The Strange Titan is a Titan born from an undisclosed Stranger.


The Strange Titan's personality and former identity are unknown, but they are actively hostile.[1]


The Strange Titan's appearance and gender are currently unknown, shielded from any external awareness by the unknown nature of its abilities.[1]

Even when weakened, the Titan appeared only as a figure made of white noise.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

The Strange Titan has an unknown ability to prevent any act that will make an individual aware of its precise location, appearance or activities. This effect extends to people, Thinker powers, cameras and any known form of observation. More than just blanking out awareness, this ability inherently prevents anyone from even attempting to look at the Titan.[3] The only way to know about the location of the Strange Titan is to keep track of the radius of this anti-observational effect.

Additionally, the Strange Titan has the ability to cause invasive horrific hallucinations, causing immediate, overwhelming and potentially permenant psychological damage. The precise nature of this power is unknown due to it being shielded from observation by it's first power. All that is known is that it seems to be a projected effect, perhaps in the form of a beam or ray, due to the fact that it cannot penetrate sufficent cover.[1]


The Ice BreaksEdit

Director Armstrong received a report of an unknown Stranger turning into a Titan on Cheit.[4]

During Legend's debriefing of the Titans to the Wardens and other assembled heroes and villains, he gave details on the Strange Titan.[5]

The Strange Titan eventually joined Fortuna's network.[6]

The Strange Titan was the closest Titan to one of the entry-points to The Shardspace, so it mobilized against trespassers second after Skadi.[7] However, it was relatively slow and arrived together with Ophion, shortly after the faster Nemean. The Stranger started poaching cape-teams at the fringes, while being impossible to attack themselves, so heroes were forced to block their approach by destroying the environment.[8] It continued putting the pressure and forcing capes into cover during the battle, not being very noticeably affected in power even after the Firmament was bombed.[9]


  • The Strange Titan's power (especially the inability to even try to look at it) heavily resembles Blindside's; however, at the moment any connection is speculative.


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