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The study materials they gave out said it would feel hopeless. More than any other fight against Endbringers.

Victoria, Last 20.6

The Simurgh (formally pronounced "see-MOORG" or "SEE-moorg" in US English[12] and "sim-MOORG" in UK English[13]) is the third of the Endbringers to appear.


Eidolon built the Simurgh with a fundamental drive to go to war against him.[14] However, because he unknowingly built her from greater structures intended to salvage a situation where the host species eliminated itself, she also has a drive to collect, consolidate, and sort information[15] produced by parahumans and humanity in a world of conflict.[16][17] The Simurgh describes these drives as being just as fundamental to her as water and food are for humans.[15]

If she is unable to fulfill any of these drives, she will take actions that work towards making it possible again:

  • When Gold Morning occurred, the Simurgh concludes that Scion is now an obstacle to remove:[18] she starts planning for his death via hijacking Dinah's plot[19] of creating Khepri[20][21] and also begins planning for events after his death.[22] As she believes the cycle had failed and that the world would eventually be shattered after Scion's death if left alone,[23] the Simurgh explicitly intends to merge with Titan Fortuna,[24][25] take control of Fortuna's network, and start creating a forced simulation.[26][15][27][28] In this forced simulation, humanity is in a caste system[29] and pushed to its limit[16] in a ceaseless struggle to hurt one another with provided tools and powers.[30][31] Although the Simurgh acknowledges a forced simulation is not as ideal as an organically emergent one, she would be able to satisfy her drive to glean information in her three hundred remaining years.[15] She seeks to establish a system that will last until another entity arrives in an estimated three or four billion years.[17]
  • After Eidolon's death, the Simurgh explicitly intends to recreate her creator to satisfy her drive to war against him.[14] While building a cloning device[32] during Gold Morning, she hides it inside a weapon[33] and refers to it as being cradled.[34] She goes out of her way to protect this device in the ensuing fight against Scion;[35][36] however, she fails her objective as Scion forces her to lose it,[37] and Lung destroys the infant Eidolon with the help of Teacher's precognitives[38] after Gold Morning.[39] Ten minutes after Lung's success, the Simurgh personally confronts and stares at him before returning to orbit.[40] Although she makes no further attempts to clone Eidolon over the next two years,[41][42] the Simurgh plans on recreating him to be her nemesis once she has merged with Titan Fortuna and set up her forced simulation.[14]
  • According to Fortuna, the Simurgh would make efforts to recreate a new, artificial humanity to use as playthings if humanity went extinct by outside forces.[43]

When confronting blind spots, the Simurgh appears to favor the shotgun approach.[44] According to Tattletale, the Simurgh knows she will be blind sometimes; in a fight, the Simurgh collects and stacks pieces to ideally reach a point where she has so many factors on her side that she can make blind moves and still win.[45]

The Simurgh refers to herself as female.[46][47]


Her Creator[]

She calls Eidolon an administrator of the highest order[48] and uses male pronouns when referring to her creator.[14] Eidolon, who has Eden's counterpart shard to Scion's Queen Administrator,[49] created her via the shard network[50] out of Eden's[51][52] pool of emergency resources.[48] The Simurgh is essentially a revamped version of the "Endbringer Lite" Eden would have theoretically deployed.[51]

Valkyrie acknowledges her as Eidolon's long-time opponent; two years after his death, a mere mention of the Simurgh's name would agitate his shade.[53] According to Tattletale, she has a real love-hate relationship with him: the Simurgh respects him despite going to war against him.[5]


The Simurgh appears as a fifteen-foot tall woman, waif-thin and unclothed.[54] Her facial features are delicate:[55] the Simurgh is beautiful in every conventional sense with classically attractive features such as high cheekbones, luxurious hair, and a delicate, thin frame.[56] However, her eyes are silver, dull, cold, and empty.[57][55] The Simurgh's hair is almost as long as she is tall and is, like the rest of her form, platinum-white,[54] appearing gossamer-fine and straight.[58]

Besides her height and coloring her major distinguishing features are the variety of asymmetrically and apparently randomly placed feathered wings, which appear excessively large compared to her body.[59] In fact given her body is a smooth facsimile,[60] repeatedly described as being "hollow", or made entirely from carefully placed wings, which trace the outline of any body parts she may have lost in combat.[61] She often wraps her three largest wings around herself.

After seeing her face, despite having no particular feature or quality that he could point to, Trickster found it harder to ascribe any kind of human quality to her.[55] Taylor found her appearance horrifying in the sense that it was all framed;[56] when the Simurgh's hair blew in the wind as if each strand was separate, Taylor believed it was a deliberate intimidating presentation.[58]

Abilities and Powers[]

Psychic Echolocation[]

The Simurgh continuously emits a psychic 'scream' - a type of psychic echolocation that allows her to scan her surroundings while exerting psychic pressure to alter behavior, implant messages, or create compulsions.[62] Her "hibernation" state in orbit allows her to make low-intensity scans of the planet with this sense.[46][62] To victims, it is usually perceived as a scream in the back of their minds, constantly changing in pitch and tone.[63] However, she was capable of keeping it inaudible.[64][62]

The Simurgh exhibits precognition, perfect awareness of the immediate future, and the more she sings/scans the further it reaches.[65][62] She sees the past in a similar manner, and can focus on a single target for faster information, but is blind to the present moment. The presence of other precognitives obscured possibilities from her sight, as did Eidolon and Scion, and certain other powers. She could see things that were otherwise obscured by looking at people's perceptions of them, or otherwise observing their consequences, as well as by predicting their most likely course.[46]

