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Each member of the Yàngbǎn was simultaneously a prisoner and a guard

Thirty-six, Interlude 23

The Yàngbǎn (樣板, meaning Template)[1] are the C.U.I.'s military parahumans operating within the borders of China.

Goals and Methods[]

The Yàngbǎn are made up of various parahumans, most Chinese, but some from other countries who were trafficked[2][3] or kidnapped directly.[4] They have been formed through brainwashing often unwilling parahumans into their cult-like group.[5] Prospective members are forced through a series of questions on Yàngbǎn doctrine and tortured when they fail.[6] Individual members were identified only by their numbers, not names.[7] Mistakes such as mispronunciations or using English would be subtly punished with shunning and less food. Acceptable statements would be repeated by the group, signaling social acceptance, while unacceptable ones were met with crushing silence. Their punishing schedule renders them especially pliable.[5] This effect was subtly augmented using One's power.[8]

The Yàngbǎn are taught, not entirely incorrectly, that non-Yàngbǎn parahumans are dangerous and violent.[9] They believe that the PRT and Protectorate are fundamentally corrupt and the source of many problems in the world, and generally refused to cooperate with them.[10] They believed that their methods were the answer that would eventually defeat the Endbringers.[5] They were noted for respecting the Endbringer Truce less than most cape organizations.[4][11]

The Yàngbǎn are trained in tinkertech combat simulations where individual members shout out instructions and they all use a practiced maneuver e.g. opening fire with lasers, or using forcefields. They are all expected to be able to use every power they have available. The drills last six hours a day, their lectures last twelve hours, leaving only 45 minutes for food and five hours for sleep.[5]

By the time of Gold Morning, they had over 200 trained parahumans.[12][13] They had six teams[14][15] trained around different functions, including infiltration[14] and speed.[16]


Name Powers Notes
Null (Zero) Shares powers among the Yàngbǎn.[17] Null's power is not shared.
One Controls Yàngbǎn squads.[17] Too valuable for field missions.
Two Magnifies nearby powers.[17] Too valuable for field missions.
Three Led the New Delhi mission
Four Shallow flight[18]
Nine Accelerates using nearby metal[19]
Thirteen Forcefield constructions[5]
Fourteen Vacuum generation[5]
Sixteen Interrogated Lung
Seventeen Killed by Behemoth[20]
Twenty-Three Enhanced perception, particularly awareness of others and the threat they pose. Enhanced reflexes, particularly when fighting hostile enemies.[5]
Twenty-Seven Interrogated Lung
Thirty-One Powerful cutting lasers[5]
Thirty-Two Nullification waves[21] Not Chinese
Thirty-Six Time reversal Protagonist of Interlude 23.
Forty-Two Slow teleportation[22]

They also kidnapped three Indian Garama; a brute, a thinker or tinker with a focus on guns, and a thinker with x-ray vision.[5]

Other abilities demonstrated by Yàngbǎn members include invincibility at the cost of immobility,[5] blurry illusions, invisibility, slow-moving projectiles, energy blades[23] instant teleportation and heat generation.[16]

In addition to their normal members, there were several allied individuals who had not been made a part of the whole.[4]

Name Powers
Tōng Líng Tǎ Environmental manipulation.[24]
Shén Yù Strategy thinker that ensured group effectiveness.[5]
Jiǎ A Simulation tinker who helped with the groups training.[5]


All Yàngbǎn wore gem-like masks that covered their faces and ears.[25][7][26] Their costumes were colour-coded and varied depending on their task.[15]

The Yàngbǎn who showed up to the New Delhi Endbringer battle wore flowing costumes with loose sleeves and pants, somewhere between a martial arts uniform and a military uniform, crimson with a black design of horizontal and vertical lines at edges of the sleeves and pants.[10] They had red masks.[16]

The ones that interrogated Lung wore red masks, jackets and pants, each with their number embroidered on the shoulder.[7]

The group that attended the Gold Morning meeting with Cauldron wore similar uniforms to those of the New Delhi group, although possibly in different colors.[25]

The infiltration team that attacked Earth Tav wore black costumes with bodysuits beneath, and dark blue masks.[14]

Three teams defended the Imperial palace during Gold Morning, wearing masks of white, purple, and yellow respectively. A fourth squad with jade green masks guarded the Imperial family inside the palace, and a small group with red masks were hidden by holograms.[27]



The Protectorate had repeatedly asked for their help in fights against Endbringers, but was always rebuffed.[10]

They are formed around the abilities of Null and Two. Null's power splits each individual's powers amongst the group,[4] while Two's power boosts the powers around them. When the two are used in concert, the Yàngbǎn are able to share a sizable fraction of powers among a group.[28]

They tried to recruit Lung, however the Man-Dragon did not agree with the organisation's "truths" and defected as soon as possible.[24]


They showed up in New Delhi, one of their first appearances outside of China in a decade,[10] at Accord's request.[29]

However a traitor in their midst defected and attacked the Protectorate leadership that was coordinating the defence.[29][30]They were later convinced to help by Weaver in a decisive move against Behemoth.[31]

They refused Cauldron's offer to join the meeting of all the major powers to oppose Khonsu.[32]

The Timeskip[]

After the Simurgh baited heroes into destroying the plane containing the C.U.I. heir, they engaged in conflict with the United Kingdom and United States.[33]

They refused to allow Doormaker or Faultline's Crew to open portals within their territory in preparation for the End of the World.[34]

Gold Morning[]

A group of Yàngbǎn attended the meeting of all the major powers at the beginning of the crisis, but contributed nothing of note.[25]

The group was used by the C.U.I. to take over neighbouring portals and seize territory for their citizens,[34] including Earth Tav. Punitive measures were taken against the group,[23] later justified as them breaking the Truce.[35]

Were forcibly recruited when the parahumans began cooperating.[16]


At some point The Yàngbǎn was subsumed by the Teacher's Group.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

The Yàngbǎn augmented thralls were keeping Legend's squad contained during the Wardens' attack on Teacher's Compound. They were accidentally wiped out by the crash of Victory I.[36]


  • Yàngbǎn is Mandarin for "template" or "prototype".[1]


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The Yàngbǎn