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The Ice Breaks

The Second Shin-Gimel Crisis


October-November of 2015


Earth Shin/The City



The Second Shin Crisis marks the second attempt of Earth Shin to enforce its authority over Earth Gimel.

Prelude Edit

Machine Army encroaches closer to interdimensional portals.

The news about the Teacher's final failure at the hands of Antares and Breakthrough reach Cryptid and the Red Queen, which use it as an excuse to proceed with their own endgame plans.

The Founders faction is eager to re-establish themselves with multidimensional application of superpowers against some other superpowers.

Meanwhile, The City wobbles at the edge of multidimensional collapse.

Red Queen barters acceptance of refugees from The City's emergency evacuation for the creation of Shin Defense Initiative.

Events Edit

The Gibborim Knight of Shin Defense Initiative invades The City without consent of local authorities, which prompts Kronos Titan to attack him and puts The Wardens on high alert.

The Red Queen explains it as the preemptive strike on Machine Army, but further communication with her proves to be fruitless until her relatives are brought in to negotiate on the behalf of the Wardens. Victoria Dallon is able to talk her down into switching Gibborim Knight for The Mother of Mothers, which has less catastrophic potential against Machine Army.

Simultaneously, Chevalier stops Kronos, by scaring away The Simurgh. Gibborim Knight retreats back to Shin.

Multiple Warden's capes are deployed on Earth Shin to oversee the Red Queen's process. Shin government finds this insulting and attempts to force them to leave by applying pressure with their own parahumans. The Red Queen, unable to assert herself verbally over Shin's parahumans, lashes out at Warden's capes and instantly dominates the skirmish. She has to be calmed down again by Tattletale and Victoria through Sveta Karelia.

Warden's capes leave Earth Shin.

Aftermath Edit

The Founders faction suffers minor embarrassment.

The Red Queen and Antares both prove to be more unstable, than their handlers expected.


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