds group of gangsters from the Azn Bad Boys, as well as their boss, Lung, and attacks them.[228][229]
  • April 11th
  • April 12th
    • The bank robbery is planned.[233]
  • April 13th
    • Taylor fails to negotiate with Armsmaster.[234]
  • April 14th
  • April 15th
    • The Undersiders fight Bakuda.[236]
    • Bakuda’s bombing starts. Using bombing as a distraction, Oni Lee releases Lung.[237]
  • (Between April 14th and April 22nd) The Travelers hired by Coil.[238][239]
  • (Between April 15th and April 22nd) Bitch attacks dog fighting ring.[240][241]
  • April 23rd
    • Brockton Bay supervillains meet at Somer's Rock and make an alliance against Azn Bad Boys.[242][243]
  • April 24th
    • Taylor smacks Emma at the mall.[244]
  • April 25th
    • School meeting and first raid on ABB occur.[245]
  • May 5th
    • The Undersiders attack a PRT fundraiser. They escape pursuit with the aid of Coil, who reveals himself as their current employer and pitches them for the longer term. [246]
  • May 6th (ish)
  • May 15th
  • May 27th (ish)
    • Taylor talks to Lisa about her future. [249]
  • June 3rd
  • June 4th
  • June 5th
    • The Undersiders claim their territories. [251]
  • (Between June 5th and June 12th)
    • Slaughterhouse 9 attack Brockton Bay.
  • June 12th
    • Slaughterhouse Nine leave Brockton Bay.[252]
  • June 17th
    • Skitter and Trickster (and Genesis?) threaten the mayor of Brockton Bay to force him to argue against condemning the city. Turns out his son is Triumph, and Triumph's girlfriend Prism is having dinner with them. [253]
  • June 18th
    • Travellers and Undersiders fight the Dragonsuits, taking Emily Piggot hostage.[254]
  • June 19th
  • June 20th
    • Noelle breaks out of her containment in the middle of the night.[256] At 4am, Tattletale calls Faultline asking if she can hire Labyrinth for a thing, and Contessa calls on Faultline's Crew asking if they'd rather stop investigating Cauldron or die.[257] Ignis Fatuus speaks, exposing Cauldron's connections to the Case 53s, the Triumvirate, and the PRT in general. The Travellers go home, except Trickster is imprisoned and Echidna is dead. Weld, Gully, and other case 53s leave the Protectorate, later forming The Irregulars.
  • June 21st
    • Cauldron reveals its secrets to Legend during the inner circle meeting.[258]
  • June 26th
    • Legend publicly announces he's leaving the Protectorate.[259]
  • July 8th
  • July 14th
  • July 26th
  • November 25th
    • The Simurgh attacks Flight BA178.[264]




First year after Gold Morning


Second year after Gold Morning

  • Summer
    • July
      • 14th: Team Therapy starts meeting.[272]
    • August
      • 15th: Parahumans Online returns to the tiny baby/zombie internet. [273]
      • 16th: "Gunslingers" lose a fight against a group of villains including Love Lost and someone who wears fur too often.[274]
      • 17th: A Bet-Gimel portal in north-east America that had closed to refugees re-opens, without convincing explanation.[275]
      • 18th: Moonsong posts a private thread about team Reach, remembering the dead and living. Capricorn read it.[276]
      • 19th: Ashley sounds unimpressive on the internet, gets help from Victoria. [277]
      • 20th: Rain looks for information on multi-triggers; makes contact with March. [278]
      • 21st: Acceptance and rejection emails sent out to university applicants. [279]
      • 22nd: The Guild posts a guide to the multiverse and how dangerous it is.[280]
      • 24th: Someone slanders Weld, and Tristan and Sveta defend him. Sveta realises that she's been getting online abuse from other Case 53s, and gets a new PHO account.[281]
  • Autumn
    • September[282]
      • 7th of September: four mercenaries attack the Norfair Community Center.[283]
      • Victoria interviews with various cape teams, arguing with some Fallen, then visits some sad kids in hospital. At night, broken trigger at a disputed construction site.
      • Ten days to two weeks later, Victoria talks to Jessica Yamada about a problem.[284]
      • 20th of September: Victoria meets the therapy group. [283]
      • They go look for legal and other caping advice.[285]
      • Some troubles in Cedar Point happen.
      • Victoria has lunch with Natalie and discusses Cedar Point attacking Advance Guard, then Rain tells the team he's Fallen; Victoria meets Jessica Yamada around dinner time,[286] while Rain returns to the Mathers camp with Erin and has to talk to the leadership.[287]
      • The Mather's Fallen Camp is attacked.
      • 29th of September: The Fallen retaliate by expanding and scrambling portals in The City.[288]
    • Early October



  • While the divergence point is technically 1980, Scion did not reveal himself until 1982. Which set off a chain of events that led to the distinguishable timelines of Earth Bet and Aleph.[6]
  • A complete, interactive timeline (up to the end of Worm) can be found at [2]


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    “Excuse me, sorry. How many entries do you have?”

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    “Your date of birth?”

    “June nineteenth, 1995.” - Excerpt from Scarab 25.1 (this was later redacted by WOG)
  71. Moscow, June 18th, 1995. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  72. Overall, Russia has suffered more at the hands of Endbringers and S-Class threats than most, and it was the lack of faith in the government's ability to protect the people (and the aftermath of losing Moscow) that led to the fall of the U.S.S.R. and rise of other forces. - Private message by Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles
  73. “I don’t know if you know this,” he spoke, “But when your mom was alive, and you were in middle school, the subject of you skipping a grade came up.”


    “You’re a smart girl, and we were afraid you were bored in school. We had arguments on the subject. I-I convinced your mom you would be happier in the long run attending high school with your best friend.” - Tangle 6.9
  74. 74.0 74.1 Taylor didn’t speak for long seconds. “Can you blame me? Since school started, you’ve been… after me. As if you’re trying to make a point or something. Except I don’t know what it is.” - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  75. 75.0 75.1 I’d been enduring this from the very first day of high school, a year and a half ago. - Gestation 1.1
  76. “How old are you? Fourteen? Fifteen?”

    “Fifteen, sir,” Theo said. - Excerpt from Interlude 11b
  77. “I wanted to say,” Theo said. “Victoria, uh… thank you?”

    “For what?”

    “This is a weird thing to bring up. But back when I was just in my first year of High School, you went after the gangs pretty hard.”

    I winced.

    “The Empire in particular?” - Polarize 10.10
  78. 78.0 78.1 78.2 There was a shuffling of papers at the other end of the long table. “We, the committee, have reviewed the documents, and agree that case one-six-three-one, Shadow Stalker, has met the necessary requirements. With stipulations to be named at a future date, specific to her powers and the charges previously laid against her, she is now a probationary member of the Wards, until such a time as she turns eighteen or violates the terms of this probationary status. Congratulations, Shadow Stalker.”
    “Of course I’m angry. Stipulations, rules and regulations. I’ve had my powers for two and a half years and I’ve stopped more bad guys than half the capes in that room!”
    “It’s only three years. Better than prison.”

    “Three years and four months.” - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  79. Sentinel 9.6
  80. Johannesburg, January 3rd, 1996. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  81. Considering its job done, the house program archived the transcription among fifteen years of conversation and notes from the Baumann Parahuman Containment Center. - Excerpt from Interlude 16.z
  82. He’d even prided himself on it, for a time, that there was nothing to hold him back. That he could, should the mood strike him, pick up and leave at any time. He’d modeled his life around it, had led a spare existence, devoid of the little touches of home, of roots. He’d saved money so he had the ability to travel, to get a new place in a new city if the mood struck. It had even been an asset when he had joined the Protectorate, the ability to relocate, take any open position.

    It was only now, a full fifteen years later, that he started to wonder what he’d missed out on. Did most people know how to handle this sort of thing? The absence of someone they cared about? Did they have an easier time handling the moments when they weren’t sure if they’d ever see those people again, or was it harder? - Excerpt from Interlude 24.y
  83. 83.0 83.1 83.2 Regent, a young 15 at story's outset, not attending school. Triggered at ten (see 7.1), three and a half years as Hijack, half a year on his own, a year with the Undersiders. - Private conversation with Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles
  84. Oslo, June 9th, 1996. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  85. Cologne, November 6th, 1996. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  86. Justin could follow her train of thought. He’d heard the story through the Empire’s grapevine, once. A sixteen year old girl, driving for the first time, down a side road, getting in an accident where her car rolled off the road, out of sight of anyone passing by. Trapped… starving, dying of thirst.

