The Triumvirate is a term that refers to the three remaining members of the original Protectorate team who are believed to be the greatest heroes in the United States, if not the world.


A fourth member of the Protectorate leadership, now deceased, was called Hero; the group became known as the Triumvirate after his death.[1]



To the public, the Triumvirate were already extraordinary people pushed to their limit and discovered incredible power that they used for the betterment of mankind.[2][3]

Secret Origin
In fact all four of these people gained their abilities through vials given to them by Cauldron.

Members of the triumvirate are instrumental in turning aside threats such as the Endbringers.

With the death of Myrddin, the Triumvirate stepped down from their leadership positions.

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  1. Around the time that they were a group, they were simply 'the Protectorate' or 'the guys at the top'. You could say, perhaps, that the loss of Hero splintered the team. They didn't hate each other or resent each other, but it was about time, and served as the catalyst to the group each going to their own individual cities - New York, LA, & Houston. - Wildbow on Reddit
  2. Wildbow: So there are theories and sentiments and overall people will hear of trigger events as a concept, but it gets muddled intentionally by some outside parties, especially gov't forces who are eager to keep people from doing horrible things to themselves and each other to create triggers.

    Wildbow: So it depends where you are geographically, but by and large, the running, underlying idea is that it ties into you reaching your 'limit', and the strongest powers have resulted from athletes, great minds, etc, who broke past a wall.

    Wildbow: The Triumvirate lying about their trigger events did a lot to sell this

    Wildbow Trigger events get mucked up and included as a tertiary thing. The narrative being that some people go through bad things and get troublesome or broken powers.

    Wildbow: But that's like, background, it's theory, and you wouldn't want to aim for that when you could strive for better. - Wildbow on IRC, archived on Spacebattles
  3. 'One of the three big theories is that powers manifest in moments of extreme emotion or pivotal moments. Sometimes these are negative emotions, but sometimes they're positive. Positive emotions and moments of triumph and excellence lead to stronger, better powers with less drawbacks. Moments of negativity lead to flawed powers with complicating factors. Legend, Alexandria and those guys? They must have done something major.' - Wildbow on Reddit (again)
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