By DamienDraidecht

She uses these scans to make long-term predictions of behavior and activity (in the order of months and years) to turn human beings into rube-goldberg devices, with whole streams or strings of horrific events occurring in areas she's been active.[62] She can influence machines as well as people.[46][66] With enough knowledge of a subject, she can evoke memories subconsciously through her posture and actions. By placing a target in a stressful environment, this can be used to cause hallucinations.[46]

Borrowing Powers[]

Although the Simurgh is normally unable to make tinker devices herself,[67] her scream can pull on nearby Tinker powers.[68] As long as Tinkers stay within scream range, her scream can allow her to borrow their schematics[69] and techniques,[62] copy the design of specific devices present,[69] and collect knowledge to create related tinker tech via a Thinker/Trump sort of approach.[11] The Simurgh can also choose to create a macro-scale version of their devices from surrounding materials.[62] If relevant Tinkers are not nearby, she can only make cosmetic changes to her tinker devices.[70]

Tinker Devices

Her scream can allow her to pull on the perception powers of nearby Thinkers and tap into them; as long as they stay within scream range, she can then borrow those specific powers.[78] When the Simurgh was not fighting during Gold Morning, she tried to stay near Tattletale to pull on her power.[79] However, she still filters these borrowed powers through her scream: despite having control of the Mathers Giant and being in the same room as Tattletale and Victoria Dallon, she was unable to see Dinah and thus stop the Dinah-influenced Victoria[80] from disabling the Mathers Giant.[81][82] The Simurgh also lacks the processing power[83] to borrow any perception-based powers from Contessa:[84] despite perching on Titan Fortuna's shoulder during their precog duel,[85] Fortuna still had a hundred times the Simurgh's strength.[22] When Fortuna and Contessa worked in concert to quickly execute a path without investigating it too much, the Simurgh could not tamper with it, forcing her to leave.[86]

Telekinesis and Flight[]

The Simurgh is a powerful telekinetic capable of tossing buildings and flight.[62][87][63] She could strike a hundred targets simultaneously with thrown debris.[88] She could create "decoys" out of debris capable of fooling Scion.[63][89][90] Her telekinesis was seemingly Manton-limited,[91] but could still throw capes around by manipulating debris, cape-created material and costumes.[91][63]

Other Abilities[]

The Simurgh has incredible durability, at least for her largest wing,[92] and can regenerate[61] thanks to her Endbringer physiology. Like other Endbringers, she cannot be predicted easily with the typical Thinker danger sense[93] and is also a blind spot to the typical precognition,[94] including Contessa.[95][96] That said, she is not a blind spot for Titan Fortuna.[97]



The Simurgh was the third Endbringer to appear, appearing just after the turn of the millennium. She first appeared in Lausanne, Switzerland in December 2002[98], and initially appeared benevolent and cooperative while psychically manipulating the people around her for three days, [99] after which she let out her first 'audible' psychic scream. [100] Most residents of the Swiss capital, due to exposure to her mental manipulation, became violent and aggressive, attempting to kill as many people as they could and disrupt the world's resistance to the Endbringers as much as possible. This caused havoc throughout the country and the continent with wide ranging consequences. Lausanne's population was barricaded in and bombed. James Tagg was one of the people involved in that campaign.[101]

She attacked London on August 12th, 2003. It is unknown what the outcome of this event was.

The Simurgh was responsible for the corruption of Sphere, leading him to become the serial killer and Slaughterhouse Nine member known as Mannequin.[102]

She also attacked Madison, Wisconsin, in December 2009. Heroes won,[103] but as in previous attacks the aftermath necessitated the quarantine of the city. The Travelers were created as a by-product of this attack, which set the stage for multiple other events.

The Simurgh also attacked Canberra on February 24th, 2011; the event was a Scion no-show, but a Legend/Eidolon victory.[104] The aftermath of this attack necessitated the construction of a dome around the city.[105] This was a factor in Canary having a highly biased trial that sent her to the birdcage.[106]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

The Travelers and the emergence of The Echidna performed their intended function, it is unknown if the resultant portal was planned. The revelation of Cauldron to the larger parahuman community and the subsequent schisms in The Protectorate was likely planned.

Prevented Dragon finding out crucial information from Panacea.[107]


The Simurgh's use of the Travelers culminates in the near-assassination of Chevalier and Tattletale and the death of Accord by the expelled Traveler member Perdition at New Delhi. It is unknown whether the death of Behemoth was predicted, given Scion's and Eidolon's interference.


Attacked Paris on December 19th 2012 and accessed Earth Shin.[108]

Gold Morning[]

Was recruited by the Undersiders and the Guild into the effort against Zion. Her first mission was to fight off The Yàngbǎn.[109]

Later, after her sibling Leviathan was used to punish The Elite, she upgraded him.

It is unknown if the Simurgh was involved in the creation of Khepri. She was able to fake her destruction at Zion's hands and helped to break his mind.[110]

Post-Gold Morning[]

Apparently, tried to clone Eidolon only for it to be destroyed.[111]


She is recorded as being inactive for the two years since Gold Morning.[42]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Reports had it as her being active again,[112] her intentions were unknown.[113]

Post-Assault on the Time Bubbles[]

After Dauntless undergoes a broken trigger and merges with his shard, the Simurgh approaches the Kronos Titan and begins 'whispering to it'.[114].

