The Three Blasphemies are a group of powerful supervillains operating in Europe , possibly on par with S-class threats.[1]


The Blasphemies were generally agreed to be in the service of a European country due to their political activities, but nobody could agree which one.[2] Tattletale and Victoria Dallon speculate that the Shards engineered the Blasphemies' creation for some purpose of theirs.[3]


The Three Blasphemies are made up of three women with alabaster skin and white hair. They wear masks depicting ruby-lipped faces - a smile, a frown and a snarl - and flowing, white dresses.[4]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Blasphemies are a result of multiple tinkers of different specializations simultaneously and independently constructing something nearly identical. Their coincidental construction is theorised to be some unknown plan or function of the Shards.[3] They are sentient enough to be negotiated with.

They were able to survive against Eidolon's most powerful abilities.[5] Khepri noted that as long as one of 'furies' remained, the other two could be reconstituted, as part of their powers.[6]

Khepri was unable to take control of the Three Blasphemies during Gold Morning, due to their inhuman nature.[7]



There were meant to be 8, or possibly 10, but heroes were able to stop most of the tinkers from completing their work.[8]

They have attacked political figures. They're widely viewed as being in league to one nation or another, a superweapon being utilized to give said nation a leg up, but nobody's been able to work out who, exactly.[2]

At some point, the Three Blasphemies came to be under constant surveillance by Dragon.[1]


The Three Blasphemies were unable to be reached by Cauldron and thus were not invited to the meeting that was arranged to talk about Khonsu. Doctor Mother mentioned this to the other people she invited to the meeting before saying that everyone would have a lot less problems if people like them could be reached.[9]

During the Timeskip, the Blasphemies killed the King and Queen of the Netherlands, resulting in their daughter Ariane - a ten-year-old parahuman - notionally taking control. This was the fourth intervention by the Blasphemies in the political sphere.[10]


The Three Blasphemies became active some time later and were confronted by European capes that helped control the amount of damage they created.

Gold MorningEdit

The Three Blasphemies later appeared during a Cauldron meeting to discuss Zion and how Cauldron planned to deal with him.[4]

Khepri was unable to take control of the Three Blasphemies during Gold Morning.[11]


The Three Blasphemies were operating separately of one another in the general Gimel-Europe area. Around the time of the raid on Teacher's complex, they started working together again.[7]


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