Battle against Khonsu


The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand



January 23, 2012[1] - June 19, 2013[2]



Several years pass



The Timeskip was a period of two years skipped over between Scarab 25.5 and Scarab 25.6


During the Battle against Khonsu, the major powers meet in a setting provided by Cauldron to discuss a method of defeating him. Cauldron revealed there that they know how the world ends.


PRT: Department Sixty-Four is set during this period.

Imp killed Heartbreaker during this time, and formed the Heartbroken from the remaining cult members.

Taylor drifted apart from the Undersiders and developed a mentor-like relationship with Golem.

Eidolon was cut off from his booster shots by Cauldron, further accelerating the decline of his powers.[3]

There were several Endbringer attacks which saw the monsters adopt more hit-and-run tactics. The Twins first attacked during this time.[2]


Weaver, newly eighteen and free of her legal restrictions is heading to Brockton Bay and reviewing footage from her previous Endbringer fight attendances. When a worried Tecton calls asking if she is going to join the Protectorate like he did she repairs and agrees.

Walking around the town Weaver sees what has changed, pays her respects to fallen teammates, and eventually meets with all her surviving friends.

The reunion falls apart when it turns out Jack is back.


  • The Timeskip is arguably the most criticized element of Worm.
    • The Timeskip covers two years, 2011-2013, so some readers find it jarring. Prior shifts in time skipped a month at most.
    • The once far-off apocalypse becomes uncomfortably close very quickly, ramping up tension at an uneven, jerky rate.
    • A significant jump forward raises questions like, “Has [character/situation] changed in this time?” and “If so, what prompted the change?” Most readers want direct accounts of these kinds of events, not accounts based on hindsight.
    • Tohu and Bohu are indirectly introduced via archival footage. This contrasts with the other Endbringers’ introductions, which feature Taylor and other characters reacting and learning about the monsters in “real-time.” As a result, readers have limited perception of The Twins’ capabilities until reading about them in action later.
    • Taylor spends far more time with the Chicago Wards than with the Undersiders; however, it doesn’t feel that way to readers because more chapters were devoted to Taylor’s life and relationships with the Undersiders.
  • According to a 2013 comment by Wildbow, the Timeskip may be retconned with a series of Interlude arcs to chronicle the change in time.[4]


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