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

Ziz abandoned her perch for a moment after the encounter with Chevalier.[115] But returned back after the threat had passed.[116]

The Ice Breaks[]

Simurgh switched her nest from Kronos to Fortuna.[117] According to the Wardens' think-tank Simurgh scrambles Fortuna's communication.[118] Simurgh had managed to outplan the titan. Their duel was interrupted by the interference in The Shardspace.[97]

After ensuring her domination over Fortuna Titan, Simurgh set up Cryptid emotionally, sabotaged Dragon's efforts, and fed pieces of herself to the Machine Army. Whereas before it was believed acted to create a future where Humanity wipes itself out in three hundred years, it is shown that Simurgh is an exigency function. When control over Titan Fortuna is established she would dominate the reminding human population and farm them, creating a society of torment and perpetual violence to cultivate as much information out of the broken cycle as was possible, and preserve the world for three or four billion years until a new Entity would arrive.[47] She skipped attending the Wardens' meeting.[119]

When the Wardens attempted an assault on her, she humored them for a while, then deployed the Machine Army to tie their forces, and went straight to their HQ.[120] She later ambushed the leading group, that was securing the complex, killing several heroes in the process.[121] Meanwhile, Simurgh-compromised individuals put pressure on the Wardens thinkers.[122]

The Simurgh for a short period took over the Mathers Giant, that was used to sedate all her other victims. It allowed her to wreak a massive chaos and kill a dozen or so capes.[123] Antares was able to turn the tide by disabling the Giant and temporarily blinding the Simurgh to the people present with Dinah Alcott's help. The Simurgh was cut in half with Precipice's blades, but escaped.[124]

The Endbringer attempted to proceed with its plan to subsume Titan Fortuna. However, Dauntless, who now has the help of Fortuna's sight, guides the direction of a G-driver blast into knocking the Simurgh into Sleeper's storm; she was trapped, lay prone, and was taken out of the picture entirely.[125][126] She was still dealt with even after Sleeper retreated from the area.[127]

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x. Interlude: End Appears


"She seemed human, but fifteen or so feet tall, waif-thin, and unclothed.  Her hair whipped around her, nearly as long as she was tall and platinum-white.  The most shocking part of it all was the wings; she had so many, asymmetrical and illogical in their arrangement, each with pristine white feathers.  The three largest wings folded around her protectively, far too large in proportion to her body, even with her height.  Other wings of varying size fanned out from the joints of others, from the wing tips, and from her spine.  Some seemed to be positioned to give the illusion of modesty, angled around her chest and pelvis." - Migration 17.1
"She turned to one side, and Krouse could make out her face.  Her features were delicate with high cheekbones.  Her eyes were gray from corner to corner.  And cold.  There was nothing he could point to, no particular feature or quality that could help him explain why or how, but seeing her face made it harder to ascribe any kind of human quality to her. If he’d been thinking she had a sense of modesty before, he didn’t now." - Migration 17.1


  • This article includes information from a chapter that Wildbow said he would likely change later.
  • Wildbow commented on March 30, 2015, that the Simurgh is the only Endbringer he has not seen drawn accurately yet because artists tend to under-scale the size of her wings.[128] However, he later commented on June 3, 2016, that he was a huge fan of the illustration by DamienDraidecht on DeviantArt because of the intensity and scale of the wings.[129]
  • "Simurgh" is a benevolent, mythical flying creature. It is sometimes equated with other mythological birds such as Arabic Anqā, Persian Homā or Turkic Kerkés, Semrug, Semurg, Samran, and Samruk.
  • "Ziz" is the third creature in what can be called an Abrahamic trinity of beasts. As Leviathan is first among the creatures of the water, and Behemoth is first among the creatures of the land, Ziz is first among the creatures of the air. This serves as a larger clue to the Endbringers' constructed nature that they deliberately tap into these belief structures.
  • In Isaiah 6:2, above the throne of God  "...were seraphim, each with six wings: With two wings they covered their faces, with two they covered their feet, and with two they were flying." In the Bible "feet" often stood as a euphemism for genitalia (Deut 28: 57) (Ezekiel 16:25). Simurgh's multiple wings and attempt at modesty might, therefore, be a reference to Biblical seraphim.

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    There is a task to be completed, but things must be set in place first.

    An obstacle must be removed. This is critical, but she is blind to it. This is the greatest problem she faces. - Excerpt from Interlude 28
  19. “My agenda is and always has been what’s best for humanity. I predicted the end of the world. I positioned the right people in the right places. Khepri.” - From Within 16.3
  20. “This isn’t a solution,” she said, without looking up. “You said a second trigger wouldn’t work. This is… it’s so crude you couldn’t even call it a hack job.”

    The Simurgh’s screaming continued.

    Dinah had left me two notes.

    The Simurgh had reminded me of the second.

    ‘I’m sorry.’

    It wasn’t an apology for the consequences of the first note. No, Dinah hadn’t approached me since. She hadn’t decided I’d fulfilled the terms and deemed it okay to finally contact me again.

    Two words, telling me that something ugly was going to happen. Directed at me.
    But there was a possibility that it referred to me. That it was tied to our ability to come out ahead at the end of all this. To some slim chance. - Venom 29.9
  21. Wildbow: That wasn't the Simurgh apologizing. It was her reminding Taylor of what Dinah wrote.

