The Taught refers to the collection of people Teacher has gathered around himself.

Modus operandi Edit

The group operates purely behind the scenes, slowly building up power. Teacher recruits civilians and grants them minor abilities using his power, at the expense of their free will.

Scapegoat offsets this, by using his power to mitigate the brainwashing aspect, however, if they screw up or act out, their free will will be taken from them.

The group constantly constructs multi-step plans with long delayed payoffs that might better be called contingencies.

Structure Edit

The structure is largely authoritarian top-down construction, focused on ensuring that Teacher's goals are met.

PRT Response Edit

The PRT were very aware of the threat that the group possessed. Teacher speculates that the PRT fabricated evidence just to put him in the Birdcage.



The group was gathered by Teacher after he gained his powers.

Story StartEdit

At the start of the story, the entirety of Cell block T was made up of his group.


Subsumed Trickster into its ranks.


Gold MorningEdit

Teacher's Group cut off an Earth in order to work and build.[1] Though this was later shown to be part of a greater plan to take parts of Dragon.

A squad of Teacher's pupils seized the area that and an Endbringer appeared, throwing out the challengers already situated there.[2] The Endbringer was made available to Cauldron along with two Group members,[3] in exchange for Cauldron's protection.

Much of the groups equipment and several members were taken by a Goddess.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Teacher broke Ingenue out of prison, recruiting her into his group.[4]

The only remaining intact Cauldron vials were expropriated from The Dealer.

The Undersiders set the groups plan back by several years.


After Gold Morning, Teacher took over the old Cauldron Compound and started recruiting an army..[5]

At some point, he took all of Balminders remaining Cauldron vials from him.[6]

Post-Fallen fallEdit

They were the main perpetrators of the Gimel portal Attack, using the war with Earth Cheit as a distraction and with plans to recruit or take down Goddess.[7]

Teacher recruits Scapegoat to his side, using Williams power to offset the negative aspects of his power.[8]

Teacher attempts to take over the parahuman prison, sending in drugged food that makes those who consume it resistant to Goddess' ability. Lung, the Pharmacist, Blindside, and Kingdom Come were also sent in at the groups behest.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

Teacher's Cauldron were revealed to have been subtly planting cyber attacks that would frame people, and ruin relationships within the heroic teams.[9]

They were working with higher up members of Earth Cheit.

After the prolonged battle in the Cauldron Compound the organization was scattered by heroes yet again, with leaders retreating to Earth Cheit and the majority of thralls being left into The Wardens hands.[10]

Members Edit

Name Description


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