    Getting powers that fed off and required other resources. Light. - Excerpt from Interlude 18.y
  87. March 2nd, 1997 - Excerpt from Interlude 22.y
  88. Busan, April 23rd, 1997. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  89. Buenos Aires, September 30th, 1997. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  90. “For background, I guess it’s important to mention that my parents split up when I was thirteen,” Brian told us, “I went with my father and my sister Aisha went with my mom. Aisha and I kind of stayed in touch, but there’s four years difference in our ages, our interests were completely different, so there wasn’t a lot to say. - Excerpt from Shell 4.4
  91. Imp, 13 as of the point she joins the Undersiders, failed a grade at one point, so ~grade seven. Triggered at 13, between the end of arc 8 and the end of arc 9. - Private conversation with Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles
  92. “Seventeen years old, by our best guess. We don’t know his name, but we have an idea about his powers. Breaking things, primarily. Mover ability. Tinker ability. Emotion power. The last three are weak.” - Excerpt from Interlude 4a II
  93. In 1998, Uppermost reached out to the PRT for assistance in dealing with a bill (NEPEA-5) that sought to curtail parahuman involvement in business and media, arguably targeted directly at Uppermost. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  94. After a great deal of consideration, the head office turned down the offer for assistance, the bill was passed, and Uppermost disbanded. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  95. Many members of Uppermost found their way to the Protectorate and Wards as a way of avoiding bankruptcy and to manage the fines and fees that followed the bill’s passage. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  96. Sydney, January 18th, 1998. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  97. Sydney was destroyed but would've been rebuilt. - Wildbow on Reddit
  98. 98.0 98.1 98.2 “Another time for sure. When’s your birthday, Missy?”

    “Not soon. May fifteenth. But I’ll be eighteen then.” - Polarize 10.10
  99. Jinzhou, July 3rd, 1998. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  100. Dinah Alcott – A powerful clairvoyant, twelve years old, has straight brown hair. - Cast
  101. Madrid, December 25th, 1998. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  102. The golden man would reappear several more times in the coming months and years. At some point, he donned clothing. At first, a sheet worn over one shoulder and pinned at either side of the waist, then more conventional clothes. In 1999, he donned the white bodysuit he still wears today. For more than a decade, we have wondered, where did our golden man get these things? Who was he in contact with? - Excerpt from Gestation 1.x
  103. 103.0 103.1 As someone who had worked alongside Max for ten years and been married to him for one, she knew this was all negotiation. - Excerpt from Interlude 3.5 (Bonus)
  104. 104.0 104.1 It flipped the right way around. I could see a young girl on the opposite side. She was flanked by two other small children, one a male with a widow’s peak and a severe expression for his age, ten or so, the other a girl of about twelve, in overalls that ended at the knee, a star at the chest, and far too much makeup.
    “Sniper’s active,” Rime’s voice came through the earbuds. She was panting. “Deliberate, accurate shooter. I’ve taken three bullets, ice armor took most of the force out of the shots. Bambina is accompanied by Starlet and August Prince, um. Shooter’s shots ricochet. Can’t dodge. There’s wounded just outside craft. Traffic caught underneath when you fell.“ - Excerpt from Drone 23.2
  105. Ankara, July 21st, 1999. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  106. “Kyushu, the night of November second and the morning of the third, 1999. His sixth appearance. Nine and a half million killed when the region was swamped with tidal waves from every direction while Leviathan disrupted prearranged evacuation attempts. Nearly three million evacuees rendered homeless, a nation sundered. - Excerpt from Extermination 8.2
  107. The Brigade's only known accomplishment is bringing down Panacea's father, eleven years ago (approximately the year 2000), apparently a notorious villain. - Edit by Wildbow
    Not in the list of retracted edits.
  108. He’d been one of the scary bastards of Brockton Bay well before the Undersiders were even on the map. A guy who could go toe to toe with a full squad of Empire Eighty-Eight and walk away. He’d been successful enough to pay for hirelings and ruthless enough to execute them for failures. His path to the Birdcage had been very similar to the path that had almost taken me there; so many violations of the law that the three strikes rule had been left well behind him by the time the good guys finally won. - Excerpt from Extinction 27.3
  109. Amelia was taken in by Brandish and Flashbang, because they were afraid she'd be abused/kidnapped by others who'd blame her for Marquis' actions or use the chance that she was that much more likely to trigger to get a child with powers.

    A short time later, the Brockton Bay Brigade unmasked before the public, advocating capes without masks. - Wildbow on RPG.net
  110. Onetime leader of the Brockton Bay Brigade, became second in command with his wife Lady Photon taking the leadership role when the group was rechristened New Wave. - Edit by Wildbow
    Not in the list of retracted edits.
  111. Lyon, April 10th, 2000. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  112. September 15th, 2000 - Excerpt from Interlude 15.z
  113. September 16th, 2000

    Alexandria sat in the hospital. Eidolon’s healing had only been able to do so much. She held a glass eye in one hand, the remains of her other eye in the other.
    “The sample he took, F-one-six-one-one, it tends to give projection powers. I suspect his real body is unchanged. But I’m wondering if we shouldn’t leave him be.”

    Alexandria stared at the doctor, wide-eyed. “Why?”

    “So long as he’s active, people will be flocking to join the Protectorate-” - Excerpt from Interlude 15.z
  114. “We made assumptions, and we were way off base. That’s what concerns me.” Legend leveled a hard look at the Doctor. “See, we’ve been going by the assumption that William Manton, from the time he left Cauldron to the present day, has been continuing his work. We’ve been assuming he’s traveling across the world, experimenting on human subjects, giving them powers with physical mutations as a side effect, then releasing the victims back into society with Cauldron’s symbol tattooed on their bodies. Or at least, that’s what you told us.” - Excerpt from Interlude 14.y
  115. Naples, September 16th, 2000. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  116. 116.0 116.1 116.2 August 13th, 2002


    All in all, three years since he’d fought Leviathan. Two years since he and his mother had come here to Chaohu. A year and eight months since he’d been arrested by the Yàngbǎn.
    He would risk it, and accept the offer. He would do whatever they required of him, and then he would kill whoever he needed to and escape. - Excerpt from Interlude 22.y
  117. 117.0 117.1 “Lady’s not wrong,” he admitted, “We’ve been able to piece together who he is. We got security camera footage from the early stages of the incident, just last week, and we found his face. One of the top geeks from the Protectorate then found other cases of his face around the city and found a name. Jamie Rinke.”

    “You mean Nilbog.”


    “That’s what he called himself. He’s alive and presumably well. I saw out the window as the chopper pulled us out, Nilbog retreating to hide in some building, his creatures were returning to their hiding places. I expect the man will be alive for some time.”

    “Why?” She wheezed the question.

    “Far as I could tell, he’s wearing one of his creations. Made him bulletproof, maybe fireproof. We won’t be able to bomb the area. He’s created beasts that multiply if you set them on fire. Did you see those?”

    She shook her head.