    Doctor Mod: Best Girl my blind eye! Thanks for the insight. Seeing that and even seeing Dinah in the final chapters I never thought of that. It feels like so long ago she got that note. Literally and in story!

    Wildbow: What do you think Dinah was apologizing for, if not for Khepri? - Conversation with Wildbow on Sufficient Velocity, archived on Spacebattles
  22. 22.0 22.1 We began this fight when you broke, child, the Titan Fortuna thought, trying to communicate to the battered kernel of human consciousness within herself.

    She began this two years ago, when Gold Morning occurred. It doesn’t matter that we have a hundred times her strength. She’s within paces of the finish line, and she’s no stupid rabbit racing a tortise. Nearly every action she could take brings her closer to a checkmate. - Radiation 18.z
  23. The cycle had failed. If left to go on its own, the world would be shattered. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  24. So it went. Machines tore into her and studied her. This would play a part in removing three more threats from play. Later, a subversion of this network in coordination with her integration with Titan Fortuna would let her spread her signal. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  25. It felt bad. I was aware of the running clock. The countdown Dragon had provided had shut off when she’d gone dark, but that was for Simurgh exposure. We had another countdown- the time before she merged with Titan Fortuna and enacted her plan. - Last 20.2
  26. “Let’s assume they have clear goals. The Simurgh wants… that. Whatever that was. Humanity under her sway, her with Titans, Endbringers, and an army of capes brought back from the dead to protect her. Titan Fortuna wants to bring about the end of our world so their species can try their hand at replicating. Both have similar endpoints. But those are just that. Endpoints. What happens after the end?”

    “The world is enslaved, or the world blows up,” Byron said.


    “The slavery, it seems like. The world blowing up… don’t know.” - Infrared 19.10
  27. Logic told me that this was one of our last shots. We had to hurt her, take her down a peg so she couldn’t win that tug of war against Titan Fortuna and take over the entire system. - Last 20.3
  28. The reality we saw. She connected to Fortuna and she screamed, and the world screamed with her. We were entirely at her mercy. - Last 20.6
  29. Elsewhere, other pieces of the same machine were being programmed with the impulses, needs and courses that would slot them neatly into the superstructure. There were researchers, theorists, civil managers, stables, farms. Populations were bred to bring out traits that would fit them to their role, refine their ability to think the way they needed to think for their roles. Controlled randomness threw wrenches into the works, keeping minds agile and forcing them to adapt. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  30. Thirty years in the future, a child was programmed. Messages, impulses, and a noise that ears weren’t receptive to reached into a pregnant belly and they filled the child with rage.

    The mother held her belly with both arms as the child thrashed and kicked within its hot bath of amniotic fluid, smiling.

    Every living thing was an extension of a greater machine. These children would be trained, weeded out, honed, and made into exceptional weapons, before being flung at one another. Powers would be distributed by a system, utilized against one another, analyzed, and broken down. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  31. The baby here, when born, would join a caste of the population driven to find the worst and most inventive ways to hurt one another with the tools and powers they were provided with. Brother against sister, kin against kin, in a ceaseless struggle from birth to deathbed that spanned generations. Other segments of the population were made to work harder by the fear that they would be in the bottom seven percent of their caste, given over to people like the torturer this baby would grow up to become.

    The mother felt pride that she herself had been programmed to feel, imagining the monster her child might become. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  32. “Actually, no. I had suspicions, but the Endbringer making a baby wasn’t one of them.” - Teneral e.5
  33. A glass tube, three feet across, seven and a half feet long, capped in metal at either end.

    This will be step six in a nine step process. For now, she puts it aside, buries it in a larger weapon, forming a decorative gun barrel around the glass. The weapon will fire through other means.

    The ones who observe her through cameras and with their own eyes will not report this. They lack the background to know what this tube might be, and this event will be dismissed as unimportant or they will leave it to someone else to report. The events are entered into a log, and the subjects overseeing the logs are either asleep or preoccupied. - Excerpt from Interlude 28
  34. The tube is fully encapsulated, hidden.

    Cradled. - Excerpt from Interlude 28
  35. 35.0 35.1 He hit her, and he sent her flying through the crowd. Capes were turned into bloody smears as she collided with them, and the Simurgh was driven to the very far edge of the settlement, to the beaches at the edge of the bay. The countless guns were pulverized.
    The Simurgh held one gun. A single weapon she’d salvaged and sheltered with her body and wings in the instants before Scion had attacked her. - Venom 29.2
  36. “A quarantine area. That was the weapon the Endbringer was using.”

    A gun. It was dark gray with a faint green speckled coating on it, where one material had been broken down and incorporated into the outer coating. There was a gouge in the side where a feather had cut the housing, but it was otherwise intact.

    Over and over, the Simurgh had protected the weapon. He’d seen it, had checked the footage, had seen her go out of her way to shield it with her wings. She’d done it subtly, most of the time, events contriving to make it look more accidental than anything. - Teneral e.5
  37. The weapon had been lost in the course of the battle, and the heroes had decided to minimize contact with the thing, locking it away. - Teneral e.5
  38. He was all too aware that he could be walking into her trap. He had enough precogs around himself and, in that video, around Lung, that the Simurgh shouldn’t have been able to leverage her full power against them, but she could have put things in place, not knowing exactly who, but still knowing it would be bad. - Teneral e.5
  39. The light caught the glass, at first, obscuring the contents.

