The Needlepoints is the informal name for the rogue-leaning-villainous group led by Parian and Foil, one of the offshoots of the Undersiders formed after Gold Morning.

Modus operandi Edit

Although Tattletale described the Needlepoints' activity as "rogue stuff", Parian said she wasn't sure if the descriptor was applicable. The team is mentioned dealing with a gang and participating in villainy like the Undersiders had in Brockton Bay, although with some legitimate business on the side. They source connections and material for Parian's designs from Tattletale and other villainous groups.[1]




Started as a partnership at the beginning.

Story StartEdit

The two members first met at the battle against Leviathan when Flechette came to Brockton Bay to defend the city. She rescued Parian from a disturbing conversation with the deceptively childlike Bambina [2]

The two fought Leviathan as part of their respective groups.[3]


The two met again when Flechette was stationed at Brockton Bay to help in the recovery. she met Parian at the border of her territory. They made a connection over their shared experiences.[4]

Gold MorningEdit

The Needlepoints were formed and named after Gold Morning. They dealt with a gang based on information from Tattletale's sources, and they met with the Undersiders, Cozen, and Dinah to posthumously toast Taylor.


Foil and parian spent their time over the last two years in mercenary work and sartorial charity respectively.

Participated in the fight against the fallen where there was a 'reunion' with March.

Post-Fallen fallEdit

At the meeting between the The Undersiders and nascent hero team they sided with the heroes about the misstep Tattletale made.


  • Imp named the Needlepoints because they weren't naming themselves and she wanted them to be spared a "bullshit name like Faultline's Crew."[1]


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