    “He may have other countermeasures for other courses of action. You’ll get your chance to talk to the Chief Director, but last I heard, they’re planning to wall the city off. They’ll let the motherfucker be the god of his own little town, so long as he doesn’t try to expand any further, which they’re saying he won’t. I almost envy him.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
  118. February 2nd, 2001
    “We’re not alone out there, so be careful about where you’re shooting. This place’s got a population of about five thousand. Sort of town that has only the one movie theater. But whatever this bastard Rinke is doing, we think he’s operating from somewhere near the middle of the area. Three helicopters in the air, three squads of six, and a team from Toronto’s Protectorate division backing us up. We move in a spiral pattern to close in on the center of this podunk town, see if we can’t squeeze him out of hiding, and we maintain radio contact with the other squads at all times so everyone knows what’s going on.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
  119. “Choppers one and two down, squad two. Your capes vacated the scene.”
    “I’m Thomas Calvert,” he introduced himself. “Squad three. We’re the only ground forces that got out alive.” - Excerpt from Interlude 16.x
  120. There’s six class S threats active in the world at large. The Endbringers make up three of them. The Slaughterhouse Nine as a group are a fourth. - Excerpt from Queen 18.3
  121. Vanderhoof, February 25th, 2001. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  122. “I have been doing this for ten years. I admire you for retaining your…” he trailed off. - Excerpt from Crushed 24.4
  123. Hyderabad, July 6th, 2001. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  124. Lagos, December 6th, 2001. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  125. Montreal - M - As per terms of US-Canada deals in 2002. - PRT Master Reference
  126. Shanghai, April 23rd, 2002. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  127. Bogotá, August 20th, 2002. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  128. 128.0 128.1 “It’d take too long to explain in detail. The moment when someone gets their powers. The idea was maybe she and Scion met some specific set of conditions. So the whole world watched for something like three days, to see if she would be another Scion, or if she’d be something else. People approached, she even communicated with them some. Not talking, just gestures, I guess. Interacting might be a better word. And when we thought things would be okay, she made a move. The entire population of the city around her, with all the people who had come to talk with her and research her…” - Excerpt from Migration 17.2
  129. Lausanne, December 30th, 2002. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  130. “Maybe you don’t really get what the Birdcage is. See, I hate it. I was in Lausanne in two-thousand two through oh-three. Fought a whole mess of ugly. People that couldn’t be reasoned with, people who were hopeless, in the grand scheme of it. Victims, as much as anyone else.”
    “Once we realized what was happening, we had to act, contain the damage. Contain families. Had to act against people who went home from a day of trying to kill the rest of us and cooked a nice dinner, oblivious to just how fucked they were in the head. People who were otherwise good, who got warped on a fundamental level, left open to the preaching and the incitement of their angrier neighbors. Two years of fighting before we got the word down from on high, that they couldn’t rehabilitate the ones they’d captured, the ones who’d listened too long. The poor assholes would play nice until they saw an opportunity, then they’d take it, do as much damage as they could. Two years fighting good people who’d been convinced they had to throw their lives away fighting an enemy that didn’t exist. So we closed the perimeter, bombed them out, herded them and gunned them down.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  131. Moord Nag. Warlord based in Namibia. As far as the current warlords in the area go, she’s had the longest lifespan at about eight years or so, and she’s gotten things to the point where most of the other bastards around there are kowtowing, asking permission to attack this city or occupy that area, to go to the bathroom or unite two groups in an alliance. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.5
  132. 132.0 132.1 Cinereal leads the Atlanta Protectorate, Wards, and maintains liaison with the Watchdog group. She’s a powerful breaker and shaker, and maintains a peculiar style of leadership. Her power altered her thought pattern and emotions, which would normally preclude being put in a leadership position, but she stepped into the position as a temporary measure after the prior Protectorate leader committed suicide (owing to PTSD from the local war) and nobody truly went out of their way or found cause to replace her.
    Her reputation is well established. She’s been around for eight years and in charge for six. - Link made on the IRC archived on Spacebattles
  133. “Nothing that graphic, but the penalties are severe, and they include extensive jail time, and forfeiting the credentials it took me eight years to get. You strike me as someone who’s paying a great deal of attention to the workings of the system. Where people are, how they’re operating.” - Excerpt from Interlude 18.z
  134. PRT’s second most wanted, 2003. Seventh most wanted if counting international threats. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.y II
  135. Seattle, April 1st, 2003. Leviathan. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  136. London, August 12th, 2003. Simurgh. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  137. Lyon, October 3rd, 2003. Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 24.x
  138. Lyon is an area with a great many nuclear plants in the vicinity. - Comment by Wildbow on Interlude 24.x
  139. Probably. You might be able to say that Jack had her family for weeks/months before finally running her into the ground, and that what we saw was only the final stage. - Wildbow on Reddit
  140. “That’s really, really good, then. Because before? It took the world ending to crack her. Outside of that, you’d have a nine- she’s eleven now?”

    “Yeah,” Tristan said. “Thereabouts.” - Excerpt from Shade 4.4
  141. January 20th, 2005

    Riley panted for breath. Her body wasn’t listening, now.

    She reached her mommy’s room, then collapsed on the floor, head turned towards the foot of the bed.

    The carpet was stained with blood. On it, just beside the bed, her mother lay face down, head turned to one side just like Riley’s was. She was covered in stitches. There wasn’t a place where Riley could have reached out and placed a hand down flat without touching one of the marks.

    An entire row had been cut open, the stitches severed, from temple, down the side of her throat, along the side of her body to her pelvis.

    Too much blood loss. Her mind leaped into action, reaching for knowledge she hadn’t had earlier in the night, knowledge of how to fix people. She took in details, grasped everything from the amount of blood her mommy had to heart rate and the amount of air she was breathing, just from the clues in how fast the blood flowed and the color of the skin. She knew the order she’d have to fix things. Ideas fired through her mind, telling her how to close the wounds, to draw the blood out of the carpet and clean it, or even making something that would do the same thing blood did, out of water and some junk from the kitchen, all with the exact right amount of electricity, to fill the veins and carry a low amount of air throughout the body, staving off the shut down of her brain long enough for Riley to figure out something else. - Excerpt from Interlude 25
  142. If Bonesaw's joined, then Crimson's gone, as she replaced him. - Comment by Wildbow
  143. “Newfoundland,” he spoke.

    I knew exactly what he was speaking of, and mouthed the date as he spoke it, “May ninth, 2005. Nearly half a million dead. The Canadian island simply gone, after the shelf of land holding it up cracked in the face of what we now understand were incredible pressures beneath the water level.
  144. She had lived in Newfoundland with her creator. Leviathan had attacked, had drawn the island beneath the waves. Back then, she hadn’t been a hero. She was an administrative tool and master AI, with the sole purpose of facilitating Andrew Richter’s other work and acting as a test run for his attempts to emulate a human consciousness. She’d had no armored units to control and no options available to her beyond a last-minute transfer of every iota of her data, the house program and a half-dozen other small programs to a backup server in Vancouver.

    From her vantage point in Vancouver, she had watched as the island crumbled and Andrew Richter died. As authorities had dredged the waters for corpses, they uncovered his body and matched it to dental records. The man who had created her, the only man who could alter her. She’d been frozen in her development, in large part. She couldn’t seek out improvements or get adjustments to any rules that hampered her too greatly, or that had unforeseen complications. She couldn’t change.

    She had done what she could on her own. She had repurposed herself as a superhero, had managed and tracked information and served as a hacker for the PRT in exchange for funding. With that money, she had expanded her capabilities. She had built her first suits, researched, tested and created new technologies to sell to the PRT, and had quickly earned her place in the Guild. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.5
  145. The sea air was thick in his nostrils.

    He glanced at Margaret. The woman leaned against the window just in front of the driver’s seat on the small boat. She’d bundled up in a heavy jacket, but the way her arms were folded spoke of a different kind of discomfort.

    “Second thoughts?” he asked.

    “Yes. It feels wrong.”

    “It’s for the families. Mementos,” he told her.

    “Just mementos, Geoff,” she answered.

    He smiled a little. Damn. Then he let himself fall, tipping backwards, as was the rule when wearing scuba gear.

    The water was cold, even with the wetsuit, and was thick with grit. He switched his headlamp off. Counterproductive, the way it lit up the debris and only made it harder to see. He’d have to cope when he was deeper.


    “Anyways, this is the reason the radio fritzed,” he said. He pulled the orange box from the net-weave sack. “I couldn’t hear a damn thing except the emergency call until I found it and shut it off, and even then, it was still buzzing in and out.”

    “A beacon?” Margaret said.

    “In a house, of all places,” he said. “Nice computer setup. Might be a geek thing.”

    “Might be genuine,” she said. She opened it.

    It was packed with chips. A voice came from a speaker Geoff couldn’t identify.

    “My name is Andrew Richter, and if you are hearing this, I am dead.”

    “A will,” Mischa said.


    “I am the most powerful tinker in the world, and I’ve managed to keep my name secret. People, both good and bad, would want to capture me and use me to their own ends. I prefer to remain free.

    “But freedom has its price. I create life, much as a god might, and I have come to fear my creations. They have so much potential, and even with the laws I set, I can’t trust they’ll listen.“

    “Oh man,” Geoff said. “That’s not a good thing.”

    “For this reason, this box contains an access key to data I keep in a safeguarded location. The box, in turn, has been designed as something that exists as a perpetual blind spot for my creations, a built-in weakness. They cannot hear the distress signal and are programmed to ignore it if they hear of it through other channels. This type of measure, along with several more, are detailed in the safeguarded measure.”

    “Programmed? Robots?” Geoff asked.

    “Maybe,” Mags said.

