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The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand


June 19, 2013


Continental United States


Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Hundreds to thousands of civilians
  • Near-total

The Timeskip



The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand is the unofficial name of the events that marks the revival of the Slaughterhouse Nine. It takes place over several battles.


After several confrontations with the Protectorate and Defiant, the remaining members of the Nine, Jack Slash, Skinslip, Night Hag, Hookwolf and Bonesaw attacked Toybox, obtaining their technology.[1][2] Now enclosed in their own dimension thanks to Dodge's pocket dimension technology, the Nine were safe from the manhunt.

Using Glace's technology, Jack Slash and Hookwolf placed themselves in stasis, along with nine clones each of all of the previous and current members of the Slaughterhouse Nine who had DNA samples availible for cloning[3]. Bonesaw used Blasto's tech and samples to create the clones, but was unable to retrieve a few of the member's DNA. Bonesaw decided to oversee the process, rather than freeze herself, using Cranial's memory altering tech to make sure each clone wasn't a simple blank slate. She spent the next two years simulating trigger events for each member, making sure they were as close as possible to the original in both personalities and quirks.

Two years later, Jack Slash, Hookwolf and the rest of the clones woke up, and, after a brief recovery phase, returned to Earth Bet.

List of Battles[]

  • The Slaughterhouse Nine Thousand first emerge in Killington, killing or taking hostage the inhabitants of the small town.[4]
  • Several of the Nine's more mental-based capes attack Schenectady.[5]
  • Dragon takes on a bus of members.
  • Weaver and others take the fight to the Nine's pocket dimension.
  • From there, they move to the part of Los Angeles hit by Tohu and Bohu's attack. Most of the remaining members of the Nine are there, and they have their final battle.
    • Two more groups were teleported to Houston and New York at the same time.


The remaining Harbinger clones are recruited by Cauldron, while everyone celebrates cautiously. The remaining clones flee. While Jack Slash is trapped, he talks to Scion, causing Gold Morning.


  • There are not actually nine thousand members, the name comes from fans and is mostly used for aesthetics. Quoted as being around 281.[4][6]
    • Originals - Jack Slash, Bonesaw, Hookwolf, Skinslip, Night Hag = 5
    • 1 Gray Boy and 5 hybrid capes. = 6
    • 9 Kings, 9 Screamers, 9 Harbingers, 9 Breeds, 9 Crimsons, 9 Nyx, 9 Psychosomas, 9 Cherish, 9 Hatchet Face, 9 Miasma, 9 Murder Rats, 9 Mannequin, 9 Siberian, 9 Crawler, 9 Winter, 9 Chuckles, 9 Nice Guy, 9 Night Hag, 9 Skinslip, 9 Shatterbirds, 9 Burnscar, 9 Damsel of Distress. 22 sets. = 198
    • Leaving 72 clones, or eight sets that don't appear in-story.
  • Clones were generally less dangerous then the originals due to the cobbled together nature of their memories in the place of real experience, [7] and less mature connections to their passenger.[8]
    • The did have various psychological improvements over the originals, to keep them functioning long term.[9]
  • Bonesaw, ever the artist, modified members of the 9000 to make them fit into their roles as pastiches of their templates. These included additions and tattoos and body types.[10] She also made sure they were in the best physical shape possible,[11] with complex protections and defenses,[12]likely similar to regular members of the slaughterhouse nine.[13][14][15]


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    Glace. A tinker specializing in cryogenics and stasis.


    I stared at the laptop. It was still on the last page. Glace.

    “Cryogenics,” I said.

    “Stasis,” Miss Militia agreed. “The pressure grew too intense, with Defiant and Dragon’s pursuit, they weren’t recovering from losses fast enough. They’ve gone into hiding, and we think they plan to wait.” - Excerpt from Cell 22.2
  2. Bonesaw was crouched by the side of a machine. She watched with hands on hips as Blasto ratcheted in a bolt at the base of a tall, black-handled lever, his movements jerky with the internal and external mechanisms that forced them.


