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The Shepherds[2][3] are a major hero team in Earth Gimel.

Goals and Methods[]

First Iteration[]

Much like The Attendant, the group were cautious and politically conservative, although they differed on the details.[4][5] The Shepherds attracted the largest volume of religion-focused capes, as well as a couple of ex-members of Empire Eighty-Eight.[6]

Second Iteration[]

Basically The Attendant.


Second Iteration[]

After The Attendant absorbed the Shepherds and then rebranded with their name they split into three teams with a shared approach, name and symbol.[7] Much like the Protectorate of yesteryear.

They have several minor religious team in their orbit.[8] One of them is The Huntsmen.[9]



Post-Gold Morning[]

The Shepherds were established, but fell apart relatively quickly. This was blamed on the decision to invite the "ex-nemesis and lover" of the team's leader onto the team.[2] This was discussed as an example of the failure of the Amnesty on Parahumans Online.[12]


Most of the remaining membership of the group was folded into the Attendant.[4][5] The Attendant changed their name to The Shepherds.

Post-Fallen fall[]

Continued their duties on portal stations, although without much communication with civilians. Countered organized attack on refugees. It did not stopped the Shepherds from being blamed for lost lives.

They conducted some unspecified minor mission in coordination with Breakthrough. They failed it with one member being wounded.[13]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

Following The Navigators Incident, The Shepherds got significantly more aggressive with the villains in the city, in attempting to track down the perpetrators. It lead to several of them being cradle'd during later skirmishes, including Moonsong.

Post-Time Bubble Pop[]

Several members were forced to move in Wardens Bunker, after the kompromat dump by Teacher.[8] Later they were sent out as the second wave to the west side of Teacher's Compound together with Harbinger Clones and some other sub-teams.[14]

The Shepherds, that were deployed as the first wave, were fighting alongside The Undersiders. They entered through the east side of the complex, the same direction as Breakthrough.[14]

Post-Attack on Teacher[]

The Shepherds were sent out by the Wardens to oversee the Shin super-weapons being used against the Machine Army.[15]

When the ice broke, Victor turned into a Titan and attacked his teammates who barely escaped with their lives.

The Ice Breaks[]

The Shepherds, their affiliated teams and reserves were present during the rally at the Wardens HQ.[16]

They were in the second wave during the fight with Fortuna's titans.[17]

The Shepherds were joined by Capricorn and Sveta Karelia and succeeded in removing the Nemean Titan from the battlefield, by forcing him into one of the cracks in reality.[18] Shortly after they were able to evacuate a group of unpowered saboteurs from Titan Skadi's attack in the Shardrealm, however they lost Tribute and Riveting in the process.[19]

Were present at the anti-Simurgh rally,[20] and the following up battles.[21]


  • Eden foresaw a possible future where the Shepherds were the enemies of the Wardens, who believed they had created powerful "superweapons". In reality, Eden herself was influencing them both to prevent peace. However, this future never came to pass and Eden was slain.[22]


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