    A baby. Male. With large ears and a large round nose. Not attractive, as babies went.
    Lung touched a burning hand to the glass, melting it. Water steamed on contact with his claw.
    The water was crimson and boiling by the time Lung withdrew his claw. - Teneral e.5
  40. “The… incident?” Teacher asked.

    “Ten minutes from now,” a student said. “He growls a bit, but there isn’t anything we can make out. He was just walking, and our camera follows”
    He stepped up onto the surface, his clawed feet sliding where they were too long and wide to fit on one..

    The Simurgh was waiting.

    Lung was her height, bristling with scales. She looked more human of the two, pale, her hair blowing a bit in the wind, unreadable.
    “She returned to orbit.” - Teneral e.5
  41. “Things are better this time,” Sveta said. “We’ve learned from mistakes. It’s a fresh start. The Endbringers are dormant, we’re finally building things without them being torn down all the time.” - Flare 2.6
  42. 42.0 42.1 “The remaining Endbringers are quiet,” Capricorn said. - Excerpt from Beacon 8.12
  43. A path that began with humanity devastated and dying of plague, the silver woman denied her pawns, the Titans assimilated into a greater cluster where Titan Fortuna herself was not in charge… instead ended with the silver woman in control of the network, a new, artificial humanity being created as playthings. - Radiation 18.z
  44. Then she fired the guns. Hers and Kid Win’s.

    The shotgun approach. Cover as wide an area as possible, cover as many bases as possible, in the hopes that something hits. - Venom 29.2
  45. “It’s not that easy. She knows she’ll be blind, here and there. She collects and stacks the pieces. At a certain point, she’s got so many factors on her side she can make blind moves and still win. That’s where she’s at now. There’s no king for us to take, no weak point to capitalize on, no silver bullet or special trick,” Tattletale said. - Last 20.6
  46. 46.0 46.1 46.2 46.3 46.4 Excerpt from Interlude 28
  47. 47.0 47.1 Infrared 19.z
  48. 48.0 48.1 Her creator was an administrator of the highest order, and she had been selected out of a pool of emergency resources. All of her kind had. Behemoth had been created to break stasis, Leviathan to take away resources in space and land, forcing communities into conflict as they were made to relocate. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  49. HighSlayerRalton: Taylor is Eidolon's 'reflection'. Or rather, the Queen Administrator is the High Priest's reflection.

    Taylor gets to administrate bugs, because Scion damaged and limited his Queen Administrator shard before distributing it.

    Eidolon gets to administrate the pool of shards Eden was reorganising when she crashed (including the power-drawing ability), because Eden was still using her Queen Administrator counterpart to do that at the time.

    The kid who controls bugs and the world's most powerful superhero are two sides of the same coin.

    Wildbow: Yeah, pretty sure I already confirmed this elsewhere, but this is a great summary of it. - Conversation with Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles
  50. Medium-term consequence: the shard network begins producing Endbringers that Superman can't stop that Eidolon could. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles
  51. 51.0 51.1 If people start forming alliances/peace and Eden sees it as too much trouble to sabotage, then she sics an Endbringer Lite on them, and then works with the remains. - Wildbow on Reddit, archived on Spacebattles
  52. Assuming that Cauldron's operatives maybe killed Eden but then just sat on their hands/died, the Endbringers don't exist, the cauldron vials aren't spread out, and there's less of the really powerful parahumans here and there who're capable of acting decisively. - Wildbow on Spacebattles
  53. The Simurgh, was the reply.

    Almost instinctively, another spirit deep inside her shifted, agitated. Eidolon. David. The man’s battery was nearly spent, and the cost of replenishing it was high.

    Stirred to life by the mere mention of his long-time opponent. - Excerpt from Interlude 9 II
  54. 54.0 54.1 She seemed human, but fifteen or so feet tall, waif-thin, and unclothed.  Her hair whipped around her, nearly as long as she was tall and platinum-white.  The most shocking part of it all was the wings; she had so many, asymmetrical and illogical in their arrangement, each with pristine white feathers.  The three largest wings folded around her protectively, far too large in proportion to her body, even with her height.  Other wings of varying size fanned out from the joints of others, from the wing tips, and from her spine.  Some seemed to be positioned to give the illusion of modesty, angled around her chest and pelvis. - Excerpt from Migration 17.1
  55. 55.0 55.1 55.2 She turned to one side, and Krouse could make out her face.  Her features were delicate with high cheekbones.  Her eyes were gray from corner to corner.  And cold.  There was nothing he could point to, no particular feature or quality that could help him explain why or how, but seeing her face made it harder to ascribe any kind of human quality to her.  If he’d been thinking she had a sense of modesty before, he didn’t now. - Excerpt from Migration 17.1
  56. 56.0 56.1 Beautiful in every conventional sense, in that every classically attractive feature was there, from the delicate, thin frame to the high cheekbones to the luxurious hair… horrifying in the manner it was all framed. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.4
  57. The Simurgh twisted in the air, staring at us with eyes that had nothing to them. One silver eye, and one perfect silver orb in a badly tarnished silver skull framed by wisps of hair. - Excerpt from Last 20.7
  58. 58.0 58.1 It was the hair that got me. Gossamer-fine, silver-white, straight, it blew in the wind as if each strand were a separate entity. Not in clumps or locks, but a curtain of strands ten times as dramatic as something one might see in a digitally altered hair commercial.

