The Suits are a group of parahumans from the United Kingdom and Europe.[1]

Goals & MethodsEdit

They presented themselves to the public as an elite group that was "hipper, cooler and more effective" than the King's Men. However, they were actually barely treading water as a group, in terms of funding and membership. Having lost several important members to Endbringers, well before They started attacking more often. Further their Merchandise had failed to catch on and depended on the financial assistance of the PRT.[1]

Their operations mostly covered Western Europe, although they had some involvement in the Middle East.[2]


King of Swords
Ace of Swords[3]
Four of Swords
Ten of Swords
Queen of Swords
King of Cups
Queen of Wands
Knave of Hearts
Knave of Clubs

The Suits managed different duties, classifying capes into groups for public service, fighting, intrigue, fast response and watching for malfeasance in other areas of the public. They wore costumes stylized after different card suits from the Italian and French decks – heart, club, spade, diamond, sword, wand, coin and cup.[4] Each group has a specific focus and a hierarchy, topped by Knave, Queen and with King at the very top.[5][2]

While they did wear more stereotypical hero costuming in the field they were known for wearing formal wear with masks; in the american scene this was typical of villains.[6]



Formed out of individuals and duos, early on hurting unit cohesion. The arrival of the Simurgh was a formative experience for the institution.[citation needed] The Suits received assistance and personnel from Cauldron.[7]

The TimeskipEdit

According to a possible future, there was an attack in December 2011 where the leadership of the Heart, Sword, Wand and Cup were all killed or incapacitated. This led to conflict within the group and some members leaving to join the Protectorate.[5][8][9][10]

Gold MorningEdit

Took a few licks, unknown if those that participated were those who were not based in the United Kingdom.

Post-Gold MorningEdit

Their actions at the event gave them a respectful reputation.[6]


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