The Protectorate is a government-sponsored superhero organization that spans the United States of America and Canada. It works under the Parahuman Response Team or PRT.



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The Triumvirate of Legend, Alexandria and Eidolon formed the core leadership of the Protectorate for most of the story, with Legend being the official leader. In addition to leading several teams, they were the first responders and de facto leaders of every fight against S-Class threats across the globe.

Due to sensitive information becoming public knowledge during the Echidna attack, all of the members of the Triumvirate retired from the Protectorate. While they still participated in all Class S fights following this, they no longer took leadership positions. Legend was eventually replaced by Chevalier.

Top Tier Heroes

These are the cream of the crop among the Protectorate. Typically powerful heroes who lead their own departments or have some other major presence in the community. In public relations Posters that advertise these protectorate heroes posters will typically include: the Triumvirate in front, followed by Myrddin, Chevalier, Cinereal, Narwhal leader of the Guild, Rime, Exalt and Armsmaster with Dragon another member of the Guild in the back represented by a dragon suit with wings extended[1]

Regional Protectorate Teams

Each PRT department has a corresponding Protectorate team. These teams operate out of the local Protectorate Headquarters (PHQ), maintaining regular patrols and responding to reports of villain activity. Leaders will have likely spent time with the Triumvirate before being trusted with their own teams.[2]

Parahumans could request transfer to specific locations,[3] or simply be transferred to a new location. [3][4]

Known members include:


Main article: Wards

The Wards are a subdivision of the Protectorate that underage parahumans can join. If they are still in the Wards by the time they are eighteen, Wards can be reassigned to a Protectorate team but are generally kept in one city.

PRT Response

The PRT administrates and reins in the Protectorate. They will withhold persecution of villains who join the Protectorate,[5] though this was not a fact that was well known to the public.[6]



The formation of the protectorate was initially suggested by Alexandria to Eidolon, Hero and Legend as part of a larger plan to integrate parahumans into United States society.[7] Alexandria her self had outside backers for the plan,[8] who influenced the development of both the plan and subsequent organization.[9]

The appearance of Behemoth hastened the formation somewhat.

On January 18th, 1993 Alexandria, Eidolon, Hero and Legend were sworn in by the President of the United States under PRTCJ as the founding members of the United States' Protectorate. It was the first in a long series of steps that led to the formation of the PRT, the Protectorate, and in the organization of heroes worldwide.[10] In exchange for government funding and legitimacy, the members agreed to follow a special set of laws laid out for capes, to accept bureaucratic oversight and cooperate with local authorities.

During this period the four and others operated out of a singular city, traveling to trouble spots as they appeared.[11] This was persumably New York.

Following Hero's death, the remaining founders became the leaders of smaller teams based in different cities.[12] Before PRT Departments were an established presence in most major american cities the Protectorate maintained several strike teams to deal with problems that appeared around the country in the background.[13]

The Protectorate and immediately related teams make up 25-50% of the defending side against Endbringers outside of North America.[14]

The protectorate also gives out training funding and resources to hero teams around the world who also fight endbringers.[15]

Story Start

The Protectorate would eventually expand to cover Canada as well as the United States of America, with talks of covering Mexico.

Strike teams that were previously used before current departments solidified are only being maintained by Alexandria and Eidolon.

The group deployed in force to Brockton Bay to save the city from total destruction By Leviathan.


The Group came out of the struggle with the lightest casualties from any endbringer fight.[16]

Legend took a detachment of the New York Protectorate to deal with the Slaughterhouse Nine in Brockton Bay. While there the group followed Miss Militia's lead. The Protectorate was unsuccessful but were able to remove several prominent members.

Post-Slaughterhouse Nine

Started committing resources seriously to the hunt for the Slaughterhouse Nine.

Deployed in vast numbers against the Second S-class threat in Brockton Bay. A severe damage to morale happened when Cauldron's history with the Protectorate were revealed. Several heroes were killed during the action.


Following Legend's resignation, the group went through a reshuffling. With Chevalier, Alexandria and Prism each dealing with different crises.[17]

Chevalier would head up a new Protectorate edgier and more honest.


Had recovered from loses and had weathered the two years leading up to The Slaughterhouse Nine-Thousand being released well. They still scrambled to deal with multible strikes throughout the United states by the nine.

Gold Morning

The Protectorate were a vanguard in the early days of the event leading the first attack on Zion. They then coordinated evacuation efforts throughout North America.

They and other groups were systematically attacked by Zion over the four days of the Morning. The instrumentality of the organization was fulfilled when they were used by Khepri to end the Gold Morning.

During the final battle in Bet New York the forces of the Protectorate and others were rallied by Chevalier.

The Organization effectively dissolved afterward with its members joining multiple successor groups.


  • Taylor on Triumvirate, a biography about the Triumvirate: "Biographies weren’t my thing, and they were especially not my thing when I was suspicious it was all made up."[18] This was possibly the earliest piece of clever foreshadowing in the series.
  • Members who are cleared for, and attend endbringer fights and other S-Class threats gain a substantial pay raise.[19] Attendance is strictly voluntary however.

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