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The Navigators Incident is a series of provocations during which several minor hero groups get baited, one of them, the Navigators, is brutally attacked, and the fallout of this attack.


  • The Navigators were lured to the area through a carefully targeted digital correspondence met to tug at their heartstrings.[2]


Victoria Dallon gets called to a crime scene, bringing along Laserdream, Vista, Golem, and Cuff. There, they find the grisly remains of the Navigators, who have been torn to shreds. Unfortunately for them, they are still alive despite being in several pieces.[3]

Nailfarer attempts to communicate as much as she can to Victoria, who is visibly shaken by the event. When the rest of the heroes are told, half begin aggressively hunting the culprits down, while the other half go to investigate the crime scene.[4]

While at the crime scene, the teams are attacked by a group of mercenaries carrying guns, and by Noontide and Contender. Several members of Breakthrough are shot, and Brio from Foresight is killed.[5]


The perpetrators are hunted down. The issue being is that the assembled hero teams do not know who those perpetrators are so they try hunting down many different types of people. Breakthrough is left to hunt down their own leads, with the undersiders.[6]

Another incident targeted the Shepherds.


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