    “Yes, I create artificial intelligences,” Andrew Richter recited.

    “I was close.”

    The voice continued without pause. “And what I provide you with here are tools. Ways to find my creations, to discern which of them might have deviated from the original plan, ways to kill them if they prove out of line. Ways to control and harness them.“

    Geoff frowned.

    “They are my children, and as much as I harbor a kind of terror for what they could do, I love them and hope for great things from them. To keep their power from falling into the wrong hands, I have included a stipulation that a law enforcement officer must input a valid badge number into this device-“

    Geoff glanced at Margaret.

    “No,” she said.

    “You can’t say no,” he responded.

    The voice continued without pause. “-which must be input within three hours of the time this box was opened.“ - Excerpt from Interlude 26.x
  146. Aidan hung his head.

    “That’s excellent,” Tattletale said. She looked at the seven year old. “How are you?” - Excerpt from Interlude 26
  147. “You forgot my birthday.”

    “Four month belated birthday.”

    “Isn’t it six months?” He started counting on his fingers. “September, August…”

    She pulled her hand back away from the handle at the back of, the truck, moving it in fits and starts as he went from August to July, July to June…

    He stopped, looking up at her with the mask in one hand. She smiled down at him.

    “Four months, yeah,” he said. - Interlude 10.x II
  148. Interlude 10.z II
  149. 149.0 149.1 “I’m not an ordinary tinker,” String Theory said. She tapped her head. “I’ve had four years to think, plan what I’d build if I got out. All up here.”

    “Me too, seven years of thinking,” Lab Rat said. “Need a lab. Not sharing one with her.” - Excerpt from Extinction 27.4
  150. “We were dealing with harder jobs, more capes in general out there, and our gear was getting beaten up. Fine, okay, we can deal. Until Dragon changed. All at once, I couldn’t read her code on the same level. Like gears changing on a bike.”

    “May ninth, 2006,” Defiant spoke. “Her trigger event.” - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.2
  151. 151.0 151.1 FEY Seizes Reactors, Leaving Millions Without Power
  152. Ashley hoped it wouldn’t come to that, but she couldn’t be inside.

    She might have spent a full hour of that cool summer night just outside the side door of the hotel, looking at nothing in particular, far from sleep and yet too tired to think. - Eclipse x.4
  153. She bent down to pick up her hook and bags, pausing to clench her right hand. She’d broken it after killing the giant four years prior, and it hadn’t healed quite right, despite her best efforts. - Excerpt from Eclipse x.8
  154. A young lady walked through the loose minefield she’d created. Black haired, she had a flower symbol in black on her chest, petals stretching up from a bar or hilt. - Eclipse x.5
  155. I only barely had the controller in my hand when the door opened.

    They were all wearing civilian clothes, but my impression of them was that they were ‘the team’. No longer just the adults. They looked serious, instead of looking like family. Mom, Dad, Uncle Neil, Aunt Sarah, and Crystal. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.9
  156. Back in Brockton Bay, New Wave had tried to start something, capes without masks. It had been disastrous. The message had been lost in the ensuing celebrity, and that had only intensified after one of the core members of the group was found and killed in her civilian identity. - Interlude 26a
  157. “We had a similar experience, back in the beginning. A team with all the promise in the world, people were talking about us, the public was supportive, the law, the heroes…”

    “And then Auntie Jess died. Murdered. New Wave lost its momentum.” - Beacon 8.9
  158. Edit by Wildbow
    Not in the list of retracted edits.
  159. We haven’t caught up with them yet, despite me spending a few hours last night on the hunt, but the consensus seems to be that it’s stupid, petty people seeing us putting our faces out there and wanting to ride the wave of attention. I had a kind-of aunt who died for pretty similar feeling reasons, and remembering that’s really bothering me. - Gleaming 9.1
  160. I could barely remember Auntie Jess. The memory was occluded by the very clear distinction of a sniveling kid in a courtyard- someone who’d been looking to earn his stripes as a member of our local racist troupe. He’d cried, begged, and asked for his dad to save him when the pronouncement had come from the court. I could remember seeing him and being disgustedly disappointed in him. That someone as awesome as my aunt had been killed by someone as far from awesome as him.

    No- no. That hadn’t been my opinion. It had been something my mom had said that had struck so close to home that it felt like my own idea. - Beacon 8.9
  161. “Heroes, like the PRT, and like my family’s team, followed, to try and keep the peace until things settled. My family’s team was Lady Photon, Manpower, Flashbang, Brandish, Lightstar and Fleur.”

    “The heroes without masks,” Ashley said. - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
  162. A short time after that, Fleur was murdered in her civilian identity, putting an end to that movement. Lightstar (brother to Carol/Brandish and Sarah/Lady Photon) quit the team. - Wildbow on RPG.net
  163. “Consider this your first favor to us. Cauldron would be much obliged if you could join the ranks of the Wards, and then graduate to the Protectorate as soon as possible.” - Interlude 12.5
  164. “If I could go back-” Crystal started. She stopped, aware that every set of eyes was on her. Her eyes moving so she wasn’t looking at anyone at all, she went on, “-I wouldn’t do it again. I wouldn’t want these powers.”
    I still wanted them. I needed them. Still, for the first time, I felt trepidation. Because my mom, the toughest person I knew, looked scared for me. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.9
  165. The point is,” my Aunt Sarah stressed, “we need you to be aware that this is a thing that happens. Very often, when we get powers, it isn’t always easy, fun, or great. We need you all to be gentle with Crystal, not to pry, not to pressure, give her space, and let her handle things in her own way.”
    “I almost killed someone too,” Crystal said.
    All I knew was that some sketchy people had recognized her and followed her off the bus, running after her when she ran. I only knew that much because my mom had told Amy and me to be extra careful, and had insisted she or dad drive us if we went anywhere.

    “They’re mad, now, apparently,” Crystal said, hugging her arms to her body. “They want to get revenge.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.9
  166. “And I want to be on her team,” Madcap said, pointing at Battery. He smiled. “Puppy changes to a new city, I go with.”

    “Hell no,” Battery said. - Interlude 12.5
  167. “Hon, you need to unwind. Relax. You’re too rigid, and I know for a fact that you haven’t had a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the two years I’ve worked with you.”
    Cauldron had sent it to the phone the Protectorate gave her? To a number that only the Protectorate had? Did that mean something? - Interlude 12.5
  168. A joke? A reminder? The last one had been two years ago.
    She had only a few seconds to read and process the message before the paper ignited.
    Siberian and Shatterbird are to escape the city, and our business with you will be done. Thank you. – c.
    The burning scraps drifted to the road around her, but she only felt cold. - Interlude 12.5
  169. April 10th, 2008


    Entering one cell, she brushed the hair from the young man’s face once more, then propped him up while she administered the sample the Doctor had left for her.

    She stepped back while he convulsed, his wounds filling in, his breathing growing steady enough for him to scream.


    This entry was posted in 15.x (Bonus Interlude #3) and tagged Alexandria, Behemoth, Contessa, Doctor Mother, Eidolon, Legend, Newter, Number Man, Siberian by wildbow. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.z
  170. 170.0 170.1 The brunette woman was Purity, according to the email. Far mousier than I might have thought, given the sheer presence she had in costume. Real name, Kayden Anders. Interior decorator. Single mother of one Aster Anders. Purity was promoted to Kaiser’s second in command in the same week that Kayden Russel took Max’s hand in marriage to become Kayden Anders. Their separation occurred within the same time period as Purity leaving Empire Eighty Eight to apparently strike out on her own. Little citations pointed to files apparently in the attached zip file. - Excerpt from Buzz 7.4
  171. He was still relatively new to this. Three years of duty, most of which had been spent among the Wards. Was he the only one who was just old enough to speak out, not yet so old and jaded that he acceded to authority over anything else? - Excerpt from Interlude 15
  172. 172.0 172.1 A Japanese refugee, Lightslinger moved to San Francisco for a time where he found work with corporate sponsored team, ‘Eminent’, from 2008 to 2010. Lightslinger left the team and the area, moving to Alaska where he roamed, changing locations with some regularity before being approached for placement in Anchorage’s Protectorate team. - PRT Quest (Anchorage)
  173. Aegis is 17, very nearly 18, old for his grade level, he's already graduated high school and is taking prelim college courses (not the same courses as Faultline & Glory Girl). He triggered at 15. - Private conversation with Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles
  174. “So even if I was only fifteen, I was tall for my age, I was fit, and I knew how to throw a punch. I didn’t say a word, didn’t make a sound. I put my sister down and beat my mother’s boyfriend within an inch of his life, my mother screaming and wailing the entire time. When I was done, I picked my sister up and returned to the cab. We went to my father’s that night, and we went to the police station in the morning.”