    Bonesaw stepped over the body of a dead tinker in a lab coat, stopping in front of Jack. - Excerpt from 20.x (Donation Interlude 1; Stan)
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    They engaged the eight with their own perception abilities, intervening to assist a group of others. As a pair, they opened fire with guns, then waded into hand to hand combat.

    The entity looked at the male, and it saw the connection to the same shard as the eight. His connection was stronger, more mature. - Excerpt from Interlude 26
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  11. “See, Bonesaw did a very good job of putting my army together. Each is in the prime of their life, fit, in fighting shape.”

    “Aw shucks,” a girl’s voice said, offscreen.

    “Their psychologies are close to what they should be, all things considered. Except for tweaks, here and there. I’m good when it comes to wrangling the wicked, but Bonesaw apparently felt two hundred and eighty would be too many, even for me. She’s made them loyal. They’ll listen better. The most unpredictable and dangerous have been touched up, the edges rounded off. While interacting with me, anyways. I won’t sully your experience on that front.

    “No. They’re obedient and servile only when I require them to be. If you fail in your task, then I’ll give them one last task, to kill the one thousand people we agreed to in the terms of our wager, and then I’ll disband the group. They’ll be free to run rampant, to do as they see fit. Wreak chaos. I’ll take a vacation, sit back with a Mai Tai and watch the show.” - Excerpt from Sting 26.1
  12. She’d been shot in the ribcage, along to the side, and one of her arms had been clipped. Flesh was burned and raw, ribs in one spot exposed and blackened.

    “Small graces,” she said. “Bonesaw built me durable.”

    “More durable than a human?”

    “Reinforcements here and there,” she said. She winced at the pain. “She removed most of it because it wasn’t meant to last.” - Excerpt from Dying 15.5
  13. “You’re not really in a position to be making demands,” Trickster said. “You’re bleeding to death, and we do have the ability to hurry the process along.”

    Cherish shrugged. “Bonesaw gave me the works. Mesh sheaths for every major artery and organ, wire reinforcement for my skeleton. It’s not going to kill me anytime soon.”

    I made a mental note of that. Chances were good that Jack, Bonesaw and the other more vulnerable members of the Nine had some similar protection. How differently would things have played out if Ballistic had used his power and blown them up?

    “I could,” Trickster threatened. “Or we could wait and see which happens first: Either you agree to share the information we want or you slowly bleed out.”

    “A game of chicken? I’m down.” Cherish prodded her injury with a fingertip. It was clear it hurt, but she still stuck a finger into the hole and investigated some. “The auto-injection pump is dosing me with painkillers and antibiotics now. First time feeling this stuff work.” - Excerpt from Snare 13.7
  14. “A benefit of little Bonesaw’s smoke,” Jack answered. “If I recall correctly, it’s something of a safeguard in case she accidentally deploys a concoction she hasn’t immunized herself or the rest of our team against. The fact that it works against bugs and small rodents is a side benefit, rather than the intent. Bonesaw’s work has made us members of the Nine more or less immune to disease anyways.”

    “And the gunshot?”

    “Subdermal mesh. There’s more protection around the spine and organs, and you landed that shot pretty close to my spine. It hurts quite a bit.” - Excerpt from Prey 14.10
  15. Jack paced back and forth, two or three steps at a time, gesticulating with his knife. “I was looking forward to Cherish’s attempt. Bonesaw and I even had a plan in mind. I wanted to see what she did, how she worked around Siberian’s immunity to her power… then the safeguards Bonesaw implanted in us would have kicked in and released us from her thrall, and oh, the look on her face. To have seen that would have been so very worth all the trouble. And that girl just spoiled it all.”


    Jack was getting heated, talking mostly to himself. “That was the whole point! To see how long we could go without tipping her off. Bonesaw helped with some surgery, even some artificial neural connections that Cherish wouldn’t be able to see. So much work and preparation ruined.” - Excerpt from Plague 12.4

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