Jonathan Miller,[1] aka The Old Man, or Case 12, was a gang leader in Wichita, and later the proprietor at The Lodge.


Jonathon can easily slip into the background.[2]


Jonathan tried to keep a classy image. He is an older black man, who is roughly in his sixties, with a white beard, no hair on the top of his head, but trimmed hair on the sides and back. He wears an earring in one ear.[3]

The Old Man has a bad leg, making him limp.[4]


He receives memories from people who have consumed part of his body, including blood, and flesh. He receives these memories when they go to sleep at the same time as him. The memories he receives are vague, but allow him to get an instinctive feel of who the person is, and how they act.[5]

Thanks to the wide net he has cast Jonathon has high competence in a wide variety of skills, but lacks the native familiarity to carry out specialized implementations of those skills.[6]

PRT believed that effects of his power were permanent.[7]



Miller was one of the first mastermind-style villains that PRT had encountered. The investigation into his activities was filed under Case 12.[8]

Gold MorningEdit

Survived the event.


Opened a new bar on the outskirts of civilization and arranged alliance with Marquis.

Post-Time Bubble PopEdit

He was somehow compromised by Teacher's Cauldron.[9]

During Victoria and Tattletales investigation, the Old Man was outed[10], and subsequently threatened with death by local villains. He suffered severe head-trauma while leaving the location.[8][11]

He eventually got medical attention when he was delivered into The Wardens custody.[12]


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