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The Pure were a group formed from the remnants of Empire Eighty-Eight following Kaiser's death, led by Purity.

Modus operandi[]

The Pure opposed Fenrir's Chosen, another group formed by former E88 members, and spent much of their time fighting them.[1] They were somewhat more moderate than the old Empire. While Purity considered herself and her team heroic individuals [2] they remained as racist as their progenitor organization.[3][4]

Night and Fog retained some loyalty to Gesellschaft, but Purity and Crusader opposed them.[4]




Fought pretty much everyone active in Brockton Bay - the Protectorate,[5][6][7] Fenrir's Chosen, Coil's Organization,[8][5][6], and the Undersiders.[9][10]

They made overtures to the Protectorate to work together against the other villains, but were rebuffed.[5][6]

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine[]

Following Jack Slash's threat to kill thousand people should Theo Anders not stop him, the Pure left Brockton Bay, although they were partially pushed out by the ascendant villain groups there. [11] They trained Theo and searched for a way to give the boy powers. They ultimately ended up abandoning him at Harvard University, Cambridge in an attempt to isolate him and cause a trigger event.[4]


The group was rendered effectively defunct by the Gray Boy clone, with half their membership - including their leader - incapacitated indefinitely.[12]


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