    Artificial. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.4
  59. Simurgh – A creature that appears as a freakishly tall woman with a countless number of wings fanning out from her body, some fanning out from other wings. A precognitive, telekinetic, clairvoyant with a psychic scream. - Cast (spoiler free)
  60. A single crack at the lattice at one shoulder widened, inching down toward one nipple-less breast. Just from the stresses.
    She was blocking more of what we were putting out.  Her chest gaped open, the laser had flensed away flesh, revealing more of the feather-lattice across her arm and upper body, half of her face was damaged, revealing bone like dark, tarnished silver, and her wings were, by contrast, mostly intact. - Excerpt from Last 20.7
  61. 61.0 61.1 She was already healing. Missing wings were growing back, and her lower body existed as a series of feathers, touching end to end, or end to middle. Like she was the thinnest of lace, formed of feathers harder than steel. It gave her legs, and suggested she was hollow, where Behemoth had had a skeleton and a core. - Excerpt from Last 20.a
  62. 62.0 62.1 62.2 62.3 62.4 62.5 62.6 62.7 The Simurgh is the third. She's only 15 feet tall but has a massive wingspan. The key to understanding her is her psychic 'scream' - this is basically a kind of psychic echolocation allowing her to scan her surroundings while exerting a psychic pressure to alter behavior, implant messages or create compulsions. She has precognition, perfect awareness of the immediate future, and the more she sings/scans the further it reaches. The byline for dealing with the Simurgh is that you'll probably win the fight but you'll lose the war. She uses these scans to make long-term predictions of behavior and activity (in the order of months and years) to turn human beings into rube-goldberg devices, with whole streams or strings of horrific events occuring in areas she's been active. This includes laying the groundwork for major heroes to be attacked at the opening of a future crisis, or the creation of supervillains of international notoriety. She's a telekinetic capable of tossing buildings, she flies, and her scanning ability lets her borrow and copy techniques and mental powers from others - including the power of tinkers (essentially scanning Iron Man and gaining the ability to make what he can make, then telekinetically pulling together a macro-scale version of his devices from surrounding materials). - Wildbow on Reddit
  63. 63.0 63.1 63.2 63.3 Migration 17.2
  64. No scream from the Simurgh. At least, not one I could detect. It would fit her to keep it beyond our notice, influencing us, the sort of card she would keep up her sleeve. To make the psychic scream ‘audible’, for lack of a better word, purely for spreading fear, then use it subtly at a time when she wasn’t attacking. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.4
  65. The Simurgh is shorter than her brothers, and sports a large number of asymmetrical wings. She possesses telekinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and a perpetual psychic scream. Seen as the most cunning and intelligent of the three, the Simurgh uses her precognition to employ long term schemes, each with Rube-Goldberg sequences of events, culminating in grave disasters and tragedies. - Cast (in depth)
  66. Excerpt from Cell 22.6
  67. 67.0 67.1 She couldn’t make tinker devices herself. She had to copy the designs of tinkers near her. He’d found who she’d copied, a now deceased cape from Brockton Bay, and he’d found the designs.

    There were discrepancies. - Teneral e.5
  68. Tattletale was caught up in a conversation with Knave of Clubs, and fell under the Simurgh’s shadow. The Simurgh, for her part, seemed to be busy building other tinker devices, drawing on the abilities of tinkers in the immediate area. - Venom 29.3
  69. 69.0 69.1 “Way I understand it, she needs to have a tinker in her sphere of influence to borrow their schematics, or a specific device, if she wants to copy it. - Venom 29.1
  70. Either way, she didn’t have schematics or anything she’d need to modify the guns.”

    “Or she can modify them, and it’s a card she’s been keeping up her sleeve for the last while. I mean, it was only three years ago or whatever that she really showed off her ability to copy a tinker’s work wholesale.”

    Tattletale nodded. She frowned. “I don’t like being in the dark. But that’s the gist of it. She made cosmetic changes because she couldn’t make concrete ones.” - Venom 29.1
  71. A vault holding the equipment of now-deceased supervillain ‘Professor Haywire’ was accessed by the Simurgh. Shortly after, the source alleges, the Simurgh activated a large-scale replica of the devices, depositing large amounts of foreign bodies in the heart of the city. - Migration 17.6
  72. A flash of golden light signaled Scion’s return to the scene of the fight. With one attack, he severed the halo in half, but the portal didn’t disappear. Instead, like watercolor paint, a different perspective began to bleed into the surrounding sky, too bright, too blue a sky, with pale, squat buildings almost glowing in the comparative absence of clouds. Larger chunks of buildings, massive rocks, and even chunks of earth with several trees rooted in them began to spill out and plunge to the ground.

    Scion held back on shooting again, instead charging himself with power. When he released it, it manifested as a slow radiance, a sphere of light that expanded from him in slow motion. The tear in reality dissipated, and everything the light touched stopped. Shifting clouds went still, objects that were flying through the air ceased moving and simply fell, and the ambient noises of destruction, fire and fighting was replaced by an all-too brief silence. Even the Simurgh’s song, Krouse realized, had momentarily stopped. - Excerpt from Migration 17.2
  73. The Simurgh had crafted another gun. They floated around her like satellites, firing only in those intermittent moments when she’d formed and loaded the necessary ammunition.

    Those are my guns,” Kid Win reported over the comms. “Bigger, but mine.“

    I didn’t like that she was screaming. It set an ugly tone to this whole venture. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.4
  74. One or two years old? Accelerated aging? Where had the Simurgh been in contact with a tinker with that particular knowledge? Bonesaw? - Teneral e.5
  75. Lung tore into the casing, much as he’d torn through the vault door.

