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The Pharmacist (real name unknown) is a member of The Taught, participating in a plot at the parahuman prison.


The Pharmacist was pale and thin and wore thick rectangular glasses. She wore her hair in a messy bun, with the sides of her head shaved. She didn't appear to have a costume, instead just wearing casual clothing.[3]

Abilities and Powers[]

The Pharmacist is a pyrokinetic with the ability to manifest purple flames from her hands.[4] She could also manually increase the intensity of the fires she created, and extinguish them at will.[3][5] However, she could only extinguish fires that she could see.[6]

The Pharmacist's flames ignite nearby active powers, spreading across them like normal fire across oil.[2][7] For example, this effect applies to Breaker forms,[8] Shaker effects[9], and even Master effects such as Goddess's alignment.[10] Perceiving the fires using Thinker powers, such as Crystalclear's vision[11] or Goddess's danger sense,[12] is painful. The Pharmacist's flames also ignored power-based invulnerability.[13]



The Pharmacist had an unspecified criminal history.[1]

Post-Fallen fall[]

As Breakthrough began to investigate the conspiracy surrounding the parahuman prison, the Pharmacist was identified as one of their top suspects. They assigned The Major Malfunctions to keep an eye on her.[1] The Pharmacist, along with numerous Teacher thralls, eventually participated in a fight against the Major Malfunctions, the Patrol Block, Antares, and Capricorn, but she escaped and proceeded to the prison.[14]

At the prison, the Pharmacist fought against Goddess and her aligned capes with Lung, with whom her power worked well.[15] Eventually, they were defeated, and the Pharmacist was captured. She had taken the power-nullifying drugs, making her immune to Goddess's power, but was incapacitated.[16]

Post-Goddess' Takeover[]

The Pharmacist's fate following Goddess's death and the rise of the Red Queen is unknown.


  • The Pharmacist's power bears some resemblance to a power that Wildbow described as an example power for a given trigger event.[17]


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    “And you took some,” Goddess told the Pharmacist.

    “She did. And she already got some to key prisoners,” Crock o Shit said. “The maximum security ones, who get meals delivered.”

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  17. I'm leaning toward shaker or breaker for the kid. We don't see any particulars about the blasts (except that it's erratic), but I'd say the kid is liable to become a morass of that same energy. Shaker-esque, with some -kinesis and some natural flexibility. Budding factors in here.

    Background elements that come into play - the nice guy is bad and dad is angry and yelling and scary. The child's power is nondiscriminatory. Dangerous to friendlies, in short.


    There's a(n indirect) master and (noticeable) trump element to this power. Any active power use nearby makes the energy grow, swell, and detonate. Given any active parahuman abilities, the fire leaps for it and runs along it, like fire might run up an oil slick.

    Susie here can also create patches of this reactive energy, intentionally grow and detonate the patches, or utilize them to 'toss' things her way. If attacked and if she's close to one, she can also 'toss' herself away, with a sort of reactive thinker/shaker rocket jump (except not nearly as elegant) that knocks her sprawling but is likely to do less damage than whatever was about to hit her - it's questionable if she has any real control over this. - Comment by Wildbow on Reddit

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