    “When you throw a punch barehanded, it doesn’t leave your hands pristine. A few good swings, you connect solidly with someone’s face, someone’s teeth, and it tears the fuck out of your knuckles. It was at my father’s place that night, washing and cleaning my hands, when I saw it. It wasn’t just blood leaking out of my torn up knuckles, but there was the darkness too, like wisps of really black smoke. You hear about the trigger event, you might think it’s all about rage or fear. But I’m a testament that it can be just the opposite. I didn’t feel a fucking thing.” - Excerpt from Shell 4.4
  175. “It was the name of the group I joined when I came to America.”

    “See, that’s what I don’t get. You’re a badass, fine. You tested the waters, took on a whole team of local heroes, and you walked away. Right?”

    “I fought Armsmaster, Dauntless, Miss Militia, Velocity, Challenger, Assault and Battery,” he said. “Yes.” - Excerpt from Interlude 22.y
  176. Lung has a high classification but a relatively low level of ambition. He had one powered minion (until early 2011 when he recruited Bakuda) and sought primarily to hold the docks as his territory. He ruled like a lesser king, had prostitutes and sex slaves, a protection racket and drug dealing, but he wasn’t fighting for a footing downtown.

    For all his (potential) power, he’d settled into a role as a street thug and gang leader. - Comment by Wildbow on Cell 22.4
  177. Clockblocker is 17, a high school senior. He triggered at 15, during a bone-marrow transplant for his dad. - Private conversation with Wildbow, archived on Spacebattles
  178. “Kayden,” he said, when he’d stopped, “You’re already associated with me. People say our names in the same breath, even when we haven’t worked together in two years. When my name appears in the newspapers, yours is never far behind.” - Excerpt from Interlude 3.5 (Bonus)
  179. The people that had come in with Purity were other members of Empire Eighty Eight. Krieg, Night, Fog and Hookwolf. It was interesting to see, because as far as I’d known, while every one of them had been a member of Empire Eighty Eight at some point in time, Purity had gone solo, while Night and Fog had splintered off to form their own duo in Boston not long after. All reunited, apparently. - Excerpt from Hive 5.1
  180. “Good. The team here is smaller than your old team in Boston. It currently consists of Clockblocker, Vista, Kid Win and Shadow Stalker. We had two members die in the attack, and a third left with his family when they evacuated.”
    “The second half of this phase is getting the public more comfortable with the outliers. The people with stranger powers, and stranger appearances. You’re likable, Weld. You have a clearly unnatural appearance, if you’ll forgive me saying so-”

    Weld shrugged. He stood out. There were a hundred things that bothered him more than stares and comments on the subject.

    “-but you have fans, and people are interested in you. You get higher ratings for your interviews than even the average handsome hero gets. You’re second most popular for team leaders for number of youtube videos, possibly helped by a briefly lived internet meme featuring your face, and you have a blemish-free record, both academically and in your two years serving as a part of the Wards.” - Excerpt from Sentinel 9.1
  181. Blasto, Real Name Unknown
    Classification: Tinker 6 (sub: master 5, blaster 2, shifter 2, brute 2); plants.
    Disposition: Villain (B)
    Last Known Location: Boston (Allston area, east).

    Crime lord of East Allston since est. date of April 2009. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.x
  182. 182.0 182.1 “I want you to have a full life. I had so many doubts, when we agreed to send you to the Wards…”
    “I feel like you never came back after we left you there.”

    “I know, but I’m here. Seven years and one month later.”
    “Everything about you and me doesn’t have to change all of a sudden just because you’re eighteen.” - Last 20.end
  183. It was as if someone had taken a want, desire, even a need equal to what I’d experienced in my childhood and early teens, when I’d wanted to be a hero, when I’d written letters to Santa and wished it during every birthday candle extinguishing and for every shooting star I’d seen from when I was four to when I was fourteen, if someone had gathered all of that feeling and compressed it into a single, concentrated moment of wanting it to be Dean coming into the enclosure to give me a hug. And then not getting what I wanted. - Daybreak 1.6
  184. She’d caught the thread I’d wanted to lay out. It helped. “And then just under three years as Victoria-slash-Glory-Girl. And then… hospital.”

    “Which was undeniably horrible.”

    “It felt like my life had ended. No hope or help. All I had to cling to were those memories of the three years I was Glory Girl. - Daybreak 1.8
  185. “I won’t. Where does the other Earth and the war fit into this?” I asked. I pulled out a pair of white boots. Shoes meant for a costume might have worked better, but I tended to prefer boots for the fact that they stayed on better with hard landings, kicks, and rough falls. Fourteen year old Glory Girl had learned that lesson: it was terminally embarrassing to have a petty criminal watch as you flew over to your lost shoe and put it back on. - Flare 2.3
  186. “Hold on,” I said. “I was asked, I’m answering. I triggered at fourteen, I was patrolling within six months. I had three years of time as Glory Girl, one Endbringer fight, and-” - Excerpt from Flare 2.6
  187. “Owww,” I mewled, cradling my arm, and belatedly, I realized that this particular stage had gone quiet, just in time for me to sound like a girl closer to four than to fourteen, my voice overly loud with the acoustics of the space. - From Within 16.8
  188. “It felt weird to tell my fourteen year old daughter to break a man’s arm, once upon a time,” she said. “We adapt. I’ll do it, invite your dad, we’ll swap shifts.” - Beacon 8.9
  189. “Thank you,” I told her. “You’re my senior, technically.”


    “You’ve still been at this longer than me. Already going out on patrols.”

    “It’s a babysitter patrol. Gallant’s babysitting me, and Challenger is babysitting the both of us. She’s down in the bar below. The owner let us up onto the roof so you could… do whatever.”
    “Right now I want to know if you’re okay. I was watching when it happened. I blacked out, I didn’t see what happened, then I had my shift, you weren’t answering your calls… I thought I’d go on patrol, they said it was okay if I needed to leave any time.”

    “Thus the Challenger-Gallant double babysitter for Vista.”

    “I hope she doesn’t come barging up here,” he said, looking to the door, then down at Vista.

    “We went straight from the gym to the hospital. My mom wanted to make sure I was okay. My phone’s still in my locker.” - Excerpt from Infrared 19.9
  190. “Emma!” The voice on the other end was breathy, excited. There was a babble of other voices in the background. She could imagine the other youths lined up to use the pay phones.
    Emma laughed, leaning back against her car seat.

    It was something of a relief, to hear Taylor getting excited about something, to hear her getting excited over nothing. She’d lost her mother a year ago, and hadn’t bounced back, not entirely.
    Her mother spoke through the door, “Emma? Taylor’s on the phone. She’s still at summer camp. Do you-“ - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  191. “Emma,” her father said. He was out of the car, embracing her. “Are you hurt? Emma?”

    One hand absently tried to claw her own strands of hair from her mouth, failing to get all of them. She settled for leaving the hand mashed against her mouth, as incoherent a gesture as anything she might have said if she’d been able to speak.

    Wordless, the girl in the black cloak limped a few steps away from the fallen boy before adopting her shadow form, floating away, untouchable. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.z
  192. Formerly PRT Office 83, Madison was the site of a Simurgh attack, which took place over thirteen hours at the tail end of 2009. - Wildbow on Reddit
  193. 193.0 193.1 193.2 Madison was well behind them, now. Odd, how it felt like he was leaving home, even when it wasn’t really his city. A bad copy, an ugly copy. One with more violence, where the criminals could do far, far worse, by virtue of having more power. Having powers. That was without even touching on Endbringers, the Simurgh, and the desolate quarantine area.
    It was the day before Christmas Eve, Krouse remembered. He’d have to be thankful for their well being, at least. They were alive. Things were okay. Not great, but not as hopeless as they might have seemed before. And things had settled down, at least. For the first time since the others had joined him and Noelle at the coffee shop to discuss his inclusion on the team, things were calm. They’d find a way to put their new powers to work. They’d get money, get themselves home. - Excerpt from Migration 17.7
  194. A low rumble shook the city, and the gate began to bulge with a dark shape that stretched out from within the metal, like a soap bubble emerging from an enclosed loop.