    There was a scratch as Lung’s claw touched glass.

    He tore at the metal, peeling it away while preserving the glass.
    The monster turned to leave, the polluted water still popping behind him. - Teneral e.5
  76. Defiant’s head turned, as if Tattletale had said something.

    “Yeah,” Tattletale said. “Nanotech. Why do you think the fins were turning water to mist?”

    My tech?” Defiant asked.

    “Among one or two other advancements. If the density rules are in effect, I’d bet those fins are just as hard to cut through as Leviathan’s arm or torso. Disintegration effect, maybe something else.” - Cockroaches 28.5
  77. He wrenched it free, and tore out chunks of his own chest in the process. There was little left but the handle and the base of the sword. Needle-like lengths of metal speared out from the base, but the bulk of the sword’s material was gone. - Cockroaches 28.5
  78. Thinkers, too, I think she borrows their perception powers as long as she’s tapped into them. Might be why she’s attached to me. - Venom 29.1
  79. The Simurgh, for the time being, came part and parcel with Tattletale. When she wasn’t fighting, she was a distance away from my teammate and friend. - Speck 30.2
  80. “She skipped ahead. We thought we had a bit longer,” Tattletale said. “She jumped to going after Fortuna ten minutes early. We didn’t do enough for your plan.”


    I looked.

    Dinah had spoken. Now she pointed, one hand held to her head, grimacing.

    I looked, and I saw the syringe, empty.

    I grabbed it.

    There was only one valid target. - Last 20.5
  81. She can’t see Dinah. She can’t see us if we interact with Dinah.
    “That’s why I could get the syringe to the giant,” I said. “She didn’t see me to stop me?”

    Tattletale nodded. “Think so.” - Last 20.6
  82. This time I hit the plunger.

    The veil fell yet again. This time for real.

    The screaming picked up, faint at first, and then a roar. It was all an illusion. All a mind-fuck.

    She was here, perched. Fucking with us all the while. - Last 20.5
  83. Torrieltar: How fast can Path to Victory react to unforeseen changes?

    Wildbow: All changes are foreseen, as a rule. Can't cite anything, but there's a line that sorta appears in the story, where you run into the perfects (perfect defense, perfect offense) and stuff gets fucky - and the rule of thumb is that 'unless your ability beats -everything-, it doesn't beat this'. For processing power Contessa's ability would be on this level (as with Flechette's Sting, Clockblocker's inviolability, Siberian's invulnerability). - Conversation with Wildbow on Reddit
  84. hitherbydragons: Only, Contessa isn’t actually going to do all of these things: it’s just that she’ll do those things _in the world where the Simurgh is doing that plan._ So her power becomes a shape, a shadow, over the set of futures that the Simurgh can build. And normally vice versa, except that Contessa’s power apparently wins.
    wildbow: That is pretty much exactly right. - Comment by Wildbow on Crushed 24.4
  85. The Simurgh was perched on her shoulder. The video feed fritzed momentarily, and I could see faces in the crowd flinch. - Radiation 18.2
  86. The child refused to be a slave again. The Titan refused to be a slave for other reasons. But they were able to think and act in concert.

    A path. One that most likely ended in a desirable outcome. To investigate too much would leave it on the table long enough for the silver woman to get silver fingerprints on it.
    As if sensing the resolution, the silver woman turned and levitated herself away. Ceding the battle, or taking her own initial steps. - Radiation 18.z
  87. Excerpt from Migration 17.1
  88. Migration 17.3
  89. Speck 30.5
  90. Venom 29.2
  91. 91.0 91.1 She gave no sign she’d listened. Her telekinesis grabbed four members of the Yàngbǎn who’d gotten too close, lifting them by their costumes or by some other debris that had surrounded them.

    As if launched by catapults, they flew straight up, where they disappeared into the clouds above. - Excerpt from Cockroaches 28.4
  92. “Then go get Ingenue. Let’s get this started.”

    As Legend departed, Chevalier’s eyes didn’t leave the objects.

    One of the Simurgh’s severed wings. The largest wing, since regrown.

    Behemoth’s severed leg.

    They warped space for optimal density, were unbreakable with conventional means. Scion had taken seconds to obliterate Behemoth. - Excerpt from Interlude 28
  93. “Could it be an Endbringer?” Rain asked.

    “Jesus,” Byron said. “Don’t even joke. They’ve been dormant.”

    “They can’t be predicted easily with danger sense either,” I said. - Gleaming 9.12
  94. It wasn’t Jeanne who answered. Cinereal gave me my reply. “Thinkers say no. They’re either drawing blanks or they don’t like what they see.”

    “Nothing specific? No details?”

    “No,” Cinereal said. “But if you look at some of the other major thinker blind spots, you’re going to find yourself running into topics like Eidolon, Sleeper, the Endbringers, Valkyrie, the Island-state, the Pastor incident…”

    “Concentrations of power,” I said.

    Jeanne shook her head. “Complexity of power, most often. Whatever thinker powers come into play, with these cases, there’s often too many variables to fully consider, thinkers report that their powers are fuzzy, inconsistent, or blacked out.” - Blinding 11.4
  95. “Right, that wasn’t my second question. What I want to know is why the hell you haven’t used a power like yours to figure out how to beat the Endbringers.”

