The Teeth are an itinerant villain group[1] with cells in Boston and New York, originally operated in Brockton Bay.[2]

Modus operandiEdit

The group has an ethos of violence, anarchy, and profit at any cost, not unlike the ABB.[3] They move between cities on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, looting and harassing a few choice people before leaving for a new location.[1]

None of the original members are still with the group. Either having left or were killed.[2] During their return to Brockton Bay the Teeth have seven or eight parahuman members,[4][5] combined with about twenty unpowered individuals.[6] Each member wears a costume bristled with blades, spikes and spines. Teeth, eyes, desiccated body parts and bones are worked into their costumes, giving them a collective theme focused on aggression and violent retaliation for any slight.[4] Because of their similar style of dress, powered and unpowered members are hard to tell apart.[6]


Though largely transient they do set up cells around certain areas.[2] They tend to cluster around a strong Parahuman like the Butcher. During the push into Brockton Bay the two cells joined up to combine resources.

PRT ResponseEdit

Their itinerant nature prevents a coordinated response by the PRT difficult as the group usually comes in, conducts a series of raids and then leaves.[1]


Background Edit

The Teeth originally operated in Brockton Bay,[2] were they participated in a turf war with Empire Eighty-Eight at some point, killing Heith Anders.[7] They eventually participated in a bidding war to hire the services of the Slaughterhouse Nine, instructing them to kill some members of the Protectorate. After completing the task, the Nine turned on them, nearly wiping them out.[8]

Story StartEdit

However, they settled elsewhere and bounced back,[3] with operations in Boston and New York, although none of their original members remain.[2]


The Teeth return to Brockton Bay after the battle of Echidna to oust the Undersiders and claim territory,[2] first targeting Parian.[3] The Undersiders try to negotiate with both the Fallen and the Teeth, although these quickly fail.[4] After an extensive battle in which Butcher is killed by a remnant of Cherish's power,[9] the Teeth are marginalized.[10] Tattletale still considered them a potential threat afterward.[11]


Name Description
Butcher XIV Leader. Fourteenth in a line of 'Butchers', has inherited a fraction of the powers and the consciousnesses of the previous Butchers. Originally known as Quarrel before killing the thirteenth Butcher in New York less than a year ago. A tall Asian woman wearing stylized samurai armor, she has the power to make any attack strike the target within a certain range on top of the powers of her predecessors. Uses a bow and a Gatling gun.[12][2]
Animos Can, for a limited time,[5] transform into a four-legged creature just a bit smaller than Bitch's dogs.[13] In this form he can use a scream that temporarily nullifies powers.[14]
Hemorrhagia Has limited blood control with personal biokinesis,[5] allowing her[15] to create hard physical cutting weapons and congeal blood into scabs that protect her.[16] Escaped after the Teeth were defeated by the Undersiders.[10][17]
Reaver Escaped after the Teeth were defeated by the Undersiders.[10]
Spree Can rapidly produce large amounts of duplicates[5] (fifteen clones in three seconds),[18] serving as the Teeth's front ranks.[19] The clones rapidly degrade after their creation, ending up brain dead after a few seconds and reduced to pulp within 15 minutes.[20] Has an adversarial relationship with Blasto.[21]
Vex Has the ability to fill empty spaces with hundreds of small, razor-sharp forcefields, with collective, cumulative resistance.[5][22][17]



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