    Or a lens, Krouse realized. It flared bright, rays of light meeting, and things began pouring forth from the point the lines met. Piles and piles of solid matter flowed down to land at the heart of the city: debris, fragments of architecture, and tiny shapes that were very likely to be people, in a stream as wide across as the Simurgh’s wingspan, lit in high contrast by the light of the halo.

    And there were tiny shapes that most definitely weren’t people, but were alive.

    It’s a portal. A door.

    “How the fuck is she not a tinker!?” Krouse shouted.

    “She isn’t!” Jess called back. “She’s never done anything like this before!” - Excerpt from Migration 17.2
  195. When the Simurgh had attacked Madison, she’d copied Haywire’s technology to open a gate to a building much like this one. A research facility. The portal had dumped the buildings, soil, plant life and all the residents into the city on Earth Bet, costing Cauldron a horrific amount. Even a stockpile of formulae had been lost. - Excerpt from Interlude 21.x
  196. 196.0 196.1 “Three years of preparation. Two years of work,” the broken man answered. - Excerpt from Interlude 9 II
  197. “You’ve hunted me for half a decade.”

    “We kept tabs on you for three years and hunted you for the last two.”

    “Why not take me right away, if I was so easy to find?”

    “Because, Balminder,” Kurt said, “You were plausible deniability and a scapegoat, if we needed one, and you were one of a dozen pieces we kept in play, as people who could be arranged to rescue Cauldron if it was ever lost, if we gave someone a power that gave them absolute control over us. It was good to have some vials out there that would take concerted effort to find.” - Excerpt from Interlude 5x II
  198. Sveta’s been like she’s been for… five years? - Excerpt from Beacon 8.3
  199. “Wait, let me talk,” Sveta said. “I’ve been thinking about this. I talked about this in front of all of you at different times. In the group, and in the room with Victoria. My first clear memories, I was dropped into the middle of a populated area in Russia. I killed a lot of people accidentally. Civilians and army that came after me, and then people from the PRT. I didn’t stop because I found a way to stop. I stopped because they caught me.”

    "You’ve talked about it,” Ashley said. “Deaths stay with us.”

    "They’re supposed to stay with us!” Sveta sounded plaintive and outraged at the same time. “This is major. I got each and every one of those names of the people I killed. I learned about them. I know it wasn’t my fault, but…” - Excerpt from Pitch 6.7
  200. She wasn’t based in America at the outset, so the PRT had no involvement for some time. - Comment by WildBow on Venom 29.7
  201. Cauldron capes were explicitly more stable. Case 53s (barring Shamrock, Madison and Dealer C53s) all had a reason for being dropped where they were, with individual programming. - Excerpt from a Reddit comment by Wildbow.
  202. It was Acidbath. One of the Birdcage’s cell block leaders. He had the stylings of a rock musician or punk rocker who’d spent a little too much time doing drugs and not enough time playing his instrument. Worn around the edges, a little too full of himself. He’d been a bit player in the real world, caught up in his vices, yet had managed to take over and rule a cell block for three years after being sent to the Birdcage. - Excerpt from Speck 30.2
  203. Circus and Chariot were hired nearly a year and a half ago, their actions and development in the public eye carefully orchestrated. - Excerpt from Monarch 16.10
  204. A year ago, she had made the ABB a priority target. - Excerpt from Interlude 3.5 (Bonus)
  205. “Yeah. Canary. I was a singer, until midway through twenty-ten. Indie, but I was breaking through to mainstream, some radio stuff.” - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.1
  206. Even the day she’d triggered, now that I thought about it. Almost a year into me having my powers, a gang called the Chorus had attacked a mall in Brockton Bay. I’d gotten hurt, Amy had triggered, and she’d healed me. The gang didn’t endure our retaliation or Coil’s expansion of activities as he’d claimed more of downtown. It had seemed like such a rare, clear-cut case of a trigger event providing an answer to the problem at hand, no fuss, no muss. - Excerpt from Breaking 14.10
  207. “Sounds easier than it is,” Panacea answered, with a touch of bitterness, “Do you understand what it means, to cure some of these people? I feel like every second I take to myself is a second I’ve failed somehow. For two years, it’s been this… pressure. - Excerpt from Interlude 3
  208. Victoria triggered (easily) in gym class, started to go out in costume, more and more as years went on, as Glory Girl.

    Amy triggered a little later on. It was more devastating than joyous, because it was one step closer to her following her father's path. There was a great deal of pressure as well (outlined in the latter half of interlude 3), with her inability to heal everyone. - Wildbow on RPG.net
  209. “Everyone knows how you visit hospitals. How many people have you helped over the past three years? How many lives have you saved, how many people have you rescued from a lifetime of misery?” - Excerpt from Snare 13.2
  210. “I’ve spent ten months on the same team with her, and I haven’t even come close to getting how she thinks. I can usually keep her from going too far or hurting someone, keep her mostly in line and get her to follow directions, but I haven’t had a conversation with her yet that didn’t make me want to bang my head against a wall.” - Excerpt from Buzz 7.4
  211. The outtake process, following from the now-defunct D.D.I.D. measure (revoked in Summer 2010), involves a long series of checkups by PRT staff and allowed staff within the quarantine zone. Individuals must maintain appointments with counseling services regularly over ten months, missing no more than ten out of eighty. - Wildbow on Reddit
  212. “Yet you fought Leviathan.”

    “I fought Behemoth too, few months before. Kind of. Mostly did search and rescue. Difference between that and this is that we’re more like rats when going up against a fucking Endbringer. We’re vermin in comparison to them, but we’re vermin that can take bites out of them. Get enough rats together and they’ll take down a human, no matter how well equipped that human is.” - Excerpt from Extinction 27.3
  213. “How long ago did you become a hero?”

    “Four years- five years. I took a year off.” [...] “I was with Sacred Heart at first,” - Excerpt from Radiation 18.6
  214. 214.0 214.1 Thursday, April fourteenth of this year, Dinah Alcott was kidnapped from her home and has not been seen since. Dinah had missed several weeks of classes with crippling headaches in the months before her disappearance. - Excerpt from Plague 12.2
  215. “And for most of November and the two weeks of classes before Christmas break, nothing. They were leaving me alone. I was able to relax.”

    I sighed, “That ended the day I came back from the winter break. I knew, instinctually, that they were playing me, that they were waiting before they pulled their next stunt, so it had more impact. I didn’t think they’d be so patient about it. I went to my locker, and well, they’d obviously raided the bins from the girls bathrooms or something, because they’d piled used pads and tampons into my locker. Almost filled it.”
    “I panicked, freaked out. My mind went someplace else, and it found the bugs there. Not that I knew what they were, at that point. I didn’t have a sense of proportion, and with all the info my power was giving me then, my brain didn’t know how to process it all. As far as I knew, all around me, in the walls of the school, in the corners, and crawling around the filthy interior of the locker, there were thousands of these twitchy, alien, distorted things that were each shoving every tiny detail about their bodies and their fucked up biology into my head. - Excerpt from Shell 4.3
  216. This wasn’t the first time I’d needed to psych myself up to going to school. Deceive myself into going and staying. The worst days had been back in my first year at high school, when the wounds of Emma’s betrayal were still fresh and I wasn’t yet experienced enough to anticipate the variety of things they could come up with. Back then, it had been terrifying, because I hadn’t yet known what to expect, didn’t know where, when or if they would draw the line. It had been hard, too, to go back in January. I’d spent a week in the hospital under psychiatric observation, and I’d known that everyone else had heard the story. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.1
  217. Wildbow
    Generally the PRT will pay visits to likely triggerees - special cases, victims of extraordinary violence or disaster, etc. They paid a visit to Taylor in her hospital room, for example, though nothing came of that.