    “My power is a form of precognition,” she said. “Unlike most such powers, other precognitive abilities do not confuse it. That said, there are certain individuals it does not work against, the Endbringers included.”

    “Why?” Tecton asked.

    “No way to know for sure,” she said, “But we have theories. The first is that they have a built-in immunity, something their origins granted them.” - Crushed 24.2
  96. Not as I or my power understand circumstances, and my power understands everything outside of the blind spots that are Teacher, Valkyrie, the Simurgh, and two broken triggers that authorities aren’t aware happened.” - Dying 15.7
  97. 97.0 97.1 Radiation 18.z
  98. Interlude 24.x
  99. “So the whole world watched for something like three days, to see if she would be another Scion, or if she'd be something else. People approached, she even communicated with them some. Not talking, just gestures, I guess. Interacting might be a better word. And when we thought things would be okay, she made a move. The entire population of the city around her, with all the people who had come to talk with her and research her…” - Excerpt from Migration 17.2
  100. Tons of people gathered. Then she… sang? Screamed? Whatever this is.” - Excerpt from Migration 17.3
  101. Cell 22.2
  102. Plague 12.7
  103. In the aftermath, he gets a lion's share of the credit in the Endbringer defeat like Eidolon did with the Simurgh in Madison. - Comment by wildbow on Reddit
  104. Scarab 25.6
  105. Interlude 26.x
  106. Wildbow:
    Think of it in terms of political context, the simurgh attack on Australia being recent & rather a loss for the good guys, her being a Simurgh-alike, news & public perception turning on her, and other factors playing in.
    For Canary's court case ending up an uphill battle.
    People are ~scared~ of mind/emotion control. - Wildbow on Discord, Archived on Spacebattles
  107. Interlude 16.z
  108. Paris, December 19th, 2012 // Simurgh
    Notes: Victory by Scion.
    Target/Consequence: see file The Woman in Blue. See file United Capes. - Excerpt from Scarab 25.6
  109. Cockroaches 28.4
  110. Speck 30.6
  111. Teneral e.5
  112. “This was easy,” she said. “A touch sad, but easy. You were dealing with the Simurgh.”

    “She was restless but we can’t figure out what she was actually doing. It was scary but it was easy, as you put it. You can’t keep going like this. Why don’t you go back to the city and relax? Sit around in your comfortable clothes and watch movies. Go hang out with friends- I know you have a standing invitation from an old friend of mine.” - Excerpt from Interlude 9 II
  113. There were other things. News. Status of Class-S threats…
    Sleeper; active
    Machine Army; 4.83% growth since last check, active
    Endbringers; one dormant, one active, others dead or unknown locations.
    Active Endbringer. She zeroed in on that. A few mouse clicks brought her to a site that tracked the Simurgh.

    The activity was only a renewed cluster of sightings. Not an attack. The Simurgh was somewhere near Bet’s Indonesia. Not flying as she’d once done, either. Floating around. Facilities and factories in the area had been repurposed into accommodations. People in the area were hunkered down, enduring life on new Bet instead of moving on to new places, leaning on some risky non-tinker tech advances. Going the sci-fi route in tackling what Bet was going through. Those same people were responsible for the flurry of reports about the Simurgh, which had led to her being flagged ‘active’. - Excerpt from Interlude 10.x II
  114. Heavens 12.none
  115. Sundown 17.6
  116. Sundown 17.7
  117. Radiation 18.2
  118. "Tattletale said the thinkers are analyzing Titan Fortuna and the Simurgh. With those two you can never be sure, but it looks like they aren’t aligned. The Simurgh is interfering with the information Fortuna is trying to transmit to her network.” - Excerpt from Radiation 18.9
  119. Were she to fly closer and gather information by emitting her signal, she might be able to piece together the events, but it did not matter. - Excerpt from Infrared 19.z
  120. Last 20.1
  121. Last 20.3
  122. “Be careful going there,” Chastity told Sveta. “Half these guys we caught were heading there like they were given orders. We’ve been holding them off but…” - Excerpt from Last 20.4
  123. Last 20.5
  124. Last 20.7
  125. The Simurgh lay prone within the storm that was the Sleeper. Unmoving. That hadn’t been him. That had been Dauntless, acting with the benefit of Titan Fortuna’s sight, guiding the direction of the blast.

    The storm crackled, boiled, popped, the colors taking on a rainbow sheen that somehow felt it shouldn’t make sense with the way the colors unfolded.

    That would be enough to take her out of the picture. - Excerpt from Last 20.a
  126. The Simurgh was out of action. Sleeper had her. - Last 20.10
  127. “First of all, the Sleeper is retreating. He is not an immediate danger, and we will let you know as soon as we can, if that changes.”
    “The Sleeper was lured to the city specifically to slow down the Titans and was used to trap the Simurgh. Some of our best minds and strategists are confident the Simurgh is dealt with.”
    “Didn’t you want to be a lawyer?” Presley asked, leaning onto the snow-dusted railing. In the distance, Sleeper’s cloud was receding. - Last 20.b
  128. As an aside, and this is in no way a reference or meant to give offense to your top tier art skills, B.H., the Simurgh is the only Endbringer I haven't seen drawn accurately.

    Much of the time her wings are just far too short, and she's smiling. - Wildbow on Sufficient Velocity, archived on Spacebattles
  129. I'm a huge fan of this rendition, because it really does have the sheer intensity and scale of the wings that many other images have lacked. Nice work, damien. - Wildbow on DeviantArt

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