The Wasp Commander is the leader of Squad Yellow-Black, an elite team of soldiers working under Teacher.

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Wasp Commander was gifted powers from Teacher while he was under the influence of Ingenue. The ability he was given was one of strategic awareness and focus.[1]



He was recruited from Nilles University.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

The Wasp Commander and his squad fought to defend Teacher's base when the heroes attacked. The found themselves facing Tress, Swansong and a Harbinger. They were all taken down, and the Wasp Commander was killed by the Harbinger.


  1. His eyes were wide, taking in every detail. With Teacher’s ‘consultation’, he had been gifted strategic awareness and focus. He had studied maps of the complex, his team’s numbers like sprinting speed, endurance, and accuracy at the range, and he had studied the enemy. - Excerpt from Interlude 15.x II

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