The Meisters (German: die Meister, "the masters" / "the champions") are a cape team based in Germany and are described as being "the major hero group" in Germany.[1]

Modus operandiEdit

It is unknown how their methods differ from The Suits and The Protectorate.

Presumably their mandate covers the entirety of Germany.



It is unknown what role, if any, they played in Earth Bets German reunification, or if they were even incorporated at the time.

Opposed Gesellschaft in Germany.[1]

Gold MorningEdit

The team was present at Agnes Court's drowned grave, when the Simurgh gave Leviathan his wings,[2] and on Earth Dalet with the Protectorate when Scion attacked on the morning of the 3rd day.[3] Later that day they fought him again on Earth He, alongside many other capes and two Endbringers.[4]

Known MembersEdit



Master of clay minions
Weapons Tinker


  • Interestingly the German principalities have a tradition of Vigilantism, however in the modern day such peoples are considered synonymous with lynching in english.


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