    [Edit with afterthought: Crisis points, ftr]

    If she did get visited by a hero, I'd find it odd that she'd never mention it, especially when at one point or another she's fighting them later in the story or stuffing centipedes in their mouth

    Taylor was near catatonic when she got a visit. - Wildbow on Discord, archived on Spacebattles
  218. “No, I’m almost positive. You were that girl that got shoved in that rank locker with all that stuff they carted away in biohazard bags. The girl who went so mental they had to have a group of cops and paramedics haul you away for the first month of the semester.” - Excerpt from Infestation 11.5
  219. My training regimen had me running every morning, and alternating between more running and doing other exercises in the afternoons, depending on which day of the week it was. The primary goal was to build my stamina. In February, Sophia had goaded some boys into trying to catch me, I think the goal had been to duct tape me to a telephone pole. I had escaped, helped mostly by the fact that the boys hadn’t really cared enough to run after me, but I found myself winded after having run just a block. It had been a wake-up call that came about just when I was starting to think about going out in costume. Not long after, I had started training. After a few starts and stops, I had settled into a routine. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.1
  220. Canberra, Feb 24th, 2011 // Simurgh
    Notes: Scion no-show. Legend/Eidolon victory.
    Target/Consequence: See file Polisher Treatise. See file Lord Walston and file King’s Men. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  221. Secondary focuses. Not the kind of targets that Dragon checked on with any regularity. Quarantine areas were silent and still. Canberra was sealed off under a dome, Madison was surrounded by walls. - Excerpt from Interlude 26.x
  222. “The Undersiders. They’ve flown under the radar so far, but more recently, they’ve started pulling higher profile jobs. They hit the Ruby Dreams casino five weeks ago, and now they just robbed the biggest bank in Brockton Bay. This time we were lucky enough to get in their way. That means we finally have intel on their group.” - Excerpt from Interlude 3
  223. A few weeks after the diagnosis, he was on a boat with a friend's family and walked off the side, into march-temperature water. To this day, he maintains that he wasn't suicidal, that the pressure from all directions wasn't a factor - that he just felt that impulse you sometimes have when you wonder "What would happen if..." and followed through. In doing so, he [suffered major physical trauma, nearly dying, and ultimately] triggered. - Wildbow on Spacebattles
  224. March 23rd, 2011
    “And the fact that you, a halfbreed, recruited me, a halfbreed, and built a gang of a bajillion different races, it’s totally not a freudian thing, tying back to some childhood issues.”

    “No,” Lung growled. - Excerpt from Interlude 22.y
  225. “We crossed paths with him once, Regent and Bitch beat him. Either he’s here for revenge or he’s joined the Wards very, very recently. My power’s suggesting it’s the latter.” - Excerpt from Agitation 3.8
  226. “So, not exactly the best start to your new career, huh?” Clockblocker turned to Browbeat. - Excerpt from Interlude 3
  227. Gestation 1.1 is april 8th, 2011. - Wildbow’s comment on Interlude 3
  228. “April tenth, criminal negligence with a parahuman ability, sixteen charges of assault, sixteen charges of battery with a parahuman ability.”

    I tried to think. April tenth? Early in my career?

    “Lung,” I said, “I attacked him and his gang. They’re seriously charging me for attacking Lung’s henchmen?” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  229. I had dyed and painted the costume on Friday, bought temporary costume pieces (belt, the straps for the mask and the lenses) on Saturday and finished the most necessary details over the course of my Sunday afternoon before heading out for the evening.
    It was just after midnight, and I was crossing the line between one of the nicest parts of town and the part of town where the crack whores and gangsters lived. - Excerpt from Gestation 1.3
  230. I had gotten home, snuck inside and gone to bed at close to three thirty, just three hours ago. - Excerpt from Insinuation 2.1
  231. “They’re scared, not loyal,” Tattletale spoke, not as out of breath as Regent, but still definitely feeling the effect of the last few minutes of running and climbing, “She’s forcing them to serve as her soldiers. Threatening them or their families, probably.”

    “Then she’s been working on that for some time,” Grue said.

    “Since Lung got arrested,” Tattletale confirmed, “Where the fuck do we go?” - Excerpt from Shell 4.7
  232. “How’d you do it? You stuck bombs in these civilians to get them to work for you?”

    “Everyone,” Bakuda answered, almost delirious on the high of her successful ‘experiment’ and Regent’s attention. She half skipped, half spun through the crowd and leaned against one of her thugs, patting his cheek, “Even my most loyal. Bitch of a thing to do. Not the actual procedure of sticking the things inside their heads. After the first twenty, I could do the surgeries with my eyes closed. Literally. I actually did a few that way.” - Excerpt from Shell 4.8
  233. Tuesday morning found me running again, first thing. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.1
  234. Brian had given me three identical cell phones – all disposables – first thing in the morning, and I’d decided to go with him to the loft rather than head to school. - Excerpt from Agitation 3.4
  235. “Okay. Let’s run down the list. April fourteenth. Thirty two charges of willful felony assault with a parahuman ability. Thirty two charges of hostage taking, technically domestic terrorism, each perpetrated with a parahuman ability. Robbery with a parahuman ability. Willful damage to government property. Disturbing the peace.”

    “The bank robbery. I didn’t damage any property.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  236. As much as I didn’t want the money, I was technically twenty five thousand dollars richer than I had been thirty six hours ago. - Excerpt from Shell 4.1
  237. “I’ll give you the cliff notes. Just before she started to come after us in the Jeep, Bakuda gave the order to put another plan into action. Bombs started going off all over the city. Blowing up transformers to deny power to entire districts, a school, a bridge, train tracks… the list goes on. People are freaking out. Front page news, it’s on every channel. They’re saying at least twenty people confirmed dead so far, with other bodies yet to be identified, and that’s not counting the four people she blew up when she was holding us at gunpoint.”

    A vivid image of what had happened to Park Jihoo flashed through my mind’s eye. He died. He’s really dead. I never knew him, but he’s gone forever, and I couldn’t do anything to save him.

    “Here’s the second bit of bad news. All of that? It was one overblown distraction. Something to keep every cape in the city busy, while Oni Lee sprung Lung from the PHQ.” - Excerpt from Shell 4.11
  238. “He just got someone working for him, and this person can see the future. And she says there is a way to help you. Definitely. Chances are low, but he says he’s confident he can maximize them.” - Excerpt from Migration 17.8
  239. “I’ll be taking a chair, I think,” someone spoke from the door. Most heads turned to check out a male figure in a black costume with a red mask and tophat. It gave me sort of a Baron Samedi vibe. His teammates followed him into the room, all in matching costumes of red and black, differing only in design. A girl with a sun motif, a guy with bulky armor and a square mask, and a creature so large it had to crawl on its hands and knees to get through the door. It was hard to describe, approximating something like a four armed hairless gorilla, with a vest, mask and leggings in the red and black style its team was wearing, six-inch claws tipping each of its fingers and toes.

    “The Travelers, yes?” Coil spoke, his voice smooth, “You’re not local.”

    “You could call us nomadic. What was happening here was too interesting to pass up, so I decided we’d stop by for a visit.” The guy with the top hat pulled off the first really formal bow I’d seen in my life. “I go by Trickster.” - Excerpt from Hive 5.1
  240. “I have a hard time believing that, to be honest. You were in pretty rough shape when I found you with Über and Leet’s henchmen, and those guys from the ABB.” - Excerpt from Interlude 4
  241. “Don’t fucking care,” Hookwolf growled, “You attacked my business. Set your fucking dog on my customers. Lucky I wasn’t there, whore.”

    Grue gave Bitch a long look, then he spoke to Hookwolf, “That’s the kind of risk you run, doing business in Brockton Bay. Capes can and will get in your way, hero or villain.”

    Hookwolf glared at him, “It’s a matter of respect. You want to fuck with my business, and we’re not at war? You let me know if you’ve got an issue, first. Let me decide if I want to move shop.”

    “You mean give you a warning I’m coming,” Bitch spat the words, “That’s the dumbest fucking thing I ever heard. Just so you know, moving to a different neighborhood won’t be good enough. You open up another dogfighting ring, I’ll be visiting that one too.” - Excerpt from Hive 5.2
  242. It had been a week since the incident with Bakuda. - Excerpt from Hive 5.1
  243. Maybe I was reading too much into things after seeing an eerie echo of this situation just two days ago, with the meeting of villains, but I noted that Mr. Gladly sat next to Madison’s dad, and the chair next to my dad was left empty. - Excerpt from Hive 5.4
  244. “Right. April twenty-fourth? One case of battery.”

    “I don’t remember that.”

    “An… Emma Barnes. She appeared-” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  245. If you recall, your daughter assaulted and battered Emma just last night. - Excerpt from Hive 5.4
  246. “Moving on, then. Incidents taking place at the… Forsberg Gallery, May fifth. Five cases of assaulting a law enforcement officer. Five cases of battering a law enforcement officer, three performed with a parahuman ability.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  247. "“Undersiders,” Coil spoke, “You’ve recuperated this past week?” " and similar statements from discussion in Buzz 7.11
  248. Brockton Bay, May 15th, 2011 // Leviathan
    Notes: Scion victory.
    Target/Consequence: Noelle? See file Echidna. No contact made. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  249. Even with the memorial being out of the way, set down in place five days after the attack, it had taken a full week before the worst of the crowds were gone. Four times, I’d felt compelled to come see it and pay my respects, only to see the press of people and turn back.Now I was here, along with a little less than a hundred people - Excerpt from Extermination 8.8
  250. “Skipping ahead a month to June third, we’ve got… complicity towards one count of kidnapping using a parahuman ability. This was-”

    Sophia Hess.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  251. “June fifth. Treason.”


    “That would be, in effect, declaring war against the government of the United States of America.”

    “That’s not what I did.”

    “It’s what they’re going to say you did when you took over the territory. I’d expect they already have strong arguments lined up on that front. - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  252. June twelfth was the date the Slaughterhouse Nine had left Brockton Bay. The day that was supposed to start the two year countdown. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  253. “Seventeenth, five charges of assault and battery. One charge of aggravated assault with a parahuman ability. One charge of criminal extortion.”

    “Attacking the mayor,” I said, almost relieved to be able to pinpoint the crime in question.

    “And his family, it seems.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  254. “June eighteenth. Destruction of government property, four counts. Hostage taking, assault and battery of a law enforcement officer. - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  255. June nineteenth, complicity in another count of treason. Complicity in manslaughter, nineteen counts.”

    I nodded. Dragon and fighting in the debate. - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  256. June 20th: Massive deployment to Brockton Bay. Unspecified class A threat. Cape wives on the boards confirm: something’s up. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.y.
  257. Oddly enough, there was a wait at the front desk. A young woman, dark-haired, wearing a suit and fedora, with luggage on wheels.

    Arriving at four in the morning?
    “Yes?” Faultline spoke into the phone

    “This is Tattletale,” the voice came through. - [1] from Interlude 18.f
  258. June 21st, 2011, two years ago

    They gathered where they had met innumerable times in the past, but they were quiet. - Excerpt from Interlude 27.x
  259. ♦ Topic: Legend Leaves the Protectorate
    In: Boards ► Teams ► Protectorate
    Brilliger (Original Poster) (Moderator: Protectorate Main)
    Posted on June 26th: - Excerpt from Interlude 19.y
  260. The remaining summer months would feature special arrangements for classes, to make up for the weeks of classes students had missed in the wake of the Endbringer attack.

    The eighth of July. Tomorrow. - Excerpt from Interlude 19.y
  261. He studied the girl. She was composed, despite the fact that less than twelve hours had passed since her identity had been revealed to the world. Interlude 20.y
  262. Stickied Topic: Alexandria Discussion (July 14th) Goes Here Interlude 22.x
  263. New Delhi, July 26th, 2011 // Behemoth
    Notes: Scion Victory, ENDBRINGER KILL.
    Target/consequence: See file Phir Sē. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  264. Flight BA178, November 25th, 2011 // Simurgh
    Notes: Loss? Plane destroyed, Eidolon/Pretender drive off Endbringer. Marks start of guerilla tactics from Simurgh and Leviathan.
    Target/Consequence: Incognito Chinese Union-Imperial heir. See files:
    America/CUI conflict 2012 A
    UK/CUI Conflict 2012 A
    America/CUI conflict 2012 B
    Yàngbǎn - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  265. 265.0 265.1 265.2 Indiscriminate, January 20th, 2012 // Khonsu
    Notes: First appearance. Scion/Moord Nag victory. List of all one hundred and sixty three targets and casualty numbers here.
    Bucharest, October 10th, 2012 // Tohu Bohu
    Notes: First appearance. Loss. Tohu selects Legend, Eidolon, Kazikli Bey.
    Target/Consequence: see file Kazikli Bey. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  266. Excerpt from Scarab 25.5
  267. Interlude 26.x
  268. The memories were overwriting and overshadowing the creature he’d been, that had fought so fiercely and wrapped itself in the shell of one of Breed’s spawn. He’d been dredged up along with them while, presumably, people had been looking for heroes in the wreckage after everything had gone wrong at the oil rig. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.y II
  269. Dark, laid bare to the worst vagaries of weather, buildings ruined. In the weeks after Gold Morning it had been abrupt temperature shifts, the heavy amounts of dust in the atmosphere bringing surprising darkness and periods of cold, before summer came through with an intensity that suggested it was trying to make up for the days it had missed. - Excerpt from Last 20.a
  270. Radiation 18.6
  271. “For a while now, then? If I can ask?”

    “Just under a year ago,” he said. “I think, along with Chris, I’m the rookie here.”

    Post-Gold Morning. That helped put things in context. - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
  272. I nodded. “How long has the group been running?”

    “Two months and a week, with one or two sessions a week, as situations allow. We’re not quite at the end, but it’s close. This was supposed to be the easy middle stretch.” - Excerpt from Flare 2.5
  273. ♦ Topic: We’re Back Online
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    We were unable to glean much more from them, other than the fact they wore fur in the midst of a heatwave. The second individual seems to be a grab-bag cape. She was a woman with a fanged mask covering her lower face, and a form-fitting dress with a slit up the side of one leg. - Excerpt from Glow-worm P.4
  275. ► Geronimo
    Replied on August 17th, Y1:
    Official word is that they wanted to pause and get organized so they could double the number of people coming through. Doesn’t make a lot of sense when it comes to their silence until now. Glow-worm P.1
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    If you send me a private message, I can walk you through it. It would be faster to contact an active admin directly. - Glow-worm P.3
  278. ► of5
    Replied on August 20th, Y1:
    Link is broken. - Excerpt from Glow-worm P.4
  279. Subject: Your Nilles University Application
    August 21st, Y1
    Dear Applicant (Point_Me_@_The_Sky@mail) - Glow-worm P.5
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    Posted on August 22nd, Y1: Glow-worm P.6
  281. August 24th, Y1
    Hi Graham,
    Space Squid here.
    I hate to be a pain. I’d like to ask if it’s okay if I just deleted my account and started fresh. - Glow-worm P.8
  282. The people that had been splintering away were holding position now. I could see the hostility. The summer heat was holding out through the start of September, making things just a little more uncomfortable, tempers a little shorter. - Excerpt from Daybreak 1.1
  283. 283.0 283.1 “When?” I asked. “Um. Thirteen days ago. First Monday of September. High school had just started.” - Excerpt from Flare 2.6
    In reality, the first Monday of September 2015 was the 7th; the switch to "Year 0" might've changed the months but maybe not.
  284. It had been ten days, now. Ten days after the broken trigger with the citizen workers. One of the worst we’d seen for citizen casualties and damage.
    I fetched my phone and checked my messages. A second cancellation from Jessica.
    To be back on this street, where the car had hit the pillar, and where I’d seen so much grief from one person, and to try and reconcile that with the broken trigger, the ninety dead, the fact that so many were dealing by ignoring it. Moving on a matter of two weeks after the fact. Flare 2.4
  285. “I had a conversation with dad last night. He suggested that you might be the person to ask for this thing these guys are doing.”
  286. I stepped back from the railing. “Sorry, I skipped breakfast and I tossed my lunch.” Shadow 5.1
  287. Interlude 4.c II
  288. I found myself actually hesitating before approaching Sveta, Tristan and Chris. The group had lost two of its members and its mentor in a matter of nine days. - Excerpt from Torch 7.5
  289. Interlude 7.y II
  290. It had been two days since the prison breakout. One day to recuperate and lick our wounds. ...One day for that. One day to catch our breath after that. Because recuperating and healing was work. The second day served to let us ground ourselves again. Kenzie had maintained contact with people online, but as part of our unofficial, unspoken ‘taking care of ourselves’ day, it made sense that she would take care of herself by reaching out. This was our day three. Our day to consolidate. - Excerpt from Polarize 10.1
  291. "If you want to negotiate down on any of those parts, you can give us some intel on the people who opened fire on us two days ago." - Excerpt from Blinding 11.1
  292. A week. A week, a day, and four hours, and she found the first settlement. - Excerpt from Interlude 9 II
  293. “I thought, you know, it’s the Brockton Bay reunion. I’m a bit out of place.”

    “There’s a bunch of people who are a bit out of place. Don’t worry about it. It’s my birthday and I want you right